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Monday, March 26, 2012

emoticon I am lacking the motivation to workout any more! i lost weight; I went from 228 to 160 and now I am 215 (sad). And, I know what to do to get the weight off again, but i have no workout buddies anymore and I don't seem to be able to motivate myself. I am very lonely and depressed and I realy want to get the weight off again. i am pleading with my Spark Family for HELP!!!!!! My eating is also out of control. I am in need of motivation and Spark Buddies.
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    Hi what's going on with you. It is possible to get back up! How are things going today?
    2064 days ago
    It happens to all of us time to time. You definitely are not alone. Don't let it get you down. Think of all you've accomplished so far. You did it once before, you can do it again. It's okay to fall off the band wagon for a little while. Just get right back on when you're ready.
    2161 days ago
    This whole thing is both simplier and more complicated than we like to imagine. First and formost for me I must find something that will hook my motivation. Something that make it easy to do what needs to be done, or that makes it more difficult to not do what needs to be done.

    I was fortunate that my daughter hooked being around for a while for "Littel Bug" to this new adventure. That made it fairly easy.

    I also talk about it in terms of eating elephants.

    Q "How do you eat a whole elephant?"

    A "one bite at a time."

    As a counsellor I always tried to find the smallest little change that would move a client towards a gaol. I found big changes were typically disruptive, and difficult to maintain, but little changes could find a place in the persons life and then we could modify the change.

    It is like Tai Chi, Chi Running or Bagua, I start with the basic movement and do that for a bit, Then I review it and make adjustments to make the big move closer to what it is intended to be.

    A bunch of small changes.
    2162 days ago
  • JTAYLOR2011
    You are most welcome :) Glad to be of some assistance.

    You are taking all of the right steps forward!

    I would just say to you (and say to myself) when you're looking at yourself, be kind... be gentle, loving and accepting. You are where you are and that is perfectly ok... but you also know where you are going!

    Accept and love yourself today, visualize and get excited and pumped up about where you're on your way to every moment that you're working your program. Every workout is taking you there. When you log your food. When you choose better. When you take the stairs, when you park your car a bit further out, when you stay on the cardio machine for an extra 10 minutes... and so on and so on... Celebrate each day's triumphs and you'll enjoy this journey that much more...
    2165 days ago
  • JTAYLOR2011
    I'm just now seeing this... You've done this before... you CAN do it again and do it better than eva!! Seriously. What's happening here is the norm... but now you have MORE tools than you've ever had to get it right this time. And thing great thing is, you do NOT have to do this all today or this week. A little bit every day... and then... a little bit more and so on and so on... One day at time...
    You GOT this! Really... you do!!! By reaching out for help like you have here... wow... You are on your way. Now get out there and do you girl! Do YOU! emoticon emoticon
    2167 days ago
  • INSH8P
    I am reading your blog on Easter Sunday morning. First, let me say that Maintenance is the ultimate test of your faith. In Maintenance, many of the supporters and supports that got you through weight loss don't seem to do the trick in Maintenance. If you were not prepared for this very different way of working with your body, with your relationships, it is not your fault; please understand that your discouragement is only a small town along the road to a lifetime of healthy control.
    emoticon Put the song of encouragement back in your emoticon . Realize that you have the opportunity to find the maintenance style that you will be able to sustain for YOUR lifetime. This is YOUR moment to reflect on the distractors that took your eye away from emoticon and emoticon : your well being and full confidence that "I can do this" -- "I can, with God's help, take care of myself with health and vitality". Oh, yes, you can!
    2169 days ago
    If you're looking for a workout buddy you might want to check out Leslie Sansone's walking CD's. It's not the same as real buddies but she's very peppy and often has her buddies working out with her. I have a few of her CD's (for rainy days) and often check them out at the library.

    2181 days ago
    sounds like everyone that commented including myself knows just what your going through.I just got back on track myself and need that motivation too.Feel free to add me as friend if you want.I'm without a work out partner too.I try to get on my sta bike while i watch tv or walk.i wear my fav color purple when i walk
    2181 days ago
  • GATOR12
    I have gained some weight back too, and want to start now before I gain it all back and more, which is what has happened in the past. You know what to do and you do have friends here. If you could find someone else that lives close to work out with it would be ideal. Look at it like helping someone else, help you too. We can all use a workout/walking or whatever buddy. Be a friend to make one. Don't let the low feeling and depression take charge. You did the first step, admitting you need and WANT help. Good for you!! YOU CAN DO THIS AND YOU ARE WORTH IT!! emoticon
    2181 days ago
    Hey!! Don't give up! What kind of exercise do you enjoy? Just do something you like even if its not a structured exercise.

    I really can empathize. If you read my spark page you can get more detail, but I've been down and up too. I did make a vow to myself that I wouldn't buy larger clothes, so when my jeans start to get tight I get serious again, but I really would like to make some real headway rather than keep losing and gaining the same 15 pounds.

    I've been really down, unmotivated and depressed too. I'm trying to remember what finally got me out of my last funk... it wasn't that long ago. I think part of what helped me was coming here to Spark People and looking for a couple groups I thought I might be able to connect with. I also joined an official challenge to help me get jumpstarted... I joined the official four week - exercise 10 minutes a day challenge.

    You can do this. Don't give up! HUGS
    2181 days ago
    That's why I'm back to Spark. I find as simple as posting a blog sends me much motivation and support. You can definitely do this. You have to find just a little spark and move on that. Momentum will build in time. Your spark family is all around you - you're not alone. Get up, get out and let's get moving! I'm about where you are and everything in my body aches and I find myself depressed but I found a lil spark and started back a little at a time. My body still have unexplained aches but I'm going to keep going and I hope you join me as well. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2181 days ago
  • TMJ4477
    Hey you have the same goals I have I want to go from 223 to 167. Let's do it together!
    2181 days ago
    Buddies are all around you. If you've used the SP Buddy Finder and no one has been found yet take the initiative, go to your teams and check out the members and introduce yourself again. You may be surprised. As the good Book says, ask and you shall receive.

    You already know how to reach your goals, 228 to 160 lbs...that's good work. Knowledge is Power and the power is in YOU. Learn the lesson from the first part of your journey, a healthy lifestyle is more than just losing go bill that bridge and find that motivation you can keep with you for a lifetime.

    Check out my blog today, especially the "There is no rest for Success" poem by Felix Lugo. I have it printed out so I can read it often. emoticon
    2181 days ago
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