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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Well, here it is Sunday again. I've been sick with Strep & Flu for about 2 1/2 Weeks, if not 3 Weeks. Why so long, you ask? Well, we can't afford to pay $300-$600 Dollars a Month for Medical Insurance so, Hubby went out & bought Tea,Lemon Drops, Honey & Over the Counter Flu Pills. (The Syrup stuff taste NASTY @=( Bluck!!!!!!!!!)

All that, only helps some but, to get rid of Strep, I need Medical Antibiotic Pills/Drugs. And since we can't afford for him/me to be seen by a Doctor, I just have to let Mother Nature run it's course. Which with my Immune System, takes FOREVER.

I should be used to this by now. I get Strep 2-3 Times a Year. When I was on Disability, it was okay but, now that I'm Self Employed, it's getting worse. My Pedestrian told my Grand Parents that my Immune System was & always be out of whack because of the Physical/ Medical Limitations I have. And while I was on Disability, I could mange the Seasonings with my Medical Plan but, now that I don't have it anymore, it's getting harder & harder to keep my Clients & letting my Body/ Mother Nature run their course. That's where Chris (Hunny Bunny) comes in & does his Knight in Shinning Armor stuff. But, while I was sick this Time, I got a lot of Complaints from my Clients, on Areas & Stuff he missed. I know, he was Over Worked. With handling his Regular Job, plus handling his/ my Clients. It's too much for just one person. Plus, my Clients love the way I do things to make them happy by doing Extra This or That.

Well anyways, I'm going back to Work tomorrow. I have my Friday Client (Which I talked to her via E Mail & switched Fridays to Mondays. That way, if I get Sick or get Strep again, I'll have 3- 4 Days, instead of 2 Days to recoup.(It's wishful thinking but, it might work, I hope.) Then I have a Client Thursday. I might be able to swing a One Timer in between too.

That's it for my Business Week. Now fer my New Weight Loss Plan.

Since I gradually am working with my Regular Clients & adding New Clients, here & there, I thought this would be a Great opportunity to get this Exercise Routine down. (Again, wishful thinking. Routines & Me are a Joke. With my Job Schedule/ Seasonal Flues forever changing, Routines are out the Door) But, I must prevail. My Weight Loss Journey is important to me. (Even though my Sweet Heart doesn't help, because he likes me chunky. I tell him, to give me part of his DNA, that way I'd lose Weight & he'd make Millions. (He's one of those that can eat EVERYTHING & GAIN NOTHING.) I also think he's just scared to lose me, if I lose the Weight cuz, then I'll have other guys Eyeballs on me then) I'll look better, Feel better & maybe it'll help with my Immune System too. So, I MUST “Get It” together Now!!!!! I Know, I Know, I've been saying this fer how long? Yep, FOREVER!!!!!

But, it's going to take sure Determination & my Strong Will to see this through. I noticed Last Year that when I was tiring fer a Month, that got down to 207. I was Walking 1 ½ – 3 Miles a Day, Working with my Clients & getting a Tae Bo, Richard Simmons or Biggest Loser Work Out in wherever I could. I lost 23 Lbs & then Winter hit so did my determination. It seems to me that I'm Seasonal Pro-founded. I get more energized as Spring & Summer gets here & start losing my Drive by the end of Fall, into early Winter. Well, one things fer sure, I have plenty of Time, right now.

So, onward to my new Weight Loss Plan. I've learned from the Biggest Loser that 3,500 Calories, equals a Lb. So, I did some Math. & If I start burning 7,000 Calories(That's equal to 2 Lbs a Week) & gradually working up to my Goal of burning 24,500 Calories (That's 7 Lbs a Week), I should reach my set Goal Weight of 150 Lbs by the end of the Year, if not sooner.

As I see it, my Weight Loss Tracker will be my Guide. I started this Journey at 230 Lbs. (My heaviest) I'll work at burning 7,000 Calories a Week until, I hit 208, then up my Game to burning 14,000 Calories a Week, then, when I hit 187 up my Game to burn 21,000 Calories a Week & so on until I reach my Weight Loss Goal of 150 Lbs. I feel if I stick to this Plan, I'll lose the Weight & I won't Plateau too much either.

Now, what I Plan & what Happens is two different things. I Think & Know, only because of Last Year, this is how it will go. I will start with burning 7,000 Calories. This will include Working at my Clients . (I might start off at burning10,500 Calories (That's 3 Lbs a Week) & adding 1-2 Lbs (3,500-7,000 Calories) every Weight Loss Tracker Goals. It'll depend on how well my Right Leg, holds up to the Exercise pressure. My whole Right Side ain't as strong, as my Left & so, it puts a hold on a lot of Exercises. Like for my Left Side, I can use 6 Lb Weights on my Ankle & on my Right Side, I can only use up to 3 Lbs if I push it. Lifting Weights & or using Hand Weights is the same thing. I can lift 20 -30 Lb Weights on my Left Side, while on my Right I can only use up to 5 Lbs. It seriously hurts my Exercises cuz, I can't equalize the Weights to lose it evenly on both Sides. But, I'm doing the BEST I can, with what I've got to work with.

Well, that's it for this Blog. As I get down to my WLT (Weight Loss Tracker) Goals, I'll keep everyone posted on my progress, unless something more exciting happens, like we Move to a better Place, Business is Booming,Etc... Until then, I'll see my Friends on my Daily Friends Feed.


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    Hey girl, I am sorry to hear about your illness and I do understand about the insurance or lack there of as you know I am in the same boat with ya. Here's my suggestion, the is a natural herb that you can buy at any store that carries vitamins and this acts as a natural antibiotic the kick is you have to take it every day for it to get into your system and continue taking it just like you would a multi-vitamin. It is called Echinatia , now I may not be spelling it correctly but I spelled it as it sounds (eck-in-a-sha) maybe that will help. I am sure it is less expensive and will help your immunne system fight off some of those nasty germs you come in contact with and can't fight off to goo now. Just something to keep in mind.

    Now I wish you much luck in your exercise plan, and I don't mean to sound on the negative side however everything that I have read here on SP and everywhere else regarding weight loss is to not set such high goals. SMALL GOALS, SMALL STEPS, = SUCCESS !!! Setting such a high gaol sets you up for failure. start by setting and tracking your calories to acheive a loss. As we both know calories in requires calories out in order to lose weight at a healthy speed !!! Remember HEALTHY is the key !!!

    You have spunk and determination, you can do it my friend. I know this because you are a winner !!! Keep us posted,

    Giant HUGS to you !!!
    2183 days ago
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