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Thursday, March 22, 2012

So, I've always known health was something not to take for granted. It's something that is always niggling on some level because with a family history of cancers, diabetes, and heart issues I've always considered myself blessed that those things steered clear of me. In the past few months it has been overwhelming. I had been pushing my earlier doctor about Diabetes as I was fairly sure the slow healing of just cuts and scratches, along with lack of energy and other things was a part of that. He consistently just said it was fine and I was borderline. When he left the practice and a new doctor came in, I didn't even mention to him about my suspicions but did show him my legs where I have something weird going on with the skin, and I also told him how I was feeling and so on. He did the tests and the next time I went in, he confirmed that I do indeed have Type II Diabetes and have had it for some time. I admit I was angry. Not because of the disease though I understand that is a pretty common reaction to that also, but because I could have been dealing with it sooner.

Thankfully, it's now been a few months and after taking Metformin at 1000mg twice a day, my sugar levels seem to be doing great. The only time they seem to mess up is when I'm stressed to a certain level (I'm pretty much always stressed) or if I skip meals which I do too often. I've often skipped meals and didn't really notice the lack of appetite but this past couple of weeks - especially this week - I can't miss it. Even my usual 'go to' foods that I can eat without feeling nauseous usually are just making me feel queasy at the thought of them. Yesterday DH (Darling Husband) came home and asked me what I had to eat for lunch, and I admitted I hadn't eaten lunch and that breakfast was just a few chips. I really didn't feel up to eating still so I just tried to snack on a few more chips but couldn't and nothing else appealed at all. I decided to just fall back on old tactics that worked in 2008 for a while and I went to WM and got their Equate meal replacement drinks. I even made sure to get the ones for diabetics. I drank my first one of those this morning and I'll be making sure to at least drink those while my appetite is AWOL.

On Friday last week, I had seen the Doctor again. He wanted to run more bloodwork and he also wanted to check on my blood pressure which he did. The look on his face was pretty scary. He checked it a couple of times and then told me it was 170. I didn't ask what the other number was because to be honest, his look had freaked me out a little and I was trying to remain calm. Then he asked some questions and I admitted that I had chest pains in the past week or so, and also frequent issues with light-headedness, clammy skin, nausea etc. He filled out paperwork for a chest x-ray and EKG and said to do it ASAP. I did those things along with my bloodwork on Tuesday and I guess I'll find out on April 2nd what the results are. Oh, also I ended up on Coversyl (blood pressure meds)

It's really had me thinking about the family history and I realized something important last night though. Yes my family has had issues with Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer, Gallstones (another thing I've had trouble with in the past though I haven't had an attack in at least a year except for one mild one, so I haven't had it taken out). The thing is though, my family have also always been larger build people or let's call it what it is, fat. So, I'm not allowing myself to buy into this family history of medical health because it's no surprise that I'm dealing with issues that are common with overweight people. The cancer I'll worry about since I know that it's not weight related but the rest is within my control to a point. I've been losing weight at a steady rate of approximately 2lbs a week and while it's not intentional (more a side effect of the AWOL appetite) I'll take it! I am also starting to walk again in the evenings though I can't walk far before I get the dizzy/clammy thing going on but I still enjoy it. It probably doesn't count as exercise really because DH drives us to the gorgeous park near our home, and then we stroll around there for a bit.

I'm also working on my water intake since I also don't seem to know when I'm thirsty. I noticed I'm still only drinking one or two glasses of water a day. 4 on a good day, and I need to change that too. I have my trusty H2O on the Go bottle on my desk (I posted pics of it months ago) and it's all filled up with my 8 glasses for today. I am hoping that having it close by will inspire me to drink more.

Mostly I'm looking forward to the continued weight loss. I find I can't get excited about this 14 lbs I have lost. It's 14 lbs that I have lost/regained/lost/regained/lo
st and so I don't really feel successful even though I know that this time it's staying off because it's finally hit home that healthwise, I can't afford to regain that weight back otherwise I am going to find myself in an early grave with the majority of my family. I think the doctor, without meaning to, has really given me a wake up call this week. While it's not a pleasant feeling, it's motivation and I'll work with it.

Here's to positive changes and possibilities.
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