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Since when is whole wheat bread bad for you? I am confused...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I found a video online last night on website. it was a link about clean eating, and how it is better for you to eat whole foods instead of processed. Yes, I get it, it definitely is healthier. But where does a person even start? How does a person start? When I make myself breakfast in the morning, I typically either have egg whites with whole wheat toast or oatmeal with granola and raisins, and rarely cereal. This video link said that whole wheat bread and granola isn't as healthy for you as "they" say. I was like, "huh?" I always thought whole grains were good for you. They said that the whole wheat pasta, bread, etc has added chemicals that are not healthy for you. This whole thing about the liver having to work hard to filter those chemicals out of your body, doesn't give it a chance to burn the fat out. It sounds like it makes sense. But I am still skeptical.

This is why. Whole wheat is heart healthy. Oatmeal/granola is heart healthy. So why isn't it healthy? I am confused. This morning I made myself a whole egg, half of a bagel thin, and this time I used REAL butter instead of the spray I typically use that is calorie free. Also had a slice of ham. One whole large egg is 70 calories with 185mg of cholesterol!! My limit is 250mg a day per SP guidelines. Eating fruits and vegetables is definitely a healthier option I know that. Another thing, I use canola oil at home. This video said stay away from it! I thought canola oil was good for you! That is why I use it. I used to use vegetable oil. I guess I was misguided. I have so many unanswered questions, and I don't even know if this video was legit, even though it was on My Fitness Pal's website. I love Skinny Cow's dark chocolate clusters. Sometimes I have it with my afternoon coffee to kick that sugar craving. I read the ingredients list for the first time ever... hydrogenated oils!!!!! And this stuff is a healthier option supposedly? SHEESH am I clueless to what I am eating! I feel like a rookie right now to nutrition. And I thought I was making healthier choices!

Anyway, I want to eat more whole foods. I try to keep fruits and vegetables stocked in my fridge at all times. I'm sorry if the blog is jumping from one thing to another, but I am lost right now. lol
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    No one can completely digest wheat. That is more problematic for some of us than others. (For instance, I have celiac disease.) Ultimately, though, I'd listen to your body. Do you feel better when you eat it or when you don't? (I'd give both ways a several week trial.)


    2142 days ago
    tis true my dear! i thought the same thing for a while. was the video the flat belly solution?? if not, check out the website, it has a free video. sounds very similar to what this site promotes. it is 100% true. and cholesterol isnt what gives people heart attacks, strokes, due to plaque build up ect. its all the processed crap we put into our bodies that makes our arteries inflame, making them smaller, thereby making the plaque stick easily to the walls and becoming clogged. genetically i have bad cholesterol. so did my grandfather. his cholesterol was always high. yet he never took any meds for it, never had high blood pressure, or any signs of heart disease. he hate wicked healthy. had his own garden, his own cows/chickens, ect. did everything himself. people think that eating fat is what makes you fat, but its not true! certain fats are very good for you! sugar is the enemy.

    try ezekial 4:9 bread. it is delicious and its organic, glutton free, wheat free, soy free, ect. ive made the switch and ive never felt better.
    2161 days ago
    emoticon It definitely gets confusing, but you're doing great and you'll figure it out!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2163 days ago
  • WINNIE1978
    The reason nutrition is so confusing is because everyone has a different opinion on what is healthy. Some say olive oil is best, some say canola oil. Some say to use margarine, some say butter is better.

    Good luck sorting it all out!
    2163 days ago
    It DOES get confusing!

    I havent read others comments... so I am sure you will get peole who know tons about nutrition giving you excellent advice!

    I look at it as degrees. There is highly processed, convinient food. And there is farm fresh, just picked this morning, organic veggies. And there is everything else in between.

    Whole grain bread is somewhere above junk food, but it does still contain added preservatives, fat, salt, sugar, refined ingredients etc. But if you want a sandwhich, and you are not willing to grind your own flour, well, WW bread is a heck of a lot better than white bread, right??? So I look at it as I try to eat lots of whole, raw foods (fruit and veggies). And some protein that is also whole (eggs, farm fresh local meat). I also eat bread and cereal and stuff like that. Just not all the time for every meal.

    Haha, so that is the long version of my perspective on eating whole foods. Just make good choices for natural food without too much junk added. Makes sense to me!

    Oh, I do remember reading something like if you great grandma wouldn't recgonize it as food, it probably isn't food (ie, cheezies).

    Anyways... have a fab day!
    2164 days ago
    That's it we need to get a damn farm pronto! hahahaaa
    2164 days ago
    Forgive me in advance, as I'm no doubt only going to add to the confusion. But modern wheat has been altered so much in the last 50 years that it doesn't qualify as wheat anymore.


    Modern wheat (or perhaps "frankenwheat"?) causes a LOT of health problems.

    Its genetics have been extensively changed using techniques that include hybridization, repeating backcrossing (to winnow out specific characteristics like short height or seed head size), embryo rescue (to rescue otherwise fatal mutations), and chemical, gamma ray, and x-ray mutagenesis (induction of mutations, used for instance to create the popular Clearfield strain of wheat that is herbicide-resistant). These techniques, as any geneticist will tell you, are far less predictable, less controllable . . . far worse than the act of inserting or removing just one gene. And the altered wheat was introduced into human food supplies without safety testing.

    This modern wheat is linked to allergies, acid reflux, celiac disease, depression, appetite stimulation, inflammation, joint pain, rheumatoid arthritis, skin conditions, visceral fat, weight gain, colitis, diabetes, and all sorts of other ailments. Despite what "they" tell you, healthy grains are anything but.
    2164 days ago
    LMAO at Josie ahahaha i know right! It's funny because everytime I go back home to visit family overseas I always come back 10lbs lighter. Everything they eat is home grown or organic. They live on a farm with their own cows, chickens, pigs, and vegetable garden. -=o)

    SURLYGIRL yes, some breads are enriched but I make sure that I buy the bread that the first ingredient is whole grain/wheat flour. Is that good? lol Thank you for your comment.

    ADVENTURESEEKER, thank you for your comment. I do make my own granola from the SP coobook -=o) It is delicious and best of all I know what I put in it. So that is cool... at least I know the granola I am eating is good.

    DRAGONFLY02, steel cut oats... are those like the old fashioned oats? Because that is what I use. I don't like the quick oats. They don't taste as good to me. Although I must confess I like to add brown sugar and cinnamon to my oatmeal emoticon Thanks for your comment! =o)

    CORKY1303, thanks for your comment! I am going to continue researching this =o)

    EYES_ON_THEPRAZ, thanks for your comment. Yes, I am definitely going to continue focusing on eating whole foods. I got a George Foreman grill with my credit card points. Just used it for the first time today, and I made myself a grilled chicken ceasar salad. Delicious! =o)
    2164 days ago

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  • CORKY1303
    I am so glad I ran across your blog and all of these comments! I love reading responses to posts like this. And I too, often wonder what is right! Eating clean is something I am striving for more and more ever day! Just keep making those better decisions and it will keep getting easier!
    2164 days ago
    Eating 100% clean is really hard, pretty much impossible for someone like me though I do know people who can pull it off. Just focus on adding in more whole/clean foods whenever possible and it will seem easier as time goes on.
    2164 days ago
    I wish I had some links to send you to, I'll see if I can find some later. While I believe in eating clean, believe me, I don't follow it. It's hard to know what to believe and what not to believe. SurlyGirl got it right above with the difference between whole wheat and whole grains. Also, I've read a lot about how wheat and other grains are grown and processed in our country is so different than when our ancestors grew it and there are more chemicals and the food isn't as healthy as it used to be. I just don't know the details well enough to explain. I know there is a good resource book out there...again I have to find it. I think Wheat Belly is supposed to be another book describing all this. While I agree with it, honestly I still buy flour from the grocery store and premade breads, etc. Also steel cut oats are supposed to be the best and way better than quick-cook oatmeal as all the nutrient-rich parts of oats are lost during the normal process, whereas steel-cut oats don't lose those parts. Also, yes eggs are high in cholestrol, but they are full of vitamins and stuff and as said above, a few times a week is healthy. My rule of thumb, is the more natural a food is, the healthier it is for you. Like I believe that regular butter is much healthier than a low calorie, low fat margarine. Also, a lot of diet foods out there really aren't healthy all around. They may have lower calories/fat, but tend to be high in salt or have other ingredients in them that aren't as good for you. But most people are looking for low fat and low calorie and don't realize that just because it meets those requirements, it's a health food. I always laugh about diet soda. Even though it's 0 calories, it's still full of all junk. It's not a diet food, it's still junk food, just like candy. I also laugh at candy packaging sometimes when they put 0 Fat on the label. Yes, it has no fat but it's full of hydrogenated oils, sugar, etc. It's just a marketing ploy to make people feel better about buying it and eating it.

    All that being said, even though I am aware of all this stuff and agree with a lot of it, I am by no means a perfect eater. Some days I just want my Velveeta Shells and Cheese even though it has no nutritional value and pretty much breaks all the "clean" eating rules.
    2164 days ago
    If you're looking to switch breads eat a whole grain bread. My dietician is good with me eating whole wheat or whole grain breads. There are some single ingredient pastas out there: whole grain pastas if you are looking for a super clean pasta. And granola? Bake a big batch and then you don't have any odd ingredients. I used to eat lots of homemade granola. I may try to make a small batch with little to no added sugars in the future.

    Honestly, at this point I wouldn't throw out my whole wheat/grain breads and pastas. Some people do not wish to eat wheat though, so it is a personal preference.

    You will get cholesterol from any animal product I believe. I don't worry so much about the cholesterol as I don't have any cholesterol problems. I eat meat, cheese, eggs and dairy items.

    You *are* making healthier choices, don't get overwhelmed. Lots of information will completely contradict each other.

    I use canola oil if I need to cook, and olive oil if it's added to a salad. That kind of oil is one type of healthy fat your body needs according to my dietician. I've just been learning about balancing my sources of healthy fats- saturated, mono and poly from non/low-processed foods (oils, nuts, meats/cheese/eggs).
    2164 days ago
    Oh yes, I have heard of all of these things, it's confusing. It's hard to know what the heck is "healthy" these days yeash! Just do the best you can, it's a process to learn everything. I try to eat as healthy as I can, I decided I'm not going to kill myself to not eat certain things. The only way I would know for sure everything is healthy is if I had a damn farm but that isn't going to happen lol.
    2164 days ago
    Whole Wheat is NOT the same as Whole Grain. If the ingredient list says "Enriched" whole wheat it's been processed and isn't as a healthy an option as we think it is. Granola is also processed and has tons of fat and sat fat in it. The cholesterol in a whole egg is a lot, but the yolk is very nutrient dense and is fine to eat in moderation (1-3) a week.

    In short, to eat "clean" you want to eat things that are single ingredient items. Fruits, veggies, lean meats (if you're not vegetarian) nuts, legumes etc.

    It's humbling, the more we learn the less we realize we know. I admire your desire to eat better and your willingness to read and learn and adapt. Keep on making the best choices you can with the options available to you. Good Luck !
    2164 days ago
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