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For the Shire! (my adoraOm review)

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

SparkPeople asked me to review some new plus-size activewear from I was happy to do it because-- A: The clothes are super cute. And B: Iím a hobbit. When I look at plus-size models, they all seem to be young, gorgeous, tall, statuesque women. They wear their weight well. I totally understand that; Iím sure thatís what sells. But I donít think Iíve ever seen a short, round, plus-size model. Nope. Not that I can recall. I come from a long line of short, sturdy women. Iíve learned to embrace that, to own my hobbitness. It has its perks too. Our round faces can help hide a couple extra years. But hobbits usually donít make it on the cover of Vogue, unless they happen to be standing next to a hot elf or something. So, I did this review for us, for the hobbitwomen of SparkPeople (we should have a team)--for the Shire!

My Own Personal Disclaimer:
I did not get paid to review this stuff and Iím not trying to sell anything. These are just my own opinions. You know I like to share things that Iíve tried with yíall anyway. I always give you my honest opinion. And yes, this stuff is expensive--to me, anyway. Thatís why I gave it a thorough test before I reviewed it. Thorough as in, I worked out like crazy in these clothes, put them through the laundry a bunch of times and showed them to several of my friends. My husband says that you usually get what you pay for. In this case, I think he might be right. (Honestly, heís almost always right, but heís the nice kind of guy who doesnít lord it over you.) The quality and performance of this fabric is far superior to the usual t-shirt I wear. Thereís really no comparison. The fabric washes well and snaps right back into place. The pants keep you jiggle-free (trademark pending-lol). The mesh panels on the shirt really work--no sweaty shirt sticking to my back. The shirt stays put. I think this might be the only shirt in the world that has stayed put on me. Itís almost a Christmas miracle. Plus, the style and cut really did make me feel particularly superheroish. Thatís always a good thing. That said, I know I canít swing a closetful of this stuff. But I would like to save up and get another shirt (green, this time) for a BIG reward. I think itíd be cool to treat myself to something thatís going to prompt me to workout even more. Nice little self-hypnosis thing I have going here. Also, they have this super cool looking jacket with thumbholes. Thumbholes! I want it, just because of the thumbholes; think it would be very hobbit-chic in the Shire.

Hobbit Action Hero! More action heroes need scooters--

and monkey bars (I can do exactly two...)--

and swings.

Spark your day, no matter what youíre wearing!
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