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Miracle 3 pounds and Jump Rope

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I was afraid to look at the scale but also morbidly curious. I hadn't gone to the gym at all last week and there were two days where I wasn't able to track everything that I ate. I hadn't weighed myself in a while and assumed I was the same weight.

With the exception of those two days (where I don't know what the calorie/nutrient/vitamin content was of the food I ate), I had stayed within my calorie range.

I wondered if I gained back the 4 pounds I had lost throughout February.

I gave into temptation on Tuesday at the gym and stepped on the scale.

I was surprised to see that I had lost 3 pounds. emoticon I stared at the number for a while puzzled but HAPPY. I got dressed and raised the volume on my "Happy Bouncy Mix" playlist on my mp3 player and happily bopped to work. emoticon

Could it have been water weight lost during the workout? I suppose so but 3 pounds?

7 lbs since I started working out on February 6th. Slow but steady. Only three more pounds until I reach my first milestone in my fitness and weight loss journey.


How many of us have jumped roped when we were kids? No matter when you were a kid (for those oddly preoccupied with age differences). Jump rope is a pretty classic children's activity.

Now I don't think I would ever have thought I would have trouble jumping rope when I was a kid. Double dutch was another issue but I won't get into that.

Today I brought my jump rope to the gym. It took several minutes before I could jump continuously. Kept jumping ON the rope rather than OVER... as well as hitting my shins and other interesting non-jumproping maneuvers. I counted until I felt I had done well over 100 jumps. I was sweating quite a bit too.

You really really REALLY feel it in your shins. But at least I didn't notice my breasts bouncing wildly as they seem to do during jumping jacks.

I am incorporating both jump roping and jumping jacks into my workouts so I can work on my jumping abilities which seem to have deteriorated noticeably judging from my Zumba classes. emoticon


And finally

My copy of SparkPeople 28 Day Bootcamp with Coach Nicole arrived today from! I rushed and got it after reading Nicole's blog about it being at the top of the ratings list for fitness on Amazon. It was on sale for $7.99.

I'm watching it right now and I'm seeing a lot of familiar workouts but done in a way that seems more welcoming than when I do them in the R.I.P.P.E.D class at the gym. I can't wait to get started doing these workouts everyday at home.

Now that I have this DVD along with other items for my home gym, I think I will only go to the gym for classes and if I feel like using the ellipticals and treadmill. Gradually I want to try to replace the treadmill (at least in my regular workouts) with actual walking/running outside.

... sadly it seems I won't be able to claim my 250 points for attaining the DVD because I didn't buy it on Target. I wish there had been a little disclaimer perhaps at the end of the blog post because maybe I wouldn't have gotten it from But really why shouldn't every wonderful SparkPerson get those points if they bought the DVD. Weird.

That's the news! emoticon emoticon emoticon
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