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Trying something different...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I'm going to do a bit of an experiment. I know, I'm always fiddling/tweaking/twerping around with things to no avail, aren't I? Ah well.

Spark says my approx. BMR is 2092. As a refresher, here's the Spark definition of BMR taken from the Daily Calorie Differential report page:
"BMR is your Basal Metabolic Rate, which is the number of calories your body burns on a daily basis to perform its basic tasks like breathing and pumping blood. The BMR calculation is based on your age and weight and accounts for a sedentary lifestyle. The BMR in the chart above has been multipled by 1.2 to account for the calories you need for both basal metabolic functions and light activity outside of exercise (such as light walking on the job, deskwork, and running errands.) Please note that BMR is not a perfect measure."

No, BMR is not a perfect measure, this is true! But, even on my not-so-very-active days, I burn quite a bit more than 2092. That being the case, I'm going to tweak my calories-to-burn settings a bit. I've entered that I'll burn 400 cals. above and beyond my BMR each day. Why 400?

On my laziest days, I've been known to burn no more than 1800. That's while being in a dark dismal funk and laying in bed watching repeats on Netflix and occasionally sobbing into my pillow. Thankfully, I haven't done that for quite some time.

My 'normal' low burn isn't far off from what Spark estimates - 2100 or so. That's a day where I go to work, but don't bother getting up once an hour to walk around the office.

The majority of the time I burn around 2500 on an average day.

When I get out and walk, run, ST, whatever.. the burn is a bit higher 2700.

Saturday and Sunday? I burned 3500 and 3200 respectively. Fortunately, I haven't been feeling particularly famished since then. This is a good thing. Of course, having said that, Saturday and Sunday I consumed approx. 2100 calories LOL

Anyway, if my base BMR is 2100, and I'm regularly burning 2500 at a minimum, then maybe I need to account for that with regard to my calorie intake. I've bumped up my calories to be burned number, which in turn bumped up my calories to consume number - 1790 - 2140.

We'll see what happens. I haven't weighed since .. well, hmm. It must have been the last week of February sometime. I'm not going to worry with it until right before I leave for JASR (March 30! 10 days!!) I expect to gain while I'm back home in W.Va. If it's less than 10 lbs, I'll be thrilled!

Am I off my rocker? Perhaps. Maybe I'm bending my efforts to match my results, rather than changing my efforts to produce different results. I've witnessed vastly different degrees of frustration and analysis from different Spark friends and family, and I'm right in the midst of them. I'm somewhat resigned to not losing much while I'm training this year for my Half marathons. I have two - one in late May and then one in early October.

So that's where I am. I'm not quite sparkling with my Spark, but it's not completely extinguished either. There's hope.
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    Sometimes it's best to experiment with the tweaking and see what happens. As long as you're not sweating a possible gain during your trip...enjoy! It's not like it's the end of the world if you gain, and you know you can get it off again after you return. Not the normal weight-loss advice, but sometimes, you just have to give yourself permission to give yourself a break! I hope you have a blast on your trip...we'll be getting the keys to our first house about the time you are going back home. Can't wait to hear about your W.Va. adventures! emoticon
    2162 days ago
  • GAYLEP67
    You're constantly sparkling - even when you think you're not. Btw...I know what's in your 1/3 of the brain - numbers! Glad they're in yours and not mine! Hope the trip is a great one and I'm confident that you'll maintain.

    2163 days ago
  • BOBBYD31
    hard to lose weight while training for a HM

    we always add about 1/2 of what we burn that day back into our calories for that day or the next so if we burn 500 we add 250 back in

    you have to be cautious you calories do not go too low or you will not lose weight

    2164 days ago
    There's always hope! I'm really interested to see how your "experiment" works. It makes sense to me! LOL!

    Enjoy your trip!
    2164 days ago
    well I am totally confused but I am glad you know what it all means and I hope you have great success. I still track and weigh pretty consistently. Paranoid I will regain the weight. I am not brave enough to "tweek" Good for you for being brave!!
    2164 days ago
    BMR confuses me so I don't bother with it. Best of luck!
    2166 days ago
    I love this idea. I know I lost a bit more when I ate more but I can't seem to make myself stick to it. I keep exercising more because I feel like I should. I'm very curious how this works for you! Wishing you all the best!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2166 days ago
    Sounds like you are focusing on the right things. I will be excited to hear how this goes. Please keep us posted.

    I hope you have fun on your trip. I wish it were closer to Michigan! LOL

    2166 days ago
    I think it is something that can have quantifiable effects. If you start gaining over a multi-week period, then you'll know that you've pushed the range too high. If you start losing over a multi-week period, then you know you may have been eating too little before and now you're in a better range.

    I know for a fact that the general Sedentary BMR calculation is low for me. Sure, some days I sit at a desk and sit at home quite a bit, but I also walk to and from buses as well as get up and walk at work a lot. How I know that it's low is because I'm eating consistently toward the high end of the SP recommended range and losing more than the goal per week.

    Good luck!
    2166 days ago
    I think this sounds perfectly logical and quantitative. It's a testable plan, and if it fails, methinks you'll tweak again with a new plan.

    I had my big "aha" a couple days ago. I've been sitting a lot more these last few months. Still otherwise highly active, but I think all that sitting is just negative for me. So shaking that up to see what happens.
    2166 days ago
  • ROXIT22222
    Its a balancing act that is for sure. Finding and keeping the right balance is key. It is also hard at times. Frustrating when it doesn't work and exciting when it does. Just remember what Coach Skinny B says, "You are moving more now than you where before and that is a good thing!"

    Regarding your trip:

    Try to keep the portions to a moderate level, don't for get to MOVE while you are back east! Make sure you DRINK YOUR WATER! Keep aware of what you are putting in your mouth, and body. Remember to fill up on the veggies before you even eat that peace of 'YUMMY COMFORT FOOD'. Find your inner will power it's there.

    I seriously worry with the quote "I expect to gain while I'm back home in W.Va. If it's less than 10 lbs, I'll be thrilled!" How long are you going to be gone? It's your 10lbs that is worry some. Set they bar higher girl! Say I WANT TO MAINTAIN, while I'm gone! and a little gain is 'ok'. (Understand I'm thinking you are going to be gone about 10 days) So 10 lbs in 10 days is ALOT!

    Understand I'm in a similar boat or plane.. I leave on Sunday for a 7 day vacation. There will be lots of activities going on there. I don't plan to starve myself either while on vacation. There are a few 'comfort drinks' I'll have to have. But I'm hoping to MAINTAIN and have a great balance.

    Oh and one more thing: You have that body bug thingy (what ever one you have) right? Dust it off, charge it up, put it on and watch it! Wear it religiously for the week before the trip and then while on the trip, so you KNOW what you are doing!


    (see what happens when you meet me? I think I can give you advice even when you didn't ask for it)... emoticon

    headed back into my quite corner.... (hope you didn't find any of this offensive I didn't mean it that way.)
    2166 days ago
  • LISA01605
    Hope is good! You are doing something which is better than nothing. Preparing for those races helps your body in a big way too! Food is important but exercise is too and you get plenty of exercise.
    2166 days ago
    so you are focusing on the healthy instead of the scale... hmmm a very wise woman (she's really smart, you might KNOW her even) gave me that advice. Glad to see she's taking it for herself too.

    I hope this "experiment" brings the results you want!

    ENJOY your trip!

    2166 days ago
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