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Little Secrets of Success

Monday, March 19, 2012

I figured since I see and hear of so many people struggling with weight loss and suffering from the dreaded plateau, I thought I would offer some secrets of my own weight loss. These are just but a few of some of my own health and fitness tips which have allowed me to lose the weight I have and not plateau for more than a few weeks.

1. I don't have a specific "diet"

I pretty much eat whatever I want, so long as it's healthy and I'm meeting my nutritional requirements for the day. I know a lot of people try very hard to consume within strict nutritional guidelines - for example a ton of protein, little carbs, etc. But the truth of the matter is, if you follow any type of diet which puts extreme emphasis on one nutrient, your body is going to rebel one way or another eventually.

2. I switch up my calorie intake daily

Every day I eat within my calorie range, however, I always try to avoid consuming almost the exact same amount every day. Some days I'll eat on the lower end of my calorie range (a little over 1200) and others I'll eat on the higher end of the spectrum (1600). I do this to make sure my body never thinks it's in starvation mode and to get an adequate amount of nutrients as well.

3. I never have more than a daily 600 calorie deficit

Why? Well, first of all, a 1 pound loss every week is plenty enough at my weight, but also anything more usually causes me to plateau. If you have too high of a calorie deficit this will most likely send your body into shock thinking it needs to save any source of fuel it has. Unfortunately, that usually means fat.

4. I think the same workout every day is boring, and so does my body

Every 4 weeks or so I change around my workout routine. Some months I focus more on cardio, while others I'm more dedicated to resistance training, and sometimes I do a little bit of both. My body has no idea what's going to happen next, and by constantly keeping it guessing I burn more fat and calories.

5. "Physical Activity" is a huge priority for me

What I mean by this is that instead of driving to where I need to be, I bike instead. If I need to drive, I park in the lot furthest away from my location and walk there. Instead of taking the elevator, I take the stairs every opportunity I get. Now since I go to school in the city, that's over 36 flights of stairs a day! You bet your ass I get my calorie burn on any way I can. My metabolism is a furnace all day long.

Thanks for reading! I hope some of you found these to be useful :)

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