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Monday, March 19, 2012

Hi everyone,

So I was on my way to Curves around 10 am going what I normally go down the street..right around 30 MPH. When I get to the "down town" area of our city where there is pararell (sp) parking, I always go much slower for fear of cars backing out. I just had arrived at the major intersection of Hwy 301 and our street, 5TH Ave. and heard the short version of the siren and saw the blinking lights. I couldn't figure out what I had done or not done as I stopped completely at the stop sign and let the other car cross the street as it had arrived there first.

I had to turn onto 301 into a parking lot so I wouldn't block traffic. Officer walks up and asks "How are you dong today?" How does he think I'm doing at that moment? LOL Of course I was polite but don't think I called him Officer or even Sir. I then asked him what I did wrong and said I stopped completely at the stop sign and let the other car go according to the law. He then asked me if I was aware the speed limit through town had been changed. I told him, no I was not aware. I then asked him how long ago it had changed. He said "About a month." GULP! I never saw the signs. Well, apparently he took pity on me (yea right!) More than likely they were still in the giving a warning stage. He told me to be more aware or next time it could cost me $240.00. He clocked me at 31 in a 20 MPH zone.The speed limit before was 30. When I came home and told Arjay he was not aware of the change either. Neither of us can remember any warning being printed about the upcoming change. It is the city and they can do what they want. So that's how my day started out. Of all the people I talked to afterward only one person had been aware of the change. But I also have to admit that shows how unaware of our surroundings we all are!! We didn't even see the speed limit signs and I saw them very plainly when I was coming home from Curves. Guess we get so used to the same speed we just don't see new signs. Oh well, I am so grateful he only gave me a warning and not a ticket.
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    cops are hot as fire now it is the summer. My hubbie got pull over just this past week...then somone hit him and we are awaiting to see what the person insurance will do. My hubbies car was ruined. He hurt his back and neck.
    2176 days ago
    It is so hard to go 20 anyway! Sheesh! SO glad it was just a warning
    2189 days ago
    glad you only got a warning!! take care
    2189 days ago
  • VICIOUS421
    Oh my that was quite a way to start the day!!! Glad you just got a Warning!!!!!
    2190 days ago
  • MOGAL1946
    I agree 20 is hard to do. I have trouble going 25 in our town and sometimes think I'm the only one that obey the street signs as everyone really gives me the evil eye. Glad you got by with a warning. Tickets are outrageously high now adays. Glad you are going to curves too!
    2190 days ago
    Ugh!!! I agree that we "zone out" though!! I almost got hit by a woman at a place where they put a light (use to be a stop on the small road and nothing on the big) and she blew a red light (mine was green) and then flipped me off for daring to be entering the road (on my green). I can only HOPE she realized what she'd done when she came back by the next time!!
    2190 days ago
    Glad you just got a warning. I agree with being aware of our surroundings. I used to commute 90 miles each way to work for a whole year and sometimes I didn't even remember the drive when I would get to work. emoticon
    2190 days ago
    Close call! Grateful for mercy!
    2190 days ago
    WOW....glad it was just a warning!

    How are you doing???????
    2191 days ago
  • POOH_BEAR_69
    Thank goodness! We do so many things during our day on "autopilot" really. I am glad that it worked out "for the best" in a sense. At least now you know what the current speed limit is, and you are able to share your story. It will help others to be more mindful of their surroundings as well. Have a Blessed rest of the week! emoticon
    2191 days ago
    Glad it was just a warning.
    2191 days ago
    Thank goodness! But 20? Do cars go that slow?
    2191 days ago
    Wow, like everyone else, I think 20 is really slow. So glad you did not get a ticket. My pet peeve is that the area we just moved to has NO speed limit signs, and yet is patrolled constantly. Makes me nuts! LOL
    2191 days ago
    I am glad you found out and only got a warning. I know I don't notice the speed limit signs on streets I drive all the time. We just get used to them.
    2191 days ago
    Wow 20 is pretty low...ours is 25 and that is really slow, but it is what it is. After getting rear-ended while stopped at a red light, even 0-10 was too fast for the guy who hit us. lol Glad you just got a warming.
    2191 days ago
    we have a place between the courthouse and the jail and all those lawyers right down through town and the speed limit is needs to be 20 as there is such congestion and three stoplights in a block (a really short block at that more likely a half) with all the pedestrians and the constant crossings there they need a pedestrian amazes me that people don't get hit hourly and i drive 20 what excuse would i have to drive 40 and hit some fool who thinks he's impervious to cars??
    the lady mary
    2191 days ago
    Glad he gave you the warning. I know way too many cops that would not have been so generous.
    2191 days ago
    I live in a small town and when they make road sign changes, they attach red flags to grab your attention to the change!

    Seems like your city doesn't care....perhaps they need to change their ways to alert the people within their city!
    2191 days ago
    Even our school zones aren't that low; they're 25! Sorry your day started that way; I know it would have gotten my adrenalin going! At least you were on your way to where you could work it off! Should be temporary blinkers for awhile when a change like that is made! So glad you didn't get a citation!
    2191 days ago
  • KRYS210
    Good grief - you would think communication would be a major deal! Glad you only had a warning, that is an expensive ticket!
    2191 days ago
    I agree, 20 is really slow even for city limits. I'm glad you got by with a warning. Sounds like they better do some more posting so everyone will be more aware of the change. At least you got your Curves work out in. I did too!!!!
    2191 days ago
    Wow, 20 is a pretty low speed limit for a city. I can understand why you spaced out on the new signs.

    I might be the type, if I noticed the signs, to call the city and wonder if someone made a mistake! That sounds more like a school zone speed limit!
    2191 days ago
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