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Sunday, March 18, 2012

This is one of those "clearing house," junk drawer blogs--you know, a little of this, some of that. In a nutshell: I refocus my Wonder Woman/5% goals and share a zombie update and some behind the scenes stuff with Chubbs n Pudding.

My Spring 5% Challenge started Saturday. Go A Team! This is my fifth challenge and one of the big reasons I stuck with Spark. This challenge gives me accountability, mixed with fun, which is exactly what I need. This time, however, my target goal is a smidgen less than 5%. I decided to sync this goal with my long-term, Get To Wonder Woman Weight Before I Go To Disney goal. The GTWWWBIGTD goal is 19.3 pounds by the beginning of August. My Spring goal is 8 pounds. I also want to learn the Three-Beat Chase Weave with my mini hoops and make it to Day 366 (leap year streaking) with my exercise SparkStreak. Should be a fun spring.

Zombie update. This is for you fellow Runners Five out there. I finished my first 13 missions on the Zombies, Run game and nothing new loaded. I knew we were supposed to have 30 missions. I figured I wasn't running fast or far enough, but I emailed them to check. They said they're spreading 30 missions out over the first season: 13 with the release, 8 in the next update and 9 more after that. In the meantime, you can keep running old missions and collecting sports bras. lol

Some Sparkers wanted to know if that really was Coach Nicole in Chubbs and Pudding's workout video. Yes, it really was Coach Nicole. When she agreed to do it, my family promptly had a group panic attack. This was Coach Nicole--of YouTube/DVD fame, the woman who had her face plastered on a billboard in Times Square. In our house. We live in a modest, one-bathroom, split-level house, built in 1971. We love our house. It's comfortable. But all of a sudden, it didn't seem like enough. My husband suggested we borrow a friend's house, something newer and bigger. We even discussed the feasibility of repainting and carpeting the entire house. After a few minutes of this, I came to my senses. Good grief, this whole thing started with that first vlog I posted, way back when. A chubby, middle-aged woman hula hooping in her backyard, with her pre-teen daughter (in her pajamas) and a mutt who refused to go through the hoop. It was us being us and we fully expected all of 20 people to see it. The minute I feel like I can't be myself here, is the minute I should put away my camera.

So, we cleaned like the Queen of England was coming. But Coach Nicole had to step over the cracked tile by the front door, edge through all the video equipment set up in the hoopatorium/school room/office/front room, change clothes in the bathroom where ManBoy had just accidentally pulled the medicine cabinet mirror off its hinges, ignore the giant gouge the Best Buy guys left on the hallway wall and pretend like she didn't see the carpet stains that wouldn't come out, as she was doing Downward Facing Pig. And you know what? She did. She was nice as could be and an awfully good sport. You should know that this was way out of her comfort zone. She doesn't have a dorky bone in her body, so she had to muster up some acting chops. She was friendly and patient, even when Pudding had an accident on her... In short, she was a trouper and, guess what--a regular person, just like the rest of us.

Coach Nicole signed a DVD for Chubbs and Pudding. LOL

Be yourself, right where you are, even if your tiles are cracked and you're slightly unhinged.

That crazy vlog that started this whole thing. Keeping it real, folks...
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