5K.....Ouch my knees!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

I just ran my first 5K.....yea me! I've been training for a long time. I haven't had any pain in my knees or anywhere. So, about 2 days before the race I get a dull ache in my knees. What? Now? So, I popped ibuprofen and no problem. Ran the 5K....did great! No stopping and didn't come in last......met both my goals! Woke up today and my knees are killing me! I didn't injure them in ANY way.

So, any ideas? Ideas for what's going on......prevention so I can keep running and not have this happen again?

Thank you in advance!
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  • SHARON10002
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    Good for you meeting your goals!
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    2158 days ago
    I have a theory about using the body after many years of not taking too much notice. I mean this in a funny kind of way because we all use our bodies all the time and yet we rarely focus on a specific part unless it's sore or doesn't work properly...

    Maybe your knees just want a little bit of recognition and an occassional massage...
    And definitely a well done...

    Our bodies are made of trillions of individual cells and little communities and groups such as the knees...

    So maybe they are just saying hello - the only way they know how...
    2166 days ago
  • MPYKE2009
    I don't know about your knees, BUT CONGRATS ON DOING 5K!!!!

    2185 days ago
    WOW! emoticon on your 5K. I'm so jealous. Sorry about the knee pain though. Ice, ibuprofen and rest should have you pain-free sooner or later.
    2187 days ago
  • CAROLZ1967 say you didn't injure them but just remember that you don't have to twist your ankle/knee area to actually injure it. Overuse is an injury too and that you don't always notice until after a run. So just watch that. I can't remember, are you running daily or keeping it to every other day? It's best to have a day off (running) in btwn. You can do other forms of exercise though! But running is so hard on our knees that experts advise not usually doing it on consecutive days. Cross training for runners is key to avoiding injuries. I have knee issues (past) too and am very careful b/c of that. I really want to run and increase my distance but am afraid of my knees hurting again. That's why I do the run-walk stuff a lot so I can go the long duration I want and hopefully not hurt myself! But ice is good and the man who mentioned strength training, especially the legs & knee area is probably right too. Can't hurt anyway! Taking the med will certainly help with pain and that's good too, just won't fix the problem. :-) I'm so glad it went well friend! :-) p.s. My legs (thighs) are killing me, some today but awful Sun, after my long run Sat....should have thought of that ahead of time...not thinking!
    2194 days ago
    The long term runner in my office says ibuprofen *after* the run is a Good Thing. It's supposed to help control the swelling. He also advises ice. For reference, I'm 56 and he's a bit older; I'm not sure how necessary this stuff is for young folks.

    Longer term, strength training to prevent knee pain. I noticed knee pain when I weighed ~215 to 218 lbs. I lost down to 185, and gained back to 221; but the knee pain didn't return. I believe the difference was lower body strength training, mostly squats and Romanian deadlifts, though lunges are good too. As a bonus, once I got up to squatting 80 or 90 lbs. the hills weren't so challenging when I was out on the bike.
    2195 days ago
    Thanks! Oh, I didn't pop ibuprofen to run the race...I did it after I felt soreness. So, therefore, I thought it was just from one of my training runs. Thanks for your input! It'll be a beauty of a day here so I'll get out and walk!
    2195 days ago
    Congrats on achieving your goal, though! And I hope this is just a transient thing... I find when I run a distance race (5K or beyond) my allergies often kick up right after, and it takes a few days to shake them... but it's worth it to me, anyway!

    Often after a big effort, not on the day, while there are endorphins swimming... but the day after... there is some soreness / stiffness. Gentle walking seems to help, and getting up and moving throughout the day.

    I'm not sure taking the ibuprofen and running anyway was the best thing to do if you'd *never* had knee pain and the ache showed up two days ahead... BUT... if the gentle walking doesn't do the trick (or if the pain is a lot more than sore/stiff), it might be worth a trip to the Dr. to see what's up.

    Good luck and speedy recovery to you!
    2195 days ago

    Not sure about the knees, sorry.
    2195 days ago
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