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Why can't I lose weight?

Friday, March 16, 2012

During the Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday, I ate very well. Even new years and V-day I was on point. I even manage to lose some weight during this time. But for the most part since 01/12 until now Ive fluctuated between 126 through 128 (the goal is 120). I just can't seem to get these last few pounds off.

I even managed to go low carb for Feb but all that did was for me to end up eating so much more calories than i should have and I did not lose any weight. I work out about 4 to 5 times a week and about once or twice a week I workout for 2 hours at the gym. I don't want to give up because I have everything in me to make this happen but I just don't know where I am going wrong.

Today was not a good day, i mean for the most part I am happy and content but today I felt the pressures of school, friends/family work and gym and I ended up having a chocolate donut and a BIG piece of chocolate cake (st Patrick’s day at work). This is so unlike me to give in like this.

I know there are some areas that I can improve on, like getting more sleep, drinking water (I only drink about a bottle a day, YEAH! I know horrible). I guess I could try working out 6 times a week and maybe do 3 days a week i workout for 2 hours; maybe i should just focus more on strength training? I've doing Pilates twice a week maybe during that time I could use it to do something else. I mean is not like Pilates is going to help me burn that much calories. I do a lot of spin so my body could be gettin too use that.

I am a results kind of person and after that cake and donut I just ate, I think I need to start working on solutions. I am going to stay off the scale for two weeks, I am going to put a pause on Pilates and do more strength training, I am going to aim to drink more water and I may start upping my carbs just a bit more (and introduce more variety in food). I will see if I can make it to the gym 5 times a week more consistently.

Any suggestions PLEASE let me know. I need ideas. I think I’ve been stuck on the same thing every day so evolving so I need to switch things up a bit.

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    I am very glad to know that you managed to fool the plateau :) Some things I learned with my trainer: When it comes to exercising, strenght training has a cycle, you can do the same thing for 3 weeks before you reach the plateau, your body gets used to the routine. The ideal is to change every 3 weeks. And the best way to lose weight through cardio is by tricking your body, you can do 30 sec 8/10 of your capacity and then 30 sec 3/10, repeat both until you reach 40min. Change it to 40sec after 3 weeks and keep going. It is just an idea in case the plateau shows its face again. All the best, you are looking awesome, well done!
    2085 days ago
    Hi S-TWIN, i wasn't able to go to you page i don't know why, so i figured i would respond here. Between then and now I worked on changing my exercise routine completely. I went back to my roots sotta speak about why I am doing this, also around the time i wrote this blog I was pretty stress out about school things didn't get better so i focus on my diet 100% and I worked out when I could but now that I am out of the funk I work out at least 5 days a week and I join a new gym. I don't have the same distractions i use to, such as guys staring at me or being interrupted during my workouts.

    Strength training is so import you need the muscle to burn fat, you also need it to look lean and healthy after the weigh comes off. there are so many different way to do strength training have you though about doing a class? like at the gym i go to now I am taking a class called arms and abs, so we lift weights in a group setting, is pretty fun. I hope you have access to that but if you don't there are a lot of DVD you can buy that offer that. I don't know if you need more structure when it comes to strength training but i would highly recommend the Jaime Eason live fit training is free and she gives a lot of great advice, I am starting this program on next week
    ie-eason-livefit-trainer.html. Please let me know if this helps you or if you have tried this before. =)
    2095 days ago
  • S-TWIN
    I see that you did end up losing- what worked? I feel like I am in a similar spot. I eat in my ranges and exercise an hour a day 5-6 days of the week. but I don't do much strength training (everything I've tried is not fun for me and I eventually gave it up) there anything you'd recommend that has worked?
    2096 days ago
    You body may like that weight? That doesn't mean, you will look like that - but be at that weight and tone up and LOOK smaller even being at that weight. My sister got down to 137lbs (she's 5'8" tall) and looked real bad. Now she's around 155-158 and her body won't let her lose any weight or gain any weight no matter what she eats. She's decided she'll just stay there because she can't seem to get anywhere. If she toned up, there would be a different and she does work out.. but she's not focused.

    I've decided if my body gets to that point (which hopefully will be below 180 because I have to get to 180 to have my skin removed) that I will be okay with it as long as I can see toning definition.

    Just keep at it and you may get there and not realize it! Just act like you are maintaining now and hopefully it'll naturally drop!
    2167 days ago
  • BOB240
    At your age and activity as long as you are hydrated then water is unimportant. If you like drinking 8 glasses a day then it's ok but it isn't a weight loss strategy.

    You are almost certainly "cruising" the cardio. Spin classes can help but like all classes the instructor pitches the pace at the "average". If you're above average then they don't help.

    You might try increasing the intensity of your cardio week-in wee- out (i.e add an extra 2% to your speed over 20 minutes. Don't just add distance.

    Strength training ...yes. You are clearly very fit and your diet is well controlled. If you really want those improvements in bodyfat then you have to move up a level. i.e run faster - lift heavier weights. You need to be taught to use the weights but at your level - to reach the perfection you are capable of... you need to work "harder" (not longer) and translate your precision in counting calories to a precision in deciding exactly what weigh you need to push to get maximum benefit..
    2168 days ago
    It sounds like you have some great ideas already (water, change, increasing amount) and just need to be patient. Changing things up is what I always hear too. If you're used to doing more cardio excercises like spinning, then maybe mix a day or two of weightlifting in. Likewise if you do mostly strength training, do more cardio. I agree with FUNKYG1 about the circuit training. It's my favorite because it mixes cardio and strength (and kicks my butt! I never knew I could sweat that much!)

    I'm in the same rut... I got down to 121ish and am now bumping around the mid 120's. Unlike you, I failed at willpower through the holidays and ate cookies with wreckless abandon...
    2168 days ago
    Seems like you are taling my mind. I am in the same situation. I exercise 4-5 times a week and watch my food intake. Don't do processed food or cans.Cook for my family and myself.Still not able to loose 10 pounds. I even have changed the pattern of my exercise still didn't work. I eat about 1500 cal and can not go any lower than that.
    So if you find the answer would you share it with me ?
    2169 days ago

    Everything I have heard or read about the last few pounds or being on a plateau says to change things up. If you are doing the same routine at the gym that you started with change it up. If you have not done circuit trainig, maybe try it. If you like the water, try swimming. Instead of gyming it, go for an outdoor hike. I know that a lot of people go on the low carb diets but carbs give us the energy our bodies require, they are like the gas for your car. If you are low or empty, you go nowhere. As for the water, try some fresh squeezed lemon or lime in it to give you some flavour.

    Hope these suggestions are helpful.

    2169 days ago
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