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Stitches, Schnitzel, and Succumbing to the Sofa.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

It has been exactly one week since my surgery and my sense of time is definitely altered. It's hard to tell how many days have passed as since I returned home from the hospital, I made myself a nest on the living room couch and have not moved much since. For the most part I've felt fine, with hardly any pain and I've had energy enough as long as I remained fairly prone for most of the time.

Thanks to all of you who've enquired on my well being and are sending along healing thoughts... they are very much appreciated. Apologies that I have not sent out many personal updates to you individually, I am trying very hard to rest so please forgive using the blog-o-sphere to write a blanket update.

So today, for the first time in a week, I left the house, drove myself to the doctor's office and then to my parents to drop something off. I was originally supposed to have my stitches out on Tuesday but the surgeon postponed my appointment to today instead. The doctor painlessly removed my stitches and gave my incision a nod of approval. They have made an appointment for me for two weeks from now to have him look at me again and also talk about the "official report" from the hospital labs that they would have received by then on the status of my now-removed thyroid and the details of the cancer. The presence of a foreboding and forthcoming report still makes me nervous but considering that things seemed better than expected during the surgery, my hopes are high that there are not too many more battles ahead.

When I got to my parents, my mother graciously made me a superb lunch of turkey schnitzel, home fried potatoes, homemade applesauce and a light green salad and I can safely say that I was starving when the food was presented on the table. I returned home absolutely exhausted from my very tiny outing and I am still shocked at how much surgery takes out of a person. When I returned from the hospital last Saturday night, I took the opportunity to go back on my SP tracking and suggested caloric intake. However, I noticed that for the next several days, I'd been quite lightheaded throughout the day and headachy in the evenings. At first I thought it was the lack of movement or possibly the new thyroid meds that I am on but now I think it was the fact that a 1100-1500 calorie-a-day plan is simply not enough for a healing body. I have dropped a few pounds since my operation and I think my body is not sure what's going on. So now I am trying to keep myself around 2000 calories a day in order to simply maintain and build some strength. It seems to be helping and I wasn't lightheaded at all today!

I'm back to eating all forms of food again, not just a "soft diet" as I am swallowing without pain (thank the universe). My voice though is still incredibly hoarse and I can barely speak above a whisper. My lovely man is getting used to me knocking on the walls or doors in the house to get his attention as there is no way he can hear me from over 50 feet away. I will admit that I've also texted him a few times when he was out of earshot... it's not entirely reliable though as he doesn't always have his phone on him. I really hope my voice returns soon. I've read that it should return in about a week but I think this time estimate is off. The doctor didn't seem concerned at all when he heard me speak so I'm assuming that things are ticking along at the right pace.

I've also started my post-surgery supplement regimen. Ho-ly-cow. I down over 20 capsules, pills and drops a day in addition to my new thyroid meds (they've put me on Eltroxin) and have had to set up an app on my iphone to keep track of times and dosages. (I use Dosecast and it works beautifully. There is a free version but I went ahead and bought the premium version.) If anyone is interested, I have a wonderful list of pre and post surgery supplements that I can send to you care of my wonderful naturopath to help speed the healing process. Feel free to just email me.

Otherwise, I am in good spirits. I feel like I could start using my time productively and hope to start editing photos again tomorrow, if even for small segments of time in between periods of rest. I also have a sloo of emails to respond to as I have been dutifully avoiding them over the past week. I've had a few visitors but have honestly just really appreciated my alone-time with my sofa. It's been many years since I've had this much time to just do NOTHING and I am fully taking advantage of it, though I fear reality will set in far too soon and force me back into many hours of work. I'm definitely holding out as long as I can though.

On another note, this Monday marks my 6th month anniversary with SparkPeople and I can honestly say that joining this site was the smartest move I have made for an eternity. I do not know how I would have fared without all of your support, advice and friendship. You are all an enormous part of my life now and I would like to thank you all for being here and holding my hand through this. Who knew that a weight loss site would help me battle cancer? SP is a unique and loving community and I count my lucky stars everyday that I decided to commit to it when I did. The Universe/My guardian angels are indeed looking out for me by bringing me here to all of you. Thank you so much. I look forward to the day when my journey here is just about the weight loss again! lol.

So until my next update, happy St. Patrick's Day and a happy Spring Equinox to all of you! May the sun shine upon you all all and bring you many warm wishes come true!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hope the path reports come back with them having gotten the whole cancer. Hope you feel better.
    2180 days ago
    Happy to hear everything went well - looking forward to another update when you have the time! I wouldn't worry about the cals for now - getting your strength back up is waaaay more important!
    2182 days ago
    Still saying prayers. Update us again.. wanna hear about how you are doing now. :D SP is a beautiful place and I'm happy to be involved with it! XOXOXOXOX
    2182 days ago
    emoticon I'm glad your healing and feeling better. I've a friend who had the same thing done a few years ago and she said it did take her voice a few weeks to come back.
    2187 days ago
    I am really glad you are recovering well! I hope your week is wonderful! emoticon
    2188 days ago
  • LEXIE63
    So glad to hear how well you are doing. :-)
    Enjoy your down time. Like you say, best to make the most of it while you can.
    Take care,
    Lex xxx
    2188 days ago
    Glad the healing is going well. I think upping calories is really smart during this time.
    2189 days ago
    So glad to see you doing well and on the way to recovery!! I love your positive attitude - there is healing power in that. You are an inspiration and I'm so glad you have chosen to share this journey with us. Prayers and hugs for you, and happy St. Patricks day! emoticon
    2190 days ago
    Keep up your positive mindset and you will recover nicely. Happy St. Pat's Day to you too!

    2190 days ago
    Great news Michelle! Glad you're doing well. Keep us posted on the official report.
    2190 days ago
    hi love glad the op went well and i sincerely hope when the results are in that they are all good.enjoy the rest as long as you can believe you me life will soon start creeping up on you before you realise it so enjoy. as they say in ireland
    La ale lah pwad-rig son-ah ditch(thought you could do with something to occupy your mind by googleing what i just wrote love.heppay and great spring exquinox back to you.keep on keeping on,karen emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2190 days ago
    I'm so glad to hear that things are going well for you. I hope that your voice comes back soon, but remember that not having a strong voice right now is probably your body's way of reminding you not to overdo it! I am sending positive thoughts out to you - keep resting! emoticon emoticon
    2191 days ago
    glad to hear you are doing so well. with your attitude and determination, I'm sure your going to get a great report.
    Keeping you in my thoughts.
    2191 days ago
    Rest and recover so that you can heal
    and get back to feeling like yourself.
    I'll be here when you have time to SPark.
    2191 days ago
    Take as much time as you need to rest and heal completely. It is time well-spent. Don't worry about doing anything that you don't HAVE TO DO. It will wait until your strength has returned. It sounds like you are doing very well and your surgeon will guide you the rest of the way when your tests come back. One day at a was the best advice I ever received.
    Take Care.......... emoticon
    2191 days ago
  • CGARR442
    I am so happy to hear you are doing well. I have thought of you constantly since your surgery, wondering how you are doing. I was hopeful that you were well.
    It is good that you are taking time to heal and giving yourself the break you need to fully recuperate.
    Wow, how do you get that many pills down? I take 5 at night (not counting my Synthroid) and it's tough enough.
    I look forward to hearing that everything is fine from your "official report".
    emoticon emoticon
    2191 days ago
    Great news.......stitches out and not any pain....who could ask for more at this point?~??!?!?! Blessings and emoticon
    2191 days ago
    emoticon Enjoy your rest & recovery. Many blessings to you during this time of healing.
    2191 days ago
    What super news in your blog. Keep on doing what you know is right, and I'm sure your voice will return - after all, you said your dr wasn't concerned when you were there the other day. Healing prayers for you ascending to Heaven.
    2191 days ago
    Good to hear from you. I am glad your surgery went well. The nesting on the sofa reminded me that I did the same thing 2 years ago when I had surgery. And you gotta love mom's comfort food. Take care my spark*sweetie. Thanks for checking in!
    2191 days ago
  • SPARKRAE2012
    Good to hear an update! You definitely don't want to be dieting while you're in recovery...your body needs the calories and nutrients to help itself in the process. I reset my goals to maitenance for a couple months while I'm in recovery.

    Take the time for yourself and feel better soon!
    2191 days ago
    Glad to hear you're healing so well. Your sense of foreboding is completely understandable and normal, but I'm really positive that now that your thyroid is out that that'll be the end of it. They'll probably give you a few doses of rediotherapy and that'll be it. I'm crossing my fingers,toes and eyes that it's all going to turn out well for you. Keep taking good care of yourself hun emoticon emoticon
    2191 days ago
    2191 days ago
    Glad to hear your on the mend, take care of yourself and rest
    2191 days ago
    Thanks for the up-date and glad your stitches are out and no problems with wound infections. It will heal nice and quickly on the outside but inside your body will take longer to recover from the shock of surgery, You are doing the right thing listening to your body and increasing your calorie intake. Rest, rest rest.
    You could always get a bell to ring to get service if you can not call out but it might not go down well ! Take care and happy spring to you.
    Anne :)
    2191 days ago
    Glad to hear that you are healing well. Hope you get a good report from the doctor. Happy St. Patrick's day to you too. emoticon
    2191 days ago
    Good for you, taking the time to heal is the best thing that you can do for yourself. I am going to email you b/c I too am healing from surgery and I do not think I am doing well at it at all. I do have a ton more pain b/c mine was bone surgery and the meds are messing up my system as well.

    I look forward to hearing the report on how you have beat the cancer. You can do this! I believe in you.
    2192 days ago
    Generally the body needs a wee bit higher protein diet, and often an increased calorie diet after this sort of trauma. 1100 - 1500 cal's is remarkably low considering our body is using tons of energy to get well again.

    I am glad that the Dr is very pleased with your progress - that helps to lighten the emotional load after something like this.

    The meal your Mum made you sounds really YUMMMM :-)

    Kris xx
    2192 days ago
    2192 days ago
    Such a lovely blog !
    I am so glad you are healing well and looking after yourself ... Lovy to hear you had such a lovely meal at your mothers .. Mothers are wonderful!!.
    Take Care and Rest up!!

    Hugs Susie emoticon emoticon
    2192 days ago
    You deserve the rest. Take good care of youself. You continue to be in my prayers for healing.
    2192 days ago
  • WUBBY82
    A beautiful blog from a beautiful woman! Sounds like you're doing everything right, recovery-wise. Get your calories in, girl! Ecstatic to hear your recovery is going so well! Enjoy your sofa time, girlie emoticon
    2192 days ago
    The key is, THE SURGERY is over, in a minute you will be healed and better than new!
    2192 days ago
  • UNICORN212
    I am glad you are healing! Have you thought about buying a whistle? Might work...

    I hope things are back to normal soon!
    2192 days ago
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