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Stupid Haters (i need to rant)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

For those of you that dont know, my gaurdianshipped son is MExican and American Indian. I am 2nd Generation Scottish (or in other words, im REALY white. lol) I can THINK about going outside without sunblock and get a sunburn.

Anyways, Me and K (who will be 4 in July) were at the store tonight and there was this Hispanic couple that kept looking at K and then looking around the store, over and over. I was watching them because they seemed to be paying to much attention to my son.

Finally the woman (who didnt speak much english) came over and asked me if K was mine. I told her yes, and she went over and started speaking spanish to him. This scared him and he ran over to me and held my hand. I explained to her that he didnt speak spanish. I didnt go on to explain this but, K only started speaking at all less than a year ago. he was so badly neglected that his speech was extremely delayed, and i have been taking him to speech specialists and he started preschool to help him. He does talk alot now, but not up to typical 3 year old standards.

This woman flipped out, and when and was ranting at the man that she was with in Spanish. Now i am not fluent in spanish, but i know enough to know that she was calling me horrible names "Chancha Puta" (Fat Pig Whore) and that she was obviously not happy that K couldnt speak spanish and that he had a white Mom.

Ok, so its better for him to be with bio mom? Who is a big time druggie alcoholic, who tried to kill him. Who couldnt be bothered to buy formula, even though she got wic and jsut gave him cow milk or water to drink. Who drugged him with baby meds so he would sleep all the time, so she wouldnt have to deal with him. Who would leave him alone in the house at 8 months of age so she could go party. Who would hit him because he cried. Who neglected him so badly that he didnt know his name or even how to SMILE when i got him at 8 months. But she is the right color to raise him RIGHT

With me K is happy and healthy and well taken care of and Loved! He can feel safe in his house, and is just the sweetest most loving child. I love him more than anything, and i make sure that he knows it, and that he is well taken care of. I would do anything for him, he is my son. Even if i didnt give birth to him. But apperently im the wrong color to do it right.

I jsut hate it when people think that they know what is best for others without even knowing what is going on in their lives. It just made me so angry how furious it made this woman. It isnt any of her business, and im not even sure of K would be alive right now if he was still with bio mom. I usually try to just slough off any comments that i hear but this woman tonite really struck a nerve.

Thank you for listening to me Rant, and if i offended anyone i am truely sorry. I do not mean any disrespect to anyone, i am just ranting about and against K's biological mom and the woman at the store tonite.

Me and MY Baby


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FAERY_FACE 7/24/2012 7:33AM

    You are doing a fantastic job and anyone who says differently are ignorant and stupid. Congrats on giving him the life that he deserves. You are a hero.

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HEATHERHUNTER 3/25/2012 3:56PM

    I wouldn't have handled that quite so calmly.

I was so appalled reading this that I cried and I swear if I had been anywhere near that ignorant woman I would have told her right off.

I have an attitude problem though...

Sorry that you had to deal with THAT. I hope you see her again so that she can see the happiness in those pictures!!

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    Ugh!!! I would have been so mad too!!! What awful, small minded, horrible people. I would have been wishing I spoke Spanish just to tell them off!

I have never heard your story but I am so glad you shared it the happy pictures of you and your son are fantastic! And honestly made me cry. I grew up as a neglected kid and I would have given anything for a super mom like you to come in and rescue me and my siblings. Stay strong and forget the are a HERO!

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XPHOENIX 3/25/2012 2:24AM

    My love.. dont ever apologize for going off when you want/need to. Racism.. makes me furious!! My son is mixed, but birthed by me. He obviously looks like me and his father both, but still sometimes people give me strange looks (because he is much darker than I am) when he runs up "Mom! I love you!!" But my son loves ME, not my skin, nothing else. I take care of him, raise him, love him.. no matter what I look like or my blood.. he loves ME.

I think you are the best thing that ever happened to K. He is SO lucky to have you in his life and you are 908409238423 times better than the woman that gave birth to him. That's the only good thing she did. The rest, she has to answer to God for. K is a good boy and you are doing a fantastic job with him. Of COURSE you are offended when someone is negative toward you. You call him your son. He IS your son!! GOOD for you for having those emotions and fk anyone that doesn't like it. You never have to bite your tongue. Say your peace. I have your back, ALWAYS!!!!!!

These types of ppl make me sick. You are doing a fantastic job and I'm so proud of you. Keep it up, babe. Love you!!!!!!!! XOXOXO

P.S. Love you, K. Please kiss your beautiful mom for me! She's one of the good ones and deserves some love for it!! :D

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HELLO_KITTY_ 3/24/2012 12:57PM

    Stupid haters for sure. Sorry this happened to you, it is so obvious he should be with you by all the pictures of your son looking so happy and loved, that lady needed to keep her mouth shut.

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BECKYB73 3/16/2012 3:39PM

    This makes my heart hurt...bigotry and racism cuts across all demographics and it makes me sad.

Your son is adorable and has the sweetest smile, you are doing a great job with him and never doubt for a second that he isn't better off WITH YOU. YOU ARE HIS MAMA, nothing changes that, in my mind.

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LODESTONE 3/16/2012 8:23AM

    Damn bigots! Small minded and just nasty. Love the pics and the "war paint"- very distinguishing and classy! Ks smile says it all!

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    Well he sure can smile now!

I think I've told you about my son...if not, just a brief background. I had him 13 yrs ago (next month) and there were complications during labour & delivery that left him with brain damage. He was so sick when he was finally delivered that he was on life support. You would think that his health would have been the biggest concern to the nurses and doctors that were caring for me & my son...but apparently the colour of his skin was more important. My son was half African...and like you, I am super white. I am Irish & Belgian. It is ridiculous what people think is important. I had a friend with me in the hospital who was also white. After my son was delivered one of the nurses went to my friend and quietly told him that she didn't know how to tell him that the baby was black...I friend simply said " I knew that b*tch was cheating on me" My friend is gay, and a smart a$$.

K is happy, healthy and soooo loved. That is what is important!

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DELHSI 3/15/2012 9:44PM

    He's absolutely adorable with just the best smile ever - thanks to you he can smile and feel loved and safe. It's a shame how people's ignorance dominates them sometimes.

I'm also constantly amazed how people can't grasp the concept of inter-racial families (be it guardianship/adoption/mixed marriage - which is our family) in this day and age. Fortunately, my son is at a very racially diverse school where kids and even parents just don't really see the races - just people. It's nice. But I when I'm out with my family who are Chinese (my husband and his family) I've been mistaken for the nanny so many times because people just don't use their brains to think 'oh, jeez, this could be a happy mixed family'. Some days it gets me but most days it doesn't. But honestly, with the reaction that lady had I would have been quite upset myself. She was really over the top.

Sorry you had that experience. emoticon


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