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Tasty Tips #12 ~ Nutrition on the cheap... rice and lentils

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Here's a healthier solution, to a fluffy bed of rather bland low nutritional white rice!

I make a pot of this in the beginning of the week, in the morning.
Keep it in my fridge, covered in the pot I cooked it in.
Use a handled measuring cup to scoop out a half cup at a time.
Add it to my stir fried veggies and flesh (chicken, meat or fish)

Its fast, cheap and easy.
Here's what I do.
*A clear glass
*A pot with a tight fitting lid
*Stirring spoon
*A Stovetop ( mine's an electric slab)
*Red "cargo" rice or some other brown variety

Fill the glass half full of rice.
Fill the other half with lentils.

Its doesn't have to be perfect. Close will do.

Dump filled glass into pot.
Fill glass up with pure water to the level that the bean/rice mixture occupied... dump into pot.
Repeat with second glass of water.

Basically, your lentil/rice mix to water is 1:2.

Your pot should be large enuf so that there's a good deal of space between the contents and the lid.

Bring mixture to a boil... boil about a minute.
Turn off heat.
Leave pot on burner, put on lid

Now forget about it until lunch.
The mix will have cooked completely by then on the heat from the range and the captured steam from the previous boiling.
CAVEAT: I don't know if this energy saving technique will work on a gas range.

Use as you would white rice. Only with this one, you'll have more fiber, iron and protein than you would if you were simply cooking white rice.

Finished product... all the lentils have risen to the top...

Bon Appetit!
: )

Added in response to Sparker's comments on 3/16/12:

Some people have problems with the Lectins and Phytic Acid that pulses (fancy for beans) contain.

If you are someone that has problems with beans, but would still like to try this recipe, you can soak the lentils in hot water overnite, toss the water, rinse, and make it using the same proportions and technique.

Its just one more step and bother, but if its the diff between them agreeing with you, or not, it may be worthwhile!

In regards to how I came up with this low-cook technique for lentils/rice, like many good things, it was by applying observations and happy accident.

First... I noticed when I was making soups, that the lentils and rice I put in my soup seemed to get soft and edible in about the same amount of time.

So when I ran out of rice, I experimented with cooking them together in the same pot. How I did that, was to bring the pot to a boil, then lower the heat and cook an addition 20 minutes.

One day, instead of lowering the heat, I turned the heat off completely. I had to be somewhere else and didn't have time to monitor the cooking process. On my return several hours later, the lentil/rice mix was cooked thru! YAY!

So now I choose this energy saving way of making them.

: )

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