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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oh, SparkFriends! I have had a series of small victories today! Some of you might have seen the video blog by ON2VICTORY yesterday that dealt with making small goals and sticking to them. I have watched that blog a few times already and it is, quite possibly, the most inspiring thing I've ever seen related to health and weight loss. Robert has already lost 115 lbs and he has about 40 lbs left to reach his goal weight. I'd sent him a message asking him HOW he stuck to the plan for so long and didn't give up. And my answer was that video blog yesterday.

Basically, Robert says, "Make small goals for yourself and keep them. Every time you keep a small goal, you prove to yourself that you can do this." He also talked about how the only two things we have control over are our diet and our fitness. Everything else is totally on our body's timetable, so we can't worry about a timetable. Instead, we do what we KNOW to do and control what we CAN control and let our body work everything else (health, weight, healing) out in time. Robert said a couple of times, "Make it happen!"

Well, today I did just that. Came home from a long day of work and didn't FEEL like cooking at all. Was actually kinda pissed that my hubby (who'd been home ALL DAY) hadn't thought to make dinner. It would have been SO easy to order pizza, but I couldn't shake my CRAVING for a HEALTHY dinner. And, more than that, the craving for that feeling of victory that I would have after eating a healthy meal (my body celebrating a tiny goal achieved). So, I assembled a delicious little plate for myself (and everyone else in my family): grilled turkey burgers, steak fries, peas and skim milk. I had a very small serving of fries (still within my calorie limit) and I'll be honest...I was still fuming about having to make dinner the entire time I was eating. Emotionally, I wanted to fly off the handle and eat the entire leftover pan of fries. And, you know what? I could have. But I forced myself to be done with dinner. Because, in the back of my mind, I remembered Robert's words from his blog last night and thought, "I can do this." And, wouldn't you know...that translated into a financial victory as well (no spending $40 on pizza!) SWEET!

Then, it was close to 7pm and I STILL hadn't got my workout in. It was still light out and I thought, "I'll go for a walk on the trail." But, alas, no clean workout clothes and it was getting darker by the minute and, quite honestly, I've been feeling a little guilty about being gone and away from my kids so much on the trail. ALMOST said, "Screw it. I won't do a workout today. It's just ONE day."

But then I heard Robert's voice saying, "Make it happen! You don't KNOW where you will be in two years if you stick to your small goals." And do you know what I did next? I went to my handy dandy SparkPeople app on my phone and calculated the number of minutes I'd need to climb stairs to burn my goal of 285 calories. 23 minutes. Set my timer and did stairs and brisk walking all around my house. Around minute 8, I was ready to collapse and I could envision my calves locking up. I thought, "If I just make it to 10 minutes, I'll quit. That's good enough." Then, I made it to 10 and thought, "I've got a chance to prove to myself that I CAN DO THIS and, by golly, I'm gonna prove it!" So I kept going. The entire 23 minutes. More sweat poured off of me than I have seen in a long time! And, when it was all said and done, I felt AWESOME! Physically...and mentally. Because I achieved a small goal.

One day at a time. Heck, one MINUTE at a time, people. I finally believe that I CAN do this!

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    thats right! soo awesome! i "pysch" myself out all the time. i dont know HOW i keep falling for it! hahhahaha. but yeh, i will say, its only x amount of minutes. you can do ANYTHING for x amount of minutes.. then i break it down.. ok 5 down 25 to go.. you can do this. and sometimes i say the same thing, just make it to 15 then you can stop if you want to.. then 15 comes and i say, your HALF way through, you can do anything for 15 more minutes, 10 more minutes 5 more minutes etc.. he's right. keep small goals. is definatly the way to go. if i say I HAVE TO LOSE 75 POUNDS thats just too much to get to in a reasonable time. (what i would want to be "resasonable i mean) lol
    so THIS round i have a DATE in mind. no goal weight this time.. i just want to see WHERE i can be by this date, IF i am trying hard to lose weight and watch my nutrition and excercise. where could i be by then.. i'm excited to see !!
    and i'm excited to see where you'll be as you keep up your "make it happen" attitude :)
    2195 days ago
    oh wow, that is so awesome! Way to go!!!! Over time you will slowly hone a routine to where things will gel a little bit better. Life has a way of happening doesnt it? But you did such a great job in overcoming the 'fuming moments'

    you are well on your way :)
    2195 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2195 days ago
  • IMAJEAN0178
    Great blog, thanks for sharing.
    2195 days ago
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