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Quitting at Day Four

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

A number of us here at SparkPeople are trying fatloser.com . . . with varying degrees of pleasure!

I'm a fan. Really.

Fatloser is about mental toughness, and it's bigger than losing weight . . . it's about controlling our thinking by monitoring our moods and emotions to effect change in every area of our lives.

Steve Siebold pulls no punches. He says that if I'm fat, it's my fault. But that although there is a big price to pay for becoming "fit", I also pay a huge price (a bigger price) if I'm fat. So I've got to expect to experience pain, doubt and turbulence . . . work through the "season of pain" . . . grow up and fix the problem. Diets are "linear", he says: do the work, get the result you want. End of story.

For me, this 21 day free fatloser program is as valuable as Susan Estrich's "Making the Case for Yourself", Judith S. Beck's "Diet Solution" (I've blogged about both of these) and even SparkPeople itself. The fatloser site has a whole range of other resources . . . some free, some not . . . but there is no hard sell.

He's essentially focusing on the most debilitating addiction of all . . . addiction to the approval of other people. Being a "people pleaser" is something we learn as children, and it leads many to a place of "fear and scarcity" where the consolations of excess food become problematic. What's the solution? We have to use our logical minds to make decisions, and our emotional minds as cheerleaders to sustain the motivation to carry out those decisions. Regardless of whether other people approve or not.

And many of us know: there is huge social pressure to eat unhealthily. Especially in a society where 66% are overweight or obese right now, 75% will be by 2020, and 90% by 2032.

The weight loss industry in North America generates some $68B a year in profits by persuading people that they need to buy special products or coaching or supportive services to lose weight. There is no profit to be made in telling people that they can do it themselves. But people do have within themselves the willpower to do it for themselves. At no cost. Make a decision, develop the mental toughness to stick to it: that's Siebold's prescription and he spells out just how to do it. And Siebold's own fatloser program is now FREE, although he used to sell it for close to $500 a person.

Overeating, Siebold says, is not an addiction. Obesity is not a disease. We don't need medical attention to deal with this issue. (He does make an exception for the tiny fraction of the population with an eating or psychological disorder). But most of us just need the mental toughness to stick with a diet. Eating too much high calorie food just because it tastes good is . . . a bad habit. A tough habit to break. But: not more than that. Hmmmm. Siebold even says that if I'm a bit hungry when I'm ready for bed, that would be an indication that I'm sticking to my diet. And I need to think about it that way.

This makes sense to me. And made me consider: the mental toughness I learn from fatloser.com has to be useful in so many other areas of life.

So: how can it be that most people drop out of fatloser at about day 4 or 5? That's what he says at day 17. Which really astonished me.

Although: I'm betting that quite a few of those who make it past day 5 will pack it in at day 13. Day 13 is when he talks about the topic (THAT topic) which is pretty much NEVER discussed in weight loss venues . . . which would include SparkPeople. So I won't either. Even though Siebold is absolutely persuasive about how important it is. Matter-of-factly. But inevitably it's an approach that a whole lot of folks just might find . . . um yeah. . . . a little bit excessively candid?

Not me. I made it past day 5. And day 13. I'm definitely sticking it out for the last four days, and I'll be sorry when it's over . . . I'm hoping to take a couple hours and review all of the videos sequentially when I'm done. It's my understanding that the emails will all self-destruct shortly thereafter: and fair enough. It's quite a gift to provide this program at no cost even for a "limited time only"!!

Sure, I can see fatloser could be kinda in your face for some people, even for a lot of people . . . but it's so evident that Siebold had no intention of offending. He is simply trying to explain, to set out, with clarity and forcefulness, an approach to weight loss and to life itself which he has found infinitely useful. And valuable.

We can take it! We're tough enough. He's sure of that.

I can. It's great stuff. And: I do recommend it.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I have to say I quit listening around day 15! For me he got a tad smug and repetitive, but I totally agree he "tells it like it is!"
    2178 days ago
    Thanks for the reminder - I was going to do that before I had to go to Australia but now that I'm back - no excuses!!

    Great summary - thanks again.


    2179 days ago
    You definitely got me interested so I logged on and it is certainly a good time for me to face what he is saying. . I already love the first days stand out comment for me. "most people look at food and think of the pleasure it will give them, ohealthy people look at food and ask how healthy it will be for them.". Thanks, I'll let you know how I am going
    2179 days ago
  • NANCY-
    I just finished Day 4, now you have me curious about Day 13. Steve is an interesting individual. Here's to you completing the FAT LOSER PROGRAM. I know you will do it.
    2180 days ago
    Thx for keeping on with your enthusiasm for fatloser...I keep saying to myself, hey, gotta check this out...but haven't. Crazy/busy day...not going to happen today, still putting it off...argh! But I will definitely make it happen soon!

    2180 days ago
    Now I'm really curious!!
    I am going to check this out. It sounds interesting and worthwhile.

    Thanks for putting us on to yet another great resource.
    2180 days ago
  • _LINDA
    So glad you are finding this new approach a good wake up call! It would be very refreshing if people would tell it like it is and not sugar coat things!
    Glad you are finding it helpful!
    2180 days ago
    Thanks for the interesting blog..I joined fatloser and have just watched day 1 and have 4 more days stacked for when I'm not so blasted busy..plus my crappy internet takes for ever to watch it...watch for 10 seconds..wait for it to download for a minute or more...over and over..wish his site had just reading instead of the video..I don't think I'd get much if I just read and did the questions..his talk is the most important part..My take is it's making me even more mentally tough..haha
    2180 days ago
  • CANNIE50
    Very interesting - and of course, I am thinking, hmmmm - is "that" topic the thing I think it is, that I think is very often true of overweight people, men and women - almost a primal protective instinct. Anyway, thank you for blogging about this. I do think people-pleasing is a big, fat (excuse the pun) problem and as I grow older I become less and less interested or willing to please people at any expense to my integrity or self-respect. I just don't have it in any me, any more, and I was an incorrigible people pleaser for many years of my life. I forget how far I have come in that area until I read or hear something about someone letting others rule their world via opinions and demands. You have definitely picqued my curiousity about the fatloser site.
    2180 days ago
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