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Goal Weight?

Monday, March 05, 2012

Lately I have been considering whether I should continue trying to lose more weight, or just keep focusing on building muscle. Once I hit 130, it took me about 2 and a half weeks to move down to 129, but then I quickly went back up to 130. Over the weekend I got down to 129.2, my lowest weight since January (I had been 129.8 before), but now I am back to 130.6. Obviously I know that the difference between that can be hydration, swollen muscles, etc.

It seems to me though that my body is pretty comfortable being 130, and right now I am satisfied with how I look in and out of my clothes. There are still places I want to tighten and tone but I am wearing smalls or extra smalls in my clothing and my pants size is a 4 or a 6 depending on the store. I'm at a healthy BMI. What has started to excite me more than seeing the weight come off is seeing how my fitness level is changing.

I wrote last time about how much easier running has become (at least for short distances). Sunday I went to Hot Yoga for the first time in a while. The first time I went, I loved it. It was challenging but do-able. I still had to step outside the room to cool down once during it though. The second time I went, it was murder. It was a different instructor but it was just... oh man, almost unbearable. I wasn't able to hold most of the positions for the time and I had to keep stepping out. This time though, the hour flew and I was left thinking I wished it had been longer. I didn't have to leave the room once to cool down.

Seeing my fitness level increase is something I have never done because I have not stuck with exercise long enough to see it change. So it's a new feeling to me, and it's so exciting. It's so much more rewarding than knowing I am X number of lbs. I'd say it's equally as rewarding as liking what I see in the mirror, but if you like what you see and if you can feel yourself getting stronger, do the measurements and the numbers really matter all that much?

Anyway, if I decided to stay this weight I would probably still eat a little bit below the number of calories to maintain it, and just see how my body does. I might continue to lose weight slowly, or I might stay the same. As long as I am getting stronger and keep building up my muscles, I think I would be happy with that. 124 or 125 would be awesome but being able to do 5 pullups unassisted would be even more awesome, IMO.
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    I think my goal weight is a fluid number. It changes. Not necessarily a bad thing. It is not set in stone.

    2176 days ago
    5 pull-ups would be awesome!!!! I bet you can do it too, if you train for it!!!!
    2179 days ago
  • JAYDEE16
    I'm within a few months of (prospectively, anyway) reaching my goal, and I'm starting to have some of these questions myself... I'm not sure how to know when I've gotten to the weight my body "wants" to be. But I'm also experiencing that mindset change where I'm not as worried about the scale, and focusing more on getting stronger and fitter. It's a good feeling!
    Looks like you are doing fantastic! Congrats!
    2180 days ago
    I know exactly what your talking about. I am not at my lowest weight I have ever been at, but I am definitely the healthiest I have ever been. my endurance levels have never been this high. Feeling yourself getting stronger and healthier is awesome. Keep up the good work!!!
    2180 days ago
    I am in the same place with regard to weight / fitness. My body is just really happy at 140. I have been down to 138, but I keep fluctuating from 138 to 142.

    For me, I have decided to focus on fitness goals and see where my body weight / fat goes in a natural response to adding more muscle and increasing my cardio capacity.

    I obsess over the scale and am hoping that this new strategy will help me get over this issue.

    Obviously, my advice to to focus on your fitness as well. After all, the ultimate goal is be healthy and fit which should lead to being happy with your body and your body image.

    Good Luck to you and Congrats on all your success.
    2180 days ago
    Wow, congratulations! I think I would focus on your fitness and getting stronger. At this point it is not the number on the scale, it is your overall fitness and how you feel. If you put on muscle that number could go up and it would be perfectly fine. Great job!
    2180 days ago
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