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I need to take my own advice!!!

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Sunday, March 04, 2012

During my time here at SparkPeople… I have given a lot of people advice. Most of that advice is stuff that other spark people were kind enough to tell me when I first started out here and I have passed it on to others.

I have told people not to get discouraged when the scale isn’t budging.

I have told people to eat more fruits and veggies.

I have told people to measure their food… ALL of it!

I have told people to track their food… every single bite!

I have told people to drink their water.

I have told people that if they fail they can start over tomorrow, today, RIGHT NOW!!

I have told people to exercise… even if it’s just 10 minutes!

I have told people to go to the gym… even if they don’t want to go... ESPECIALLY if they don’t want to go!

I have told people that it might not be easy but that it’s worth it.

I have told people that THEY are worth it!

Now, I need to remind myself that *I* am worth it!

My spark has been dimming since… well, since Christmas if I’m being totally honest.

It started with a few chocolate chip cookies on Christmas Eve.

No big deal, right?

Then there was cherry pie on Christmas Day.

Still not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, right?

I was off of work for most of the month of December… and I slacked off big time starting with Christmas Eve!

I stopped measuring ALL of my food.

I stopped tracking ALL of my food.

I stopped drinking my water.

I stopped planning my meals and cooking ahead.

I stopped going to the gym faithfully.

In January, I struggled to get myself back on track.

Truthfully, I probably had more days when I was off track (for at least one meal/snack a day), than on track.

At the end of January I passed out at the gym… and scared the spark out of myself (and my boyfriend).

It had been 7 years since I’d had a “pass out” episode and I had NEVER had one during exercise before… that was kind of scary.

I was told not to exercise for 2 weeks until I could have a bunch of tests done to make sure I was ok.

That translated into eat whatever the spark you want!

I mean if I can’t exercise what’s the point in eating healthy, right?


I SHOULD have kept eating healthy because that’s what I DESERVE… because that’s what my body NEEDS… but that’s not what I did.

I started eating out again… not fast food, but not HEALTHY food either.

I also found the bottom of a few pints of Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked… LOVE that stuff, but it’s not GOOD for me!

After all of the tests, I was basically given a clean bill of health… thank God! I was told to increase my sodium and fluid intakes and to make sure I get a good cool down following cardio… and that I shouldn’t pass out again as long as I follow that advice.

I have been working to up my sodium intake and my fluid intake, so at least that’s something that I’m doing right. I’ve managed to be over 2,000 mg of sodium almost every day for a couple of weeks now.

I ditched the “humid” gym because clearly that place isn’t worth the money I was paying for my membership if they can’t properly control the climate (which added to my “pass out” episode)… and I joined a sparking fantastic gym that CAN properly control the climate and that honestly has a lot more to help me reach my goals.

The problem though, is that I’m still scared that I will pass out again… and that is certainly not helping me get back on track.

I decided that I was going to suck it up though… and dive right back into working out and eating healthy… and then I woke up with a cough and chest congestion.

I’ve been told that if my symptoms are from the neck down, I shouldn’t exercise.

And that was all the excuse I needed to dive right back into old habits… Ben & Jerry really should be outlawed at least until I reach my goal weight!

I have been extremely fortunate that my weight has only fluctuated 2 pounds during the last several weeks of eating junk and getting very little exercise.

BUT… I really need to get control of this all or nothing attitude again!

Oh, I can’t work out… fine then I’ll just eat crap!

Talk about counterproductive!

I’m not really sure where the logic is in that. I should be eating BETTER since I know I can’t workout, not worse. Ugh! I’m so frustrated with myself right now!

So now that the chest cold appears to be getting better, it’s time for me to stop the excuses and just DO IT!

It’s time for me to start taking my own advice!

Drink water.
Eat healthy food.
Measure portions.
Track everything.
Plan meals.
Be positive.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    don't we all
    1230 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon I feel the shame you feel. I let my depression over Christmas get the better of me. I aven't been eating properly or exercising as I should. All the best that you succeed in getting back on track as that is what I am planning on doing. emoticon
    1377 days ago
    very nice. we may fail severally but that does not mean we are out.
    1508 days ago
    1578 days ago
    Hello Winnie, I surely hope that you are doing much better now and back on your track. You do not know me but I felt as if you has started talking about me instead of about yourself. Right now, I am struggling to get back into my healthier way of living after a year an a half that I dropped everything and gained back over 30 pounds. So, thanks a lot for what you wrote because I am sure it will help me quite a bit.
    1586 days ago
    Interesting that you wrote this on my birthday. You inspire me to take my own advice which is usually pretty good. Thanks.
    1604 days ago
    Thanks for posting! Yes, it is easy to 'give up' but to our own detriment! I have not even begun yet! I just registered, but my photo did not upload, so not sure where I am or what to do first! Just wanted to say thanks to YOU!
    1634 days ago
    Glad I found this blog today! Thanks so much for sharing!
    1640 days ago
    I make excuses too. You reminded me that I need to stop making excuses and get back on track with exercise.
    1648 days ago
    Thank you so much for having the courage to post this. We all feel this way at some time or another, but you have put it to words. I know that the first step to solving a problem is recogizing that there is a problem and here you have not only done that, but you have outlined the steps you (and all of us) need to take to resolve the problem. You're definitely on the right track - just keep counting the little steps in the right direction - we don't have to make giant strides - just don't let the negativity get us down and keep moving forward.

    1653 days ago
  • MYRNA929
    I know exactly what you mean! Courage! Get right back in there!
    1653 days ago
    I have been struggling with the same battle myself...It's tough, but I just need to make myself do it and get to the gym and say no to unhealthy foods. Good luck to you!!
    1653 days ago
    Thabnks for the reminder. You are worthi it and so am I.
    1655 days ago
    Thanks for this. Needed it today.
    1655 days ago
    That was an amazing blog and so true! You are a brave person to put everything out there so that we all know that everyone is the same way.

    I tend to be an all or nothing type of person, and I really have to work to be moderate. Thanks for the motivation! emoticon
    1658 days ago
    It's so easy, frustratingly easy, to wander off the healthy lifestyle trail. The cookie and pie by themselves aren't too harmful, but forgetting to drink water and excusing yourself from going to the gym... Soon it all adds up. You learned a tough lesson we all do sooner or later, but you get credit for being supportive to others and yourself. And lots of credit: it's only since Christmas. For some beginners to the site, it's been a lifetime of less than healthy choices they're learning to undo. :)

    To let go isn't failure. I hope you gave yourself a big hug for recognizing that while your habits weren't what you wanted them to be, you're still on your way!
    1659 days ago
  • 3016DEBRA
    Great advice for EVERYONE...thanks for sharing your journey! emoticon
    1659 days ago
    Thank you for this blog. I needed to read this because like you I was all or nothing. I ran faithfully 3 times a week, cross trained 3 times (so I could run), drank water (so I could run), ate healthy choices (so I could run) but then I developed plantar fascitis and could no longer run so everything went out the window. I took a year off and gained back all the weight I had lost. Now I'm trying to find other ways to work out (personal trainer, Body Combat, Body Pump, Zumba, walking, Kinect) everything except I still can't run. I think one of the best ways to be successful is to always have a back up plan. If the weather is bad what will you do instead, if you have to eat out or have a function what healthy choices will you make. Perhaps that can be a new piece of advice for us all.
    1659 days ago
  • ALL4ME66
    I am sorry about your set back, your journey never stopped just took a bend in the road. I so needed to see your post. I understand your pain. Bless you and i will take your advice. The journey continues. Thank you emoticon
    1660 days ago
    Thank you so much for writing this. It's very good to read something that is more realistic regarding the common experiences of the ups AND DOWNS. I will take your advice.
    1661 days ago
    Maybe you can take a bottle of Gatorade with you. Its what I did until my sodium, sugar and potassium were balanced out! I still drink the stuff but not as much as I used to. You could be borderlin diabetic! Hyperglycemic now, but then full diabetic if you dotn watch the sugar. Many times it all due to too much sugar. Sugar holds water but once the sugar drops in prespiration and peeing, you need mroe to hold the water. It was my problem. It alway hit me the firts few HOT days until my body gets regulated. HOT days equal too much prespiration! So make sure you drink somehting! susana
    1661 days ago
    Thanks for sharing this. I have been where you are just last year. I decided to start
    over at the beginning of this year. I have lost 11 lbs so far. If I can so can you! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1661 days ago
    I hear you.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1661 days ago
  • MARYM1962
    I have the exercise issue - I don't belong to a gym (can't afford it). I walk in the park every other morning before work. Unfortunately we are hitting "rainy" season - no gym, no park - I have downstairs neighbors who can hear EVERY creak my floor makes, so I can't execise at home (he works nights, so I disturb him NO MATTER WHEN) - guess I will have to start doing some secret exercising in the office bathroom when the rest have gone to lunch!
    1662 days ago
    Your story sounds like mine. I am currently struggling to get back on the horse after falling off over the xmas holidays. I just finished my first week of getting back to healthy and I already slipped up over the weekend. But I'm not going to let that discourage me. Keep on trucking and know that I'm right behind you to give you a nudge if you slow down!
    1662 days ago
    emoticon for sharing your story with us and for all the kind words you have past on to others. Remember you are worthy of a healthy you. It's ok to eat ice cream but one scoop instead of a container. Keep moving towards your goals but do it in a way that is healthiest for you and don't let anything keep you from your goals. All obstacles are just another way for you to utilize the new tools you have learned on this journey to a healthier you. emoticon Keep sparking you are encouraging. Remember you are also beautiful no matter what. Now it's time to be healthy no matter what.
    1662 days ago
  • FELICIA1963
    Thank you for sharing this - I need to follow this, too.
    1662 days ago
    Like so many others, "I needed to read this and heed the advice". Suck up and just do it.

    After being away for about 2.5 months,...(tests and 2 surgeries), came back on March 21st with a gain:-3.5 lbs. Second week back Mar 28th, I had a loss of .75 lbs.

    I am daring to hope for a loss this Wed April 4th. It is getting harder the closer to weigh-in I get. "I will stay with-in my food plan."
    1663 days ago
    Words of wisdom. We are very good at giving motivational tips but we need to stand back and listen to what we say also! Good luck and start your journey back. You will be glad you did!
    1663 days ago
  • 10SLADY
    Thanks for writing this. I can take your advice too.
    1663 days ago
  • NKECHI711
    I needed this today...Thanks :)
    1663 days ago
  • JH29011
    I am like so many of you. I joined Spark and from the beginning, I had a problem with tracking my food. I don't seem to understand just how it works. Therefore I tried to get started without that part of the program. Obviously, it is not working for me. I especially have a problem with the sweets. The Easter candy is driving me crazy. I weigh myself every two or three days and I gain a little and lose a little so I'm not getting anywhere. The only good thing I have been doing regularly is exercise. I started about four months ago and even though it only lasts about 20 or 25 minutes, I feel that is better than no exercise at all. I have severe arthritis in my lower spine, therefore I can't stand for long and walking is difficult.
    1663 days ago
    I can't say much more than everybody else. I, too, give advice to others and don't do it myself so have been stuck at this point ever since ai joined Sparks. all the tools are here but I have been giving them to others and not myself. May we all remember this blog as we continue on our journeys. emoticon wish theere was an emoticon that says--WE can do it. emoticon
    1663 days ago
    It is amazing how many of us "needed to read this" now how many of us are actually going to succeed in trying to follow your lead. I really hope to be one of them. today is the first day.......... emoticon
    1664 days ago
    Great blog! I too need to listen to my own advice.
    1664 days ago
    Fantastic blog!!! I could have written it myself about myself!! I have just returned after an absence during which time I undid everything I had accomplished. Your blog is very inspirational to me and I will join you in practicing what we preach! WE CAN DO IT!!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1664 days ago
    I really needed to read this!
    1664 days ago
    Good blog. We all have those set backs. The deciding is the hardest thing in the picture to me

    1664 days ago
  • NEWSGIRL2177
    Your blog is honest and rings so true with so many people -- me included. I'm in a similar situation, but I haven't had the courage to step up like you just did and decide to make the changes. I'm hoping your blog sparks some change in me.

    You're absolutely right: We all deserve to treat ourselves better. Good for you, sister. Good luck on your journey!
    1664 days ago
    Kudos on an awesome blog entry! We are totally on the same boat! Great luck on your journey!
    1664 days ago
    The real key here is that even without doing as well as you would have liked, you maintained within a 2 pound range. That is fantastic.

    Love the new attitude, and glad you are feeling better, but please give yourself credit for the habits you have obviously changed along the way in order to not gain a lot of weight back during your difficult time.

    That is a real victory! Keep on Sparkin'
    1664 days ago
    1664 days ago
    Great biog i"ve been struggling a little lately .Glad that I"m not the only one!!!Hope you the best i know you will get back on track.
    1664 days ago
  • POOH_BEAR_69
    Best of luck sticking with your plan... It sounds like you are on the right track. You have lots of Sparkers in your corner cheering for your success!! emoticon
    1664 days ago
    What a fantastic blog! I am so there with you on stopping the tracking food and not wanting to exercise lately. This is motivating to see and to read that other people struggle along the way just as I do, but they dust themselves off and get right back to it. I am proud of you for facing your fears and writing about it, it does a mind and a body good. This is inspiring in itself that you continue to fight the good fight! Way to go!
    1664 days ago
    I love how straightforward this blog is! I just had a moment the other day where I went, "Okay, time to practice what I preach." I'm in a different place, though -- I have always been a maintainer and came to SparkPeople because at some point I started P90X and wanted to track my calories and get super-lean instead of "skinny-fat." But really for me it's turned into a crutch where I ended up in bad habits of bingeing and then barely eating because I could still get my weekly number down into range. I joined the Navy, and when I went to boot camp, I couldn't track my calories. I had a general idea of where I was because they posted the calorie counts on their entrees, but that was it. I just stuck with the healthy stuff -- lots of veggies, some fruit, and the small amount of meat they would give us, plus tons of Sunbutter -- focused on giving my all in my workouts, and ended up with great results. Over a year later, I'm still struggling with giving up my crutch and eating mindfully. It's my own advice to myself, and goodness knows I need to start following it!
    1664 days ago
    Excellent illustration of the struggle many of us face.

    Scale back a little bit on intensity and duration of exercise until you rebuild your confidence in your body.
    Just a brief reduction and slowly ramp it back up duration first, then intensity. Not both at once...for now.

    1665 days ago
    I needed this today. I went out to eat Tuesday-put on 2 1/2# (it was pasta and Italian bread carbs) tried to watch what I was eating and didn't budge back down so what did I have tonight (after dinner)-a cinnamon bun. Darn how I hated myself but it sure was good. Now-I'll get back to watching, writing it down, and get back on track. Thanks. emoticon emoticon
    1665 days ago
  • SHER143
    Hope you get well real soon! Know exactly how you felt and how easy it is to fall back into "old" behaviors. You are definitely worth treating yourself the very best you can.
    1665 days ago
    Best of luck in sticking with it. I need to take the same advice. emoticon
    1665 days ago
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