Feels like Spring

Friday, March 02, 2012

It's feeling like Spring here in Northern California. Everything is so green and the trees are full of almond blossoms. So pretty. Love it! emoticon

Time for a reality check. I looked in the mirror the other day and realized I did it again. I allowed myself to fall into a stress induced depression and had become anxiety ridden once again. Along with the stress, anxiety, and depression, also came the weight. I've been losing and gaining the same 20lbs for the past 3 years. Time to get real and let go of things I can not control. I'm going to let go of my worries and release them to the Universe. All this stress is very unhealthy. I don't want to be that person I see in the mirror. The person who forgot to take care of #1. Time to fine tune my body, mind and spirit.

A couple weeks ago I ordered myself some womens multivitamins online. I went and purchased some fish oil tablets as well. I've been clearing the pantry of junk and replacing it with healthier choices. I've decided to stop drinking soda once again. I've also decided to completely cut out fast food. Especially after seeing the video online recently about mechanically separated chicken. Can you say "Seriously?!?!?!" I had no idea the chicken was treated in that manner. So completely disgusting! Ugh. I've been reading alot about the effects gluten has on our bodies. So I have also decided to cut waaay back on gluten. Avoiding it as much as possible. I am re-reading Tosca Reno's "Eating Clean" book for inspiration and reminders of healthy eating habits. I like to eat as clean as I can. But at the same time, I still like eating things that are not necessarily clean. So I'm thinking 70-80% clean is what I am aiming for for the time being.

I've dusted off the Gazelle and Shaun T's Hip Hop Ab videos. I started working out on Tuesday. I am doing 30 minutes of Hip Hop Abs program 6 days this week. I am really enjoying it! I love Shaun T. His energy is contagious. I was looking online @ beachbody.com and have decided to order another one of his programs "Rockin Body". It is more of a cardio dance style, which I know I'll love. A little variety always helps. I lost 2 dress sizes and 30 lbs last time I followed his routines. So yeah...they work!

I know the key to success for me is to track what I am eating everyday and exercise consistantly. Sparkpeople makes tracking easy. So I have no excuses! *hehe* I have joined a couple new Spark Teams for motivation. I am signed up for an exercise challenge for this month. We are tracking our exercise minutes everyday.

My girlfriend Jen has agreed to be my Spark Buddy. We are going to help each other stay accountable, and offer lots of support and motivation.

I welcome new Spark friends! Please feel free to add me! And be sure to let me know you stopped by. emoticon
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    You can do it!! WE can do it!! If you have a wii you should try out the game 'Exerbeat', it's so much fun a a pretty good workout..at least for your upper body. I LOVE the boxercising and karate. But, it also has hip hop dancing, aerobics, salsa dancing, yoga, pilates, stretching, and games. It's my favorite wii workout game BY FAR. EVER. I'm pretty sore for a couple days after putting in some time with the boxing. The longer programs especially. I think you are def. on the right track with your diet and fitness goals! And, I think starting with the mental/emotional issues is key to keeping the weight off...and losing it in the first place even. Letting things go is really important for our own happiness. I have finally learned that lesson over the past year or so. It's sometimes pointless to even spend time griping about things that you can't control because it just upsets you all over again. Took me a LONG time to realize that.

    One thing that I've found helpful in letting things go(because that's hard in itself) is to try to realize why the person may be the way they are. My mom's parents(for example) have been letting their tendencies become more apparent as they get older..and they aren't really good traits. So, after seeing them treat my mom like she can never do enough to please them..even as she jumps and bends over backwards..going totally out of her way..to make them happy..or even just content. The thank you's never come. It's just more complaining about THEM THEM THEM. So, that opened my eyes to why my mom acts that same way towards us/me. And, I just refuse to continue on with that behavior. It's not healthy and nobody is really happy. You may not get the opportunity to see how your own parents(or others in your life that may cause you strife) were treated by their parents but if you do it may give you more insight so that you don't take their treatment personally. I'm much more able to shrug off my mom's judgemental comments because now I can see that the problem isn't with ME it's with her and her own happiness with herself..probably caused by how she's treated by her own parents. It's a crazy cycle.

    Sorry for such a long comment but I just wanted to toss this out to get you to thinking if you haven't already thought of it. Or noticed things like this. Before I was to busy paying attention to how everything affected ME and didn't think about what others had coming at them..causing them to come at me.

    Hope you've had a great Sunday!
    2207 days ago
    It's great that you aren't giving up. You can reach your goals! The Spring pictures are pretty. I live in the mid-west. It has been a mild winter. But it is snowing today.
    2209 days ago
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