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Random Thoughts About "Diets"

Friday, March 02, 2012

Every single time I get on SparkPeople, I think about how much I love it and how amazing all the people are on here. I wish the world outside of SparkPeople could be as awesome. I just mean that everyone in the SparkPeople community is supportive and looking out for other people's best interests such as helpful advice on not giving up, not falling victim to weight loss scams, not letting slip-ups derail you, insight on how to love yourself no matter what you look like, and the list goes on and on and on.

I guess I was just thinking about how great it would be if more people cared about other people like we all do on SparkPeople. I know this may seem sappy or whatever, but I have honestly never seen such an amazing group of people all pulling for each other and helping each other. It really blows my mind. But really, everything would be better if more people could care about each other for no other reason than just caring and empathizing.

After being on SparkPeople for about 7 months now, I realized that there really is no such thing as free diet and healthy-lifestyle advice and support (unless you're lucky enough to know someone who is an expert). I have never done Weight Watchers but I know you have to track nutrition with points and there are WW support groups and weigh ins and so on. But none of it is free. Joining in on The Biggest Loser for advice and support isn't free. No diet pill, gym, nutritionist, or personal trainer are free....... Except on SparkPeople. Even with companies with good reputations like Weight Watchers, do they really want what's best for you? Maybe, because people losing weight makes more people want to join their program, but it all comes back to getting your money and hopefully getting other people's money too.

It just makes me so mad that people want to capitalize on things like this, and usually they don't really want you to lose weight and keep it off and drastically improve your health, life and happiness because then you may not be a customer anymore. They want you to yo-yo forever. So even if a diet pill does work for you (rare but it can happen), you will just lose and gain and lose and gain. You have to learn how to live without a pill or some new diet.

It makes me sad that for so long, I thought I'd never be able to lose weight and keep it off because it was a never ending yo-yo cycle. Now, I've changed the way I view a "diet" as not being a diet but just living differently, which incorporates plenty of regular exercise, healthy eating of all different types of foods, changing how I reward myself, looking at motivation in a different way, and starting to love who I am and how I look and feel, and making all of this a daily routine and not a choice. I know I will never gain the weight back because I wont let myself.

The best thing is that, with the more blogs and articles I read, I actually do become a better person. I realize how important it is not to be so judgmental of others and myself. I will call my friends out if they say something mean about someone they don't know for any superficial reason. Nobody's innocent of this, but I feel like its a good step towards becoming a happier person to not look down on others for silly reasons. (For Example, the other day my friend said she hates when old friends from high school who have "crappy jobs" now act like they don't know you. Her point was that she thought it was ironic that they were working such a "low" job and could still manage to act stuck up. --- I thought this was one of the meanest, most judgmental things I have ever heard. I told her that was pretty harsh and mean and it sent her into a tail-spin b/c who doesn't like talking some crap about other people? Well, not me.)

These were just some random things that were on my mind that I felt like sharing. If you managed to read this whole stream of consciousness, thanks emoticon. And try to treat people in your daily lives (people driving to work, at work, at school, at the store, at the gym, and your friends and family) as if they were all people sharing your SparkPeople journey and see if it doesn't make you a nicer person. I enjoy the thought that maybe someone I encounter may be a Sparker too.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    What a great blog. You have written what I've been thinking for a long time. People on SP aren't here to "flame" anyone or rip anyone off. Most everyone is here for the same reason so there is no reason to disrespect anyone else. That being said, there are still some mean people on this site but they are few and far between.
    When I first joined SP, I was a little more reserved and less giving of praise but I learned that if I encouraged others in a positive way then it'd come back to me and make me feel really good. That's the idea behind the Goodies. If you spend a few minutes and give a thoughtful goodie to your sparkfriends, watch them all come back with gratitude and thanks and as a bonus you'll totally make their day.
    Good blog! Have a great day.
    2196 days ago
    What a wonderful essay! And how terrific of you to call out your friend on her nasty judgmental nature.

    Yes, just be kind. Instead of screaming at the guy who cut you off, allow yourself to wonder what could possibly be wrong in his life that made him take such a risk. Instead of getting impatient and short with the check-out clerk, smile and tell him or her you appreciate their helping you.

    It is not difficult to be decent to people. It is very easy to suspend judgment. And you find yourself feeling better about YOU and having a "nice day."
    2207 days ago
    Great Blog and yes Sparkpeople is great, and the majority of the people are great although there are some huge egos here and there. As for mean comments, i think it's a bad habit that we as a society have developed and we seriously should try to fight it as you're doing. When we become more human or softer, we realize how hurtful it can be even to our own spirit.
    In these 4 years here I learned a lot, sometimes making mistakes and the best part i think apart from being supportive to others, has been learning to be kinder to myself. Us women need that, men are a lot more forgiving of themselves.
    So glad to see yet another young woman breaking off the shackles!
    2207 days ago
  • MBW209
    Thank you for blogging about what I often feel and think. It reminded me on this "blah" day of mine to grab myself by the ears, count my blessings, and appreciate the good people and things in my life.
    2207 days ago
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