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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Tonight is my last night of living on my own. And this time, it's a good thing. Jezi (Jezi_Sue here on SparkPeople) is in the process of driving up here to move in and be my roommate. She's staying in Atlanta tonight, and should arrive tomorrow afternoon/early evening.

I'm making the Slow Cooker Lasagna recipe from Chef Meg tomorrow for a move-in dinner. Her parents are driving up with her to help move her in, so I figured this way I could have some yummy, healthy food cooking while we get her settled. She said her parents will probably take us out to eat on Saturday, but it will be nice to have a meal ready since we will likely be too tired and dusty and bedraggled to go out.

I'm always nervous about having a roommate, especially one who is also my best friend. I don't want it to be a case where we end up hating each other. But since this is a fresh start for us both, I'm implementing house rules and schedules for us both to follow (and she's in agreement with - I'm basing the housework on's schedule) to make it a good living situation (I will NOT let MY house become the same pit that the apartment became!). I learned a lot about myself regarding what I can and cannot tolerate in my living situation, so I hope that learning *each other* goes smoothly.

And since it IS a house, the good thing is we will likely not be tripping over each other all the time. After living with the slob that was my ex (who SUDDENLY has an interest in cleaning the apartment and buying HIMSELF new bedroom furniture, etc. -- he got his own Best Buy card last weekend, so once again I have to say YOU'RE WELCOME FOR BAILING YOU OUT WITH MY INHERITENCE TO GET YOUR FINANCES STRAIGHT! Jerk.) I think that starting us both out in a new place will at least help motivate me to keeping myself together.

It's a lot like having the motivation to eat right and exercise. When your fridge and pantry are full of junk food, it's hard to get started. But when you have an empty fridge that you need to fill, it's easier to start from scratch with the produce department and work from there. And then once you get into a routine, it's just easy. When you've grilled a bunch of chicken breasts on Sunday and carefully packed them into portion-sized containers, you're less tempted to go get fast food on Monday night. When your house is already clean, it's easier to pick up a small "hot spot" of clutter and run a vacuum than it is to clean ALL THE THINGS before you can even find a wall outlet to plug the vacuum into!

So anyway, I've not been certain how to plug the housework into my exercise tracker (I know they have it included, but I haven't been keeping record and tend to go in spurts because my back is really sore now) but I know I've been working hard. Here's the update:

House status:

Most of the rooms are clean and liveable. The office and sunroom are still cluttered with stuff that needs to be organized and put away. Again, my back is hurting so I'm going to wait until Jezi gets here and use her and her parents' help to get some of that taken care of.

Presently I have a bunch of clothes on my bed and dresser that I need to sort and put away tonight. I also have bags of toiletries, makeup, etc. in the bathroom that I need to sort and put away. Laundry is done, though, with the exception of the few things in the dryer now.

Jezi's room (my childhood bedroom) is dusted, vacuumed, and the bed made. Again, there are things in there that need to be dealt with/organized/put away/put somewhere else for storage, but I'll wait for her to get here.

Outside of the house is going to need a lot of work. I have overgrown bushes that need to be cut back a lot. Definitely a job that will take a couple of weekends. But it will be nice to have someone working with me. I've already asked Jezi if we can tackle a bush or two every weekend (or even during the week) after she moves in. Thankfully it's a small yard.

I'm concerned about finances because getting the house ready has eaten more out of my savings than I anticipated. And now it's looking like I'll also need to get a new dishwasher. The washer and dryer work, but I'd like to replace those soon. (The washer doesn't have a very large capacity, and the dryer isn't very powerful.) I WANTED a new bed (king size Tempurpedic) as my first major "for the house" purchase, but looks like that has dropped way down in priority.

So yeah...need a job. I haven't been looking for one simply because I NEEDED to move first, or I'd come up with every excuse in the book to not get away from The Guy. While I hate money struggles, I'd rather deal with that than have to continue living in the situation I had been in. I've paid off my student loans on a retail paycheck...I can handle financial stress. The emotional stress I was going through was sinking me into chronic depression, and for me, THAT was harder to pull out of. I can handle this.

I would LOVE to take a nap right now but... *looks at piles of clothes on bed and groans* yeah, not possible. Eew, and I STILL need to dust the night stand.

At least I have leftover chicken enchiladas for dinner all ready to go. Then raid. Then...I can handle the rest. Shouldn't take long, but definitely needed this short break.
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