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Update On W. W. L. Team

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

As some of you know where I work put a weight loss team together and I'm happy to report they are doing Fantastic! This is a 10 week competition and we are entering week 5. There are 240 teams and we have moved up from 19 to 9. Each person on the team is doing their own thing and really doing a great job. They asked me to join to be their motivator, the gals want to look like me, I don't know why, but the guys not so much, they just said they want to "catch" someone that looks like me, in their dreams! LOL!!! Anyway whatever their reason for doing this I'm very proud of them all. If they were on Spark you could all congratulate them, but sadly they are not.

I've been busy with driving the kiddos and having another route added to my day, then there is schooling Joshua who is getting so tall none of you that have met him would recognize him. PJ next time the two of you get together he's going to look like a giant next to you, he almost looks like that next to me! I'm going to have to buy a grocery store to keep him fed!

Speaking of food, Joshua and I had a new experience last week. I have a neighbor that has been eating totally raw for the last 10 years. Once a month she has a class on this at her home and they all get together for dinner and education. This is a covered dish affair. She has invited me to come many times but I either forget or I'm gone. This time she invited me and wanted me to be a guest speaker and bring a product to give away. She loves my stuff and because it's all natural and made from plants she wanted her "people" to know about it. So we went and had a nice time. Now I'm not one to eat when I don't know the person that brought the food or what's in it, I know I'm a snob, but I was raised to be polite so I took what looked safe. Now I love almost all veggies and fruit but not all spices and that's what usually turns me off, and I'm glad each person had to say what was in their dish. Some had ginger and I absolutely dislike ginger so I stayed clear of those dishes. What I did try was good, but again I like veggies, I just like some chicken or something to go with. Joshua thought it was great and wants to go again, so we probably will. The single older ladies fell in love because he helped them in and out of the house with their things. That's all I heard most of the night was what a wonderful, respectful young man I raised, with the added statement that is so rare these days. I wanted to say he's knows if he's not, there will be hell to pay when he gets home, but I didn't I just smiled and said thank you.

So if you haven't tried veggies raw why not, it is nothing new to me, what's new to me is that's all they eat, no, I want a little more. There are wonderful ways to mix them up and dress them up. The one thing I tried that really surprised me was Kale chips. Rachel, my friend, dehydrated Kale and chips is what she called it. It was actually pretty tasty, but I'm not buying a dehydrator and Kale just to make it once in a while. If I want some I'll just call my friend.

Maybe you could give this a try, it's something I make and everyone here likes it.
Carrot Salad
shredded carrots
finally chopped celery and apples
raisins, or dried cranberries or both
honey, lemon juice and cinnamon for dressing; mix this up to your own taste it doesn't take a lot, maybe start with the tablespoon that comes with your stainless, a few drops of lemon juice and a sprinkle of cinnamon. The amount of dressing is dependent upon the amount of salad.

As you see from this you are never too old to learn something new.

Have a terrific Tuesday and continued success on your journey!
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