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Monday, February 27, 2012

Bullet-style updating:

Running group thoughts from Saturday:
-Never declare your intentions to run with a person until you know what pace/distance they run. I was trying to find someone to run with, and the girl next to me said she was running 8 miles. I said, "Oh! I'll stick with you, then! I need to run more than 5, too." Then I find out other people are ALSO running 8, at a pace more like my own. So instead of running with them, I ran with snot-rocket girl who whined about her husband for 50 minutes, cut her run short at 5 miles, so I continued and did 8 more on my own (13.18 for the day). On one hand, she kept me from going out too fast, but after 5 with her around a 10:30 pace, I finished at a 9:45 pace overall. I was able to stay around 10:00/mile until I hit 9 miles.. then every time I looked at my watch I was around 9:00/mile. Oops. Not a long run pace! My legs were a little tired the rest of the day! ;)

-I need to enter the ingredients into the recipe calculator, but I made a very tasty pizza last night. My mom was making one at their house, and it sounded good. I let the (homemade wheat) dough rise while I was at volleyball, and topped it with green pepper, onion, fresh tomato (plus sauce and mozzarella) and my half had broccoli. The key to NOT getting crispy broccoli is to put it under the cheese. I have half the dough to make more pizza tonight (although there is still half a cooked pizza in the fridge, too)!

-I couldn't find green D'Anjou pears at the grocery store yesterday, so I picked up the red ones. I've been on a VERY long pear kick (after an equally long Red Delicious Apple kick). The red pears? Awesome!

-I baked pork chops and roasted potatoes last night, and that's what's for lunch today. The pork chops looked AWESOME. They are from a friends' farm - all organic and fed healthy stuff. No hormones or weird stuff. I hope they are as tasty as they look. Yum!

Sports & Running:
-A girl on my volleyball team asked what I'm going to do when volleyball and dodgeball are over. My response: "Take a break!" LOL! Sure, there's outdoor volleyball this summer, but I'm tired of having to plan my weeks in advance for running, sports, cooking, and house projects. I miss having the OPTION of running, instead of thinking, "Well, I don't have a choice since I can't the next two days" or "I have to run my 7 miler TONIGHT, instead of Wednesday, as I won't have time. I'll have to switch and run my 4 miler on Wednesday IF I get home from work in time." WAY too much planning. I'm lucky I'm dedicated and have only missed two (3-mile) runs (I think - and one of those I made up on the elliptical since the weather was beyond awful).

The ever-pressing weight question:
-I'm playing with graphs, now. My weight in February was a roller coaster of 162 one week and 165 the next week. I'll post the final February graphs on Thursday, but it looks like when I was eating a couple hundred calories low, I was reading higher on the scale. In my mind, that means I need to eat more! Ha! In reality, it just means I can't go too low in calories (and I start feeling like $hit when I do). Going too high over will still lead to weight gain. I've been doing really well staying at calories (or a smidge over) and am back down to 161. Go figure!


-I SKIPPED STRENGTH TRAINING LAST WEEK, although I feel the need to pump some iron. Seriously. I need one-legged squats, pull-ups, back extensions, core exercises - I can feel how much they help when I do them. That's another thing I want to push myself to do more when I'm not in volleyball. I'll also need some extra cardio-interval-cross-training anyway. (Tee hee - who needs extra cardio during marathon training?!?!)

Marathon training:
-Longest blog update. Sorry I'm not sorry. My fingers are a BLUR today!
-Starting week 8 of 19 today. Weekly runs go from 3, 6, 3 + LR to 4, 7, 4, + LR. This may not seem like much, but it's another 3 miles per week while our long runs are increasing. Our shortest long run for the next 11 weeks is 12 miles. I think it's funny that 12 miles is now a "short" long run. :) 14 miles this Saturday. This is a Big Deal as it'll be the furthest I've ever ran. I don't include the first half marathon I ran (13.1 miles) plus the LONG A$$ walk to the car because my boyfriend couldn't remember where he parked (seriously like 2 miles). My feet were so pi$$ed in those shoes.

-Most pseudo-cuss words per blog in my SP blogging career. Check!
-Longest blog in SP blogging career? Also check!

Last weeks' results:
Daily goals:
Calorie goal of 1,923: 2,036 (Avg M-Sun) - PS, weight went down during this "higher" week.

Weekly goals:
ST 1/wk: 0 of 1 (FAIL!)
Running 4/wk: 4 of 4 (25.8 miles)
CT 2/wk: 2 of 2
Count Calories: M-Sun
Weigh-in: M-Sun
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    Pass some of that energy over here! Under-eating can be a killer for both weight loss and sport training. Glad you recognized the pattern!
    2210 days ago
    I love your chatty & informational update! And boy, what is it with parking and HMs? The start and finish lines were so far from the parking structure at my last HM - good warm-up in the early morning, but awful afterward. Enjoy the pizza - sounds delicious!
    2212 days ago
    Funny! I had the exact same experience at our group long run last week - I had to walk about a half mile because my long run pace should have been marathon pace + 90 seconds but I was actually running marathon pace + 30 seconds - yoinks!
    2212 days ago
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