25,000-29,999 SparkPoints 28,234

CtC: T-minus 82

Monday, February 27, 2012

I didn't blog over the weekend, but for once I DID track - as honestly as I could, on my paper tracker. I did indulge in some mindless grazing but tried to account for it as best I could. My peek at the scale says I'm the same/up maybe? We'll see what the official scale says tomorrow.

But I do feel this week has gone better than past weeks..and if nothing else I can say that number on the scale aside... I'm doing things now I never could have imagined myself doing before.

Like yesterday's long run. To be 100% honest, I didn't want to do it. The plan called for 8 miles, which would be the furthest I'd ever gone. Sure, I'd done 7 and once 7.4 because I got lost..(lol)... but 8? Plus we had a bunch of errands to do and as the day wore on, it didn't seem like it was going to happen. But then my husband gave me the look... and he said "If you don't do it, you're going to be disappointed in yourself. You DO IT and you will be so proud of yourself." And he was right. But again.. honestly, I didn't want to do it and I know I was fuming and pouting the first mile, mile and a half. LOL It also felt like I was walking a LOT more than I was running, but I told myself screw it, I was out here doing it...so who cared how much was running, how much was walking?

And somewhere between mile 2 and 3... I began to enjoy myself. By mile 4 I was grinning because I was halfway done and it was all "downhill" (relatively speaking) from here. And darn that man for being right.. because I WAS so proud of myself when I was done. ;)

When I was going to soak my legs (not quite an ice bath, but cold water) - in the hopes that would fend off some of the soreness and water-retention... I confessed to hubby that I had peeked at the scale that morning and it said I was the same or up... and I felt fat and ugly, fat and grumpy.. just plain fat.

And do you know what that man said to me? He truly made my day with this. He said "Honey, you are NOT fat. You have made yourself into an athlete." And he said he was proud of me. I had tears in my eyes. I told him how I'd never really thought of myself as an athlete... how the kids at school always teased me as "fatgirl"... and to have him say he sees me that way (as an athlete?) --PRICELESS!

Points Target: 29

Thomas light english muffin.....3 points....26 remaining
2t olive oil..... 2 points....24 remaining
1/2c egg beaters.....1 points..... 23 remaining
1c skim milk..... 2 points.....21 remaining
banana....0 points....21 remaining

4 lifesaver mints....2 poitns....19 remaining

Lunch(pretracked - yay for packing my own lunch!)
big salad....0 points...19 remaining
3 oz chicken breast....3 points...16 remaining
4tbsp honey mustard dressing....3 points....13 remaining

Weeklies remaining: 35? (have to doublecheck my paper tracker)
Activity points earned so far: 28? (personal target 26)..again, have to check my paper tracker
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