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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Today was pretty cold and windy. Not the 40 degrees and sun that was originally in the forecast. The last new member orientation was today for the year. I also did something I am not too happy about, but in a way glad I did it.

I pulled rank on an Activity Chair at the gun club today. We had a new member orientation today and also last weekend. This Activity Chair went overboard on giving his range talk last weekend while on the walking tour of the ranges. Many complaints and comments about him, since it took up 25 minutes and only 5-7 minutes is needed to cover the basic rules for this range. This week I went on the walking tour and when the group got to his range, I pulled him aside and said 5-6 minutes and we move on, period. It was cold, just over 20 degrees and windy and this is a 2 mile hike. He wasn't happy with me or the the limitations I wanted him to impose on his spiel. It was pretty obvious that I was timing him, and he did hurry it up, but after 6 minutes I interrupted him, and he said he was almost done. I gave him another few minutes, and when he paused to take a breath, I jumped in and told the group we were moving on. And so off we went. I feel bad about treating someone that way, especially in front of new members, but he has been asked, told politely to keep it down to 5-7 minutes for several years now. I got many thank you's from members that were on the tour with us, but I still don't feel great about what I did even though many were cheering me on.

After the orientation we had lunch at Hardee's and then headed for home. Unloaded the car and then ran a few errands and then home to work on a job he had from one of his accounts.
He got that done while I straightened up and cleaned some of his supplies and stock. i was vacuuming up spiders and box elder bugs. Since his work area is in the basement, we periodically need to spray for spiders. What is weird is we suddenly have a bunch of box elder bugs in the basement and in the house. I don't know if they hatched or what, but suddenly they are in the house in the middle of winter. I quick emptied out the vacuum cleaner when I was done in the garbage outside. Can't have all these bugs and spiders coming after me tonight while I sleep! emoticon
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  • DR1939
    Our socialization sets is so easily. My husband would have thought nothing of stopping him. I, OTOH, would obsess over it. However, the guy would probably have limited his talk if my husband asked and ignored me. Good for you for doing your job.

    Box elder bugs hatch any time the weather warms. Up here it's so seldom that it gets that warm in the winter. We have to have the exterior of the house sprayed every year. They are a real nuisance.
    2150 days ago
  • BEHAPPY0201
    Think of it this way - 25 minutes is 5 times what he is "allowed" - you were doing your job and keeping the tour moving. I know I hate it when I go somewhere and they say it will take xyz amount of time and it doesn't. Like my hour hour meeting yesterday that took 3!!!
    2150 days ago
    Sometimes I think people get a little "power" and they go crazy with it. 25 minutes on a cold day...TOO MUCH!!! Somebody had to let him know he was doing overkill.

    I HTE box elder bugs. It's not that they're more gross than other bugs, it's just that when you see one, there's 193820 others somewhere close! Gross!
    2151 days ago
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