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A matter of duty and of conscience...

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I haven't seen the series "My 600 pound life" on TLC, I don't have the service but I did see some clips.. That's all I needed to see. It all came back to me, how I felt, the struggles, the lost feeling.

I regard my thirties as the "Lost Decade". Those years will never be reclaimed, they are lost forever, a time that would be regarded as my best years. Gone, lost to morbid obesity.

Now that I have regained a great deal of my freedom back, I am once again reminded that although I struggle with things, they pale in comparison with those who are wondering if this day will be their last. The things I now enjoy, some only dream of.

Running? you have got to be kidding, let's just try to get to the mailbox, get out of bed, or just breathe without help. I don't want to take this second chance at life for granted.

My Spark Friend JMERLAU asked me a question the other day, basically, what got me going on my journey or what motivated me. In short, I told him that when a man is fighting for his life, the gloves come off.

One thing though that I failed to mention is that I had a trainer who was there for me during the critical parts of my journey. After I lost 50 pounds, I regained 20 during a personal crisis and could not get my momentum going again after it was over. Although I am not with that trainer anymore and haven't been since last summer, the lessons I have learned are a big reason I made it this far.

I didn't do this totally alone, she was there for me when the battle could have gone either way.

The lessons learned - Never quit!, Make and keep the commitment even if it is a small one at all costs, and do it even when you don't feel like it. Master that, and you will come out the winner.

I know how much it meant to me to have someone who cared around, yes it was her job, but I knew that she cared. You can tell.

After seeing those clips of people in such dire condition, for a moment, I guess a moment of clarity, I saw myself as having escaped a burning building but I can hear others still inside. Do I walk away and be content with the fact that I got out, now I can move on, sighing with relief?

It is my firm belief that those of us who have lost a significant amount of weight have an obligation to pay it forward. We have, as a matter of duty and conscience, the burden of sharing our knowledge and experience with those who are getting started, struggling, or are trying to find the will to begin again.

I'm not a fireman but I can help pull a fire hose, carry equipment or help in anyway I can. I really don't know where this will lead. I have felt it for a long time and have always leaned in the direction of trying to help others in some way.

Its pretty murky right now but I have learned that what some people call "luck" is really found at the intersection where preparation meets opportunity. Maybe I am in the preparation stage for something meaningful. I don't know.

Maybe the highest calling of duty and conscience is to simply be a friend and to reach out.
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