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Why does cooked celery have more calories than raw celery??

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yesterday I googled Celery - I was curious why it has more calories when cooked?!
I got several hits and some info @

which stated that celery is good for the muscles! Quoted from the article:
"Celery is generally known as a sodium food, and sodium is what we call the youth maintainer in the body. Sodium helps keep us young and active, and the muscles limber and pliable. Whenever there is a stiffness in the joints and creaking or cracking in the knees, we know we are lacking in sodium. Sodium is the one element that most people lack."

While I do NOT agree that most of us are lacking in sodium, it is interesting that Celery is good for more than just stretching out a meal's calories!

Today when I told DH about celery being good for his aches and pains, he asked if I wanted him to grow it?! What?! You can't freeze celery!!

So, I did a SP search "can I freeze celery" and turned up the following:

From SUNSHINE6442 : Bananas... lay them on a plastic cutting board, slice & freeze. Tastes like ice cream. After they are frozen I put them in plastic bags. They make great frozen snacks. I wash and chop celery and freeze it. It then is ready to use. You can do this with onions & green peppers too. Cream cheese, mozzarella & Feta cheese freezes well. Freeze parsley, chives and basil. Potato chips and saltines freeze fine and flour does too. Grapes, yogurt, extra pancakes and french toast, flax-seeds, nuts,

WindingRoad posted about celery: I dice it and put it on a cookie sheet to freeze, then pack it loose in a Ziploc after it is frozen. I then have diced celery for soups etc.

Truly - a little knowledge is a dangerous thing! The cost of celery (and carrots) makes it cheaper to purchase than to grow. But now we know!!

***- I would only add that if you freeze banana slices, cover them with lemonade! It will keep apples and bananas from turning in the fridge too! Thanks Pop!
P.S. I never did find an answer for why cooked celery has more calories emoticon

***thank you Optimist1948, AHappyLife and Geekling! All very good answers!!
It still isn't a lot of calories per stalk, any way you slice it - no pun intended!
emoticon emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • BOPPY_
    Celery also adds enormous flavor to stews (including much Asian food), soups, and sauces.

    For extra flavor the seeds, and the root (celeriac) add super flavor.

    When I was young ("in the olden days" ;-)), celery was often (one times out of 5?) bitter. I don;t notice this so much anymore.

    One reason that celery may have more calories when cooked is that cooking may break down some of the cellulose and make it more digestible.

    Lee emoticon
    1571 days ago
  • AMBULAR222
    If you measure 1 cup raw then cook it, it may still be the same amount of calories. Then you may need to consider that some people add oil to the pan before cooking it, or salt. May be something to think about.
    2131 days ago
    good to know. I usually end up throwing a lot of celery out because I don't use it fast enough.
    I've done frozen grapes before and they are a great snack.
    Thanks for all the info
    2209 days ago
    Thank you so much! I love celery, but DH hates it. I find it hard to use a whole pack myself as it usually has 2 in it. I didn't know you could freeze it. The bit about lemonade was interesting too!
    2209 days ago
    How about that...had no idea, but then there are a lot of things I'm clueless about. Thanks for checking these interesting, but odd, things out for us! Jeannie
    2210 days ago
    I love celery too but would never have thought it would have more calories cooked than raw. Interesting info. Thanks for sharing.
    2211 days ago
    Cooked celery has more calories??? How did they come up with that one???? LOL!
    2212 days ago
    2213 days ago
    Celery - raw: http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts
    Celery - cooked, and drained: http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts

    Water content in raw celery = 95.4 %
    Water content in cooked celery = 94.1 %

    That'll be why cooked celery have more calories than raw.
    2214 days ago
    Maybe you get more celery in a cup when it's cooked than when it's fresh. I know that anything that is cooked usually loses some of it's water weight. So this would make some sense of it anyway!

    Great information - thanks for sharing!!
    2214 days ago
  • OPTIMIST1948
    I was really hankering for icecream one day but we didnt have any in the house, but I had frozen some bananas for making banana bread in some unforseen future. I ate that banana and marveled at how it much it satisfied me.

    I'm going to go cooked celery has some of its water weight removed, so it is denser than the raw version. No idea if this is true, just my gut.
    2214 days ago
  • IILAAD65
    I wouldn't have known that either! I do LOVE freezing my bananas... will think about the celery. Usually eat about half of what I get and the other half goes bad... great idea to freeze it!!
    2214 days ago
    Thanks for this great information! I love celery! I did not know this stuff! emoticon
    2214 days ago
    Wow- tnx for the info- love to munch on crunchy celery.

    2214 days ago
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