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Am I A Hoarder????? You decide.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Confession Time: I am a hoarder of information. I like to clip magazine articles and little tid bits I find to always share with others. OK so I don't have piles and piles of magazines stacked in my house with a 100,000 cats, but I did have a couple of highlighted articles on my desk so I wanted to share before I dip into my new magazines that have arrived. Enjoy.

Swap your seat on the couch for a stability ball - and strengthen your abs while watching TV (this is really harder than you think, I tried it - does wonders for the core) You might even be inclined to try this.... ummmmm I can only dream.

Stand while you do a sit-down task. Standing an extra hour a day can burn 500 - 600 calories per month. (Pace while you talk on the phone, but I had to post this pic, lol - ladies, does this look like us or what, hahaha-queen of multitasking I'd say)

Take stretch breaks instead of a coffee breaks during the day (especially some good neck and arm stretches if you are glued to a computer and mouse all day)

Here's a goofy one: A quick self massage: take a dab of citrus or peppermint scented lotion or oil and rub it onto your earlobes, working upward (massaging ears can help release endorphins, allowing you to feel revitalized, and the smell of citrus can evoke a happy mood and peppermint improves alertness and memory.

Rinse canned beans such as chick peas, black beans and lentils in a colander to cut about 40% of the sodium. (WOW 40% is a lot).

It's time to get buff emoticon NO E X C U S E S.

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