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Searching for Balance

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I had a "bad" weekend. Friday and Saturday nights, i indulged in drinking and late night junk food eating. I can totally feel it now (i.e. bloating and feeling lethargic).

When I've hit rough spots like this before, I've let myself just give up. I would tell myself "well, you gave in, you might as well just keep up with the bad habits since you've ruined your progress". I would sneak bad food back into my diet and my exercise routine would slowly fizzle out...and eventually I'd be right back where I started.

Sometimes it's really hard to remember that not every day can be a "good" diet and exercise day. We're not perfect, and we will slip up from time to time.

I know that for me, trying to find a balance between "the good and the bad" is extremely difficult. I tend to have an all or nothing mentality. When I lost weight before and hit my goal, I slowly got away from the good habits I had developed, let myself exercise less and less, and even though it was a long progress, I eventually ended up heavier than I had ever been before.

This time around, I'm going to change things. I don't want there to be a "next time"; I want healthy habits to become a permanent part of my life, and I want to be able to maintain a healthy weight and an active healthy lifestyle. Trying to find a balance between days where I "cheat" or slip up and the days where I eat right and exercise is always going to be a struggle for me.
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  • DMR023
    Thanks for all of the encouragement! It's really important to remember that one day isn't going to ruin your progress emoticon
    2221 days ago
    I read this in "The Beck Diet Solution: Train Your Brain to Think like a Thin Person" :

    "It's destructive to continue to eat in an unplanned way for the rest of the day just because you ate something that wasn't on your food plan.

    To gain ONE pound, you have to eat in the neighborhood of 3,500 calories EXTRA calories--seven times what you ate. An extra 500 calories is NOT going to noticeably affect your weight. So you've eaten 500 extra calories--so what? There's no reason to keep eating and take in an extra 100, 200 300, or even 3,000 calories.

    Large piece of frosted cake-500 calories
    Large piece of frosted cake and a doughnut-800 calories
    Large piece of frosted cake, a doughnut, and a dish of ice cream-1,200 calories
    Large piece of frosted cake, a doughnut, a dish of ice cream, and a candy bar-1,500 calories
    Large piece of frosted cake, a doughnut, a dish of ice cream, a candy bar, and a bag of potato chips-2,000 calories
    Large piece of frosted cake, a doughnut, a dish of ice cream, a candy bar, a bag of potato chips, and 3 pieces of cheese-2,300 calories

    Large piece of frosted cake, a doughnut, a dish of ice cream, a candy bar, a bag of potato chips, 3 pieces of cheese, 2 chocolate chip cookies, a large muffin, 3 tablespoons of peanut butter, and a soft preztel-3,500 calories!"

    So what I learned is...that although I did have a day of eating unhealthy, I can always get back on track that day, that night, or the next morning. I can always go for a 15 minute walk to burn some of those extra calories. I don't have to self sabotage to eat an extra 3,500 calories to gain that pound for the week. It's alright.

    ONE day doesn't define your life, like one mistake doesn't define who you are!

    You are who you choose to be. And one unhealthy choice does NOT make you unhealthy!! It does NOT make you a failure!

    Good luck and you are NOT alone. We all have these days. What makes us better is what we do after we've accepted that we've had UNPLANNED eating!

    2223 days ago
  • MCK0582
    I feel you entirely. I had a weekend just like that and I beat myself up over it. We need to learn to move on and make the good days count!
    2223 days ago
    I've felt the same way over and over. Good for you for recognizing the pattern and having the strength to push on. Today is a new day. We can't change the past, but we can learn and grow so that future experiences are better. Thanks for the motivating experience.
    2224 days ago
    I hear you. It's so easy to give in more and more (or completely) when we feel like we've already messed up. Our health isn't one number, or day, or eve. Week though. It's a continually changing sum of the choices we make. And good, healthy choices are NEVER pointless, even if they feel like they might be some days. Keep trying and working!
    2224 days ago
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