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Please HELP name our new PUPPY (w/pics)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Please help! We need some fresh ideas in naming our new puppy. emoticon

I took me 5 years to get this 8 week old puppy. I had time to think of a name...but I didn't. emoticon

I have been working on my DH to get a puppy for 5 years. It was always one excuse after another. First it was...wait till DD is 8 years old...she is now 13. Then it was...wait till DS is 8...he is now 10. Two years ago I enlisted the kids in begging for a puppy with me. A little over a year ago DH finally said yes, IF HE could pick the breed. OK dear. emoticon

You are now saying, "wow, I am glad these two people found each other, that way, they are not screwing up two other people's lives." emoticon

It took months for him to research every dog book and the internet. He decided on an Australian Terrier. Last fall he searched and found one...we went to go meet him...he was deaf. So he wasn't sure about that. It took me 2 weeks to talk him into it...we went back to adopt him...and he was gone. So the search began again. Then right after Thanksgiving last year, DH fell out of a tree, breaking his @ss and shoulder...he is still not puppy search come to a stop. In January he thought he was well enough to start the puppy search again. He finally found she is...the newest member of our family...a female Blue & Tan Australian Terrier...when she is older, she will lose some of her black...and develop a scruffy mane around her face...full grown, she will be slightly larger than our cat...

We need some help in choosing a name...2 names...a first and middle.

There are some names OFF LIMITS...former pets or other family member's pets:

Cocaine (really...Teflon Steve's white cat)
Charlie Brown
Lolita Monroe
Pepper Ann

And our current pet cat:
Theo Doorman

For the puppy my DS likes girl names:


My DD likes names:

Tazzie (Tasmania)

My DH likes Australian names:

Brizzie (Brisbane)

I like clever names:

Ms. DeMeanor
De O'Gee
Dandy Lion (when she is older, she will have a lion-like mane)

Any suggestions? We are leaning toward Sydney for a first name...but we need a middle name too. What do you think?

emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    She is so cute! I like people names for dogs. How about Sydney Lou??
    2196 days ago
    How about Roo as a middle name as in Kangaroo or Roo from Winnie the Pooh? Sidney Roo She is adorable. Best of luck with her.
    2196 days ago
  • CAROLJ35
    Lala for first name, someone else chose middle name.
    2196 days ago
    Well, I guess since it's a girl, Crazy Steve is out of the question. Would've been good though...
    2196 days ago
    I see Shadow is off limits, that was our dog's name. What about Nala from the Lion King? emoticon I am so jealous though. I miss my dog so much, but at the moment our lives just would not suit having a dog and caring for it properly so we are waiting
    2196 days ago
    She is so sweet. I was actually looking at puppies this morning.

    Sydney Sue.
    Sweet Sydney.

    2196 days ago
    How about Lucky!
    2196 days ago
    Awwww.... we used to have 2 Australian Terriers (sisters) when I was a teen. Their names were Pixie & Scamp, so there's 2 more ideas to add to your list!
    2196 days ago
    I love Sydney but am at a total loss for a middle name. We have a Scrappy here. He's a Silky Terrier so he looks like a Yorkie but he's a lot bigger. We also just got a mini long-haired dachshund named Daisy. She's an attention hogging princess. Scrappy just tolerates her because she bugs the crap out of him. Good luck. She's beautiful!
    2196 days ago
    She's so cute! I like people names for pets. I'm thinking she looks like a Maggie?
    2196 days ago
    Dandy Lion is a very cute name especially when you say she will have a mane like a lion. I also like the name Dori. Very cute pup, have years of fun and enjoyment from her.

    I just read another comment where she suggested Sydney Dandy Lion. That is very cute and I change my vote for that one.
    2196 days ago
    Awww~ Trish, she is beautiful! I vote for Bella Blue~ what an sweet li'l dog. *hugs* BB~
    2196 days ago
    That is one cute dog!! I go for simple stuff... Lily
    2196 days ago
    being that the dog is an australian breed I kinda like

    Kiah - from the beautiful place

    Arana - means moon

    Amarina - Aboriginal word for rain

    but if you want just a name


    good luck on your hunt for a name

    2196 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/19/2012 10:40:26 AM
    Sydney is cute. I wanted to name my pup Lilly, but she ended up being Ellie.
    She's adorable!
    2196 days ago

    Just a couple of thoughts! I've always wanted to name a dog Ruffles, however I don't have one yet! :)
    2196 days ago
    I want to throw in a vote for the name someone else suggested, Sydney Jillaroo.

    Personally I think Puppy names are best given after you've had a day or two to get to know the puppy's personality. When we got our Shih-Tzu puppy, we had thought of a lot of names relating to something Chinese/Asian, like Geisha and Michiko. None of them grabbed us for some reason though; the puppy had a marking on her face that sort of looked like a Butterfly, so we wanted that to be her middle name and we finally decided on Luna to match our other dog, Lily (both L's). But after having her home with us a while, we quickly realized Butterfly didn't suit her at all. She also resembles a little lion and has a personality to match, so we changed her name to Luna Lionheart. Fits her wonderfully.

    So, you may change your mind once you get to know her. But Jillaroo is just adorable and Sydney is a great name to be able to call out - you want something kind of short, no more than two syllables, when you call her to come to you.
    2196 days ago
  • ROCKMAN6797
    Great blog and congratulations on owning one of the cutest dogs I have seen today :) I vote for Down Sydney!
    2196 days ago
  • GINA180847
    What a lot of fuss about a puppy. I favor Sydney Dandy Lion myself. Recently we went into the desert for a walk and lo and behold there was a tiny puppy starving, dehydrated, with mange, fleas, tics and worms. It took a bit of money and time to fix him up and like you I needed the hubby to okay keeping him. He named him Hobo and now he is driving us crazy. He is clean but he harasses our older shepherd/collie cross and no shoe is safe around him. The messes are monumental and he keeps us exercised just to stop his need. This little guy has the best self-esteem ever and thank God he loves his crate or we would have no peace at all.
    2196 days ago
    My sister's cat is named Sydney Poopsicle Peabody. Provided you don't know my sister, you could take that name!

    I like the name Foofers myself.
    2196 days ago
    What a cutie! Have a great time! Can't wait to hear what you decide. I like Sydney....maybe Sydney Roo.
    2196 days ago
  • BOSS61
    From the land of first impressions (even before I read the off-limits list) - Scrappy
    2196 days ago
  • DEBLYNN323 cute. She looks like she's going to be fiesty one.

    I like Sydney and Ms. DeMeanor...have fun!
    2196 days ago
    How about Sydney Dandy Lion? Who says a dog can't have two middle names?

    My dogs' (I have 5) names are Mac (short for MacGyver, one of my favorite characters on TV back in the 90's), J-Pup (short for Joyce Pup as a neighbor gave her to us), Sassy (it just seemed to fit her), BOJ (short for Bundle Of Joy ~ this was a sarcastic attempt by mom, but it fit her) & Gabe or Gabey (short for Gabriel because he came to us like an angel).

    I used to have an Australian Terrier named Gizmo. He was red & just as feisty as redheads are purported to be.

    Good luck!
    2196 days ago
  • LEVERB66
    2196 days ago
    Poochie Leona If she's going to be lion like when she gets older. But to combine 2 you have I like Cinnamon De O'gee
    2196 days ago
  • JENNYR0506
    Don't know if this helps but: when I looked at photos of adult Australian Terriers most still had a black "saddle" on their backs. It reminded me of cowboys, which are still quite common in Australia. Girl "cowboys" in Australia are called Jillaroos. Just thought that was a cute name/word from Australia! Maybe she could be Cinnamon Jill or Sydney Jillaroo.

    emoticon for the new emoticon
    2196 days ago
    The puppy is so cute! I recently acquired a new puppy. We named him Hondo. After a character John Wayne played. Plus it is a twist on Honda (our motorcycles are Hondas). Who is your favorite male actor? Any favorite tv or movie character he played? Just an idea.
    2196 days ago
    I have to agree with PATTYSPENCER I like Kiah because it's the name of one of our dogs. emoticon
    2196 days ago
    What a great story and cute puppy! It'd be cool if you could mix the names your son and daughter came up with!! Have fun choosing the perfect name!!!
    2196 days ago
    What an adorable puppy. Picking a name for a new pet is fun. When you hear think of the name that suits her personality, you'll know. I really like Dandy Lion. Sydney is nice too. Hope you have many years of fun with this little cutie.


    2196 days ago
    Cute - cute - cute!! I can only think of 1 name - Mozzie - which is Australian slang for mosquito or Kiah which is slang for "a beautiful place"
    2196 days ago
  • NCSUE0514
    She's really cute!
    Maybe you could just see over the next few days if she doesn't somehow answer the question for you - sometimes the name jumps out for me if I just wait a bit!
    2196 days ago
  • CAT609
    Not sure, will think on it. Too cute though! emoticon
    2196 days ago
    Sorry I have no suggestions but the puppy is a cutie!
    2196 days ago
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