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dear body .....or should it be mind?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

got this idea from ebielou´s blog

dear body i want you to sit up and take notice of what i am about to say as it is very,very important to me.i know you have been through a lot recently and will probably have more to go through in the near future but i want you to let me give you a presant(if you are listen there mind as well please pay closer attention to what i have to say as i can´t do it without you)i want to give you the presant once again of being in ONE-DER_LAND.only this time i don´t want you to give it away again like the kiss in jonny logans song(last christmas)because unlike his kiss i can´t pass on my presant to you on to anybody else so i hope you keep it.over the last two years i was struggling to give it too you but always kept getting the same 5-10 pounds away from it then one great day last august(even though i didn´t post about it till the september)i gave you my presant that i had worked so hard and struggled for so long to give you.i gave you the presant of ONE_DER_LAND:and what happened you accepted it even rejoiced in it,in the glory it got you from other people and what happened?WHAT HAPPENED?.you you let life get in the way instead of using life to strengthen your confictions and make your willpower stronger(this i am saying to you my mind)what happened you used it as an excuse to eat,...to feel sorry for yourself,...to give you the right to say you are entilteled to be down,....to let yourself go etc,etc..well body i am talking to you now..i am not going to use my life as an excuseany more instead it is time we(i mean you, body and mind)stop wallowing in self pity..stop getting depressed and do something about it to get in to ONE_DER_LAND again.theese last two weeks i have been trying to trick you by sneaking more healthy snacks in when you wanted to binge it when feeling and life was getting you down and it has worked .we are nearly there my body and mind.we are at 200lbs just a few 100gramms and we are in ONE_DER_LAND:but guess what i will not be happy with a few 100gms.i want more.i want you to want more as well.i am telling you here and now WE ARE DOING THIS,not only that THIS TIME I AM NOT GOING TO MAKE IT THAT EASY FOR YOU TO GIVE UP OR SHOULD I SAY THROW MY PRESANT AWAY:this time,THIS TIME you are going to keep it and not go back into the 200`s when i am out of them and not only that(GOD WILLING) we are even going to get to goal and stay there.DID YOU HEAR ME:WE ARE GOING TO MAKE IT TO GOAL:so my body emoticonhere´s to you(i don´t drink alcohol so i didn´t use this emotion emoticon)so with your help body and mind this week i am going to give you the presant of ONE_DER_LAND.and this time we are going to stay in it for the rest of our life god willing.that was all i wanted to say to you my dear and faithful body.hope you play along.ONE_DER_LAND here i (we)come. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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