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5 Things I love about me.

Friday, February 17, 2012

So this is our Spark Live assignment for the week.
Bobby and I encouraged our participants to write the things they are most happy within themselves. Should be easy. Everyone has at least 5 great things about themselves, right?

So here I am...
This is kind of tough...
Every time I think of something to put down...I think something a bit negative to say to counter that. What is up with that? Am I having trouble accepting that I have good qualities? I guess this is why we have this assignment! So here negativity!

1. I LOVE my inner strength. Before Spark...before I started my healthy journey and before I was diagnosed with my illness (which brought me to spark) I didn't feel like a strong person. I certainly didn't think I was capable of the things I have achieved since my lifestyle change. Since Spark and getting healthy I have achieved many things and am no longer afraid to try new things, to take control of my own health issues..whether it be arguing with the doctors over my treatments or medicine or just knowing I am in charge of my care! So yup, I am a STRONG woman. I know that now!

2. I LOVE how much my family means to me. My parents had 5 daughters. They taught us how important family is and my sisters and I are extremely close. We are best friends. I think I have done the same for my boys. They are friends. Even though they are 9 hours apart they still talk and advise each other often.

3. I LOVE (finally) how my body looks in clothes now. I know that is kind of vain but for the first time I can look in the mirror (even dressing room mirrors) and feel happy. SO COOL!

4. I LOVE that I am outgoing. I honestly can talk to anyone. I have never been shy (probably because of the large family growing up) and like to make friends. I can find good in everyone and chat away with them. I like to listen to what they have to say too. Hopefully that makes me a good friend too :)

5. I LOVE my blue eyes. Mainly because I am the only one of the 5 daughters that have them. My sweet, sweet Dad had blue eyes and I feel like it was our own little special bond between just us.

So there you go. That wasn't as hard as I thought once I got started.
So what's yours? C'mon can do this!

Hugs everyone!
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