Headless fatty epidemy - rant

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I don’t know if this is a new trend in Spark People or what the hell is going on, maybe I’ve just been having some bad luck but lately I’ve been bumping into quite a few blogs pulling a headless fatty* and I’m starting to get a little pissed.

* Headless fatty: Using an image of an overweight/obese person with the sole intention (either conscious or subconscious) to judge, make fun of and/or cause the disgust of the reader under the excuse of “trying to make a point”.

So I’ve seen a few junk food/organic food posts that include the headless fatty along with some judgmental phrase such as (this is not quoted, just similar stuff): If you keep eating that crap you’ll end up like this… or, why do these people (the obese kind) do this to themselves? … or something condescending and judgmental such as (this is probably my fave): * sigh * it’s so sad that some people never try to change (insert headless fatty image).

I mean, what the hell do you know? Do you even know that person or did you just google searched for a fat person in google images or something… SERIOUSLY!
AND if you DO know the person… WTF why would you psychologically bully someone in that international, public way for the whole world to see?!

So I ask people who do this… would YOU like to be the headless fatty? … or the headless poorly done boobjob?… the headless ugly nose?... the headless stretch mark?... yeah, I didn’t think so…

Nobody’s perfect you know? And beauty’s in the eye of the beholder so it’s great to have the self-esteem to consider yourself flawless, it really is, means you have confidence and that is such an important thing to have! BUT! No matter how awesome you are you will always be someone else’s before picture, weight loss or non weight loss related.

I will also add this few things:
1) By pulling a headless fatty you’re pretty much attacking not only that person but also anyone who can relate to her picture, therefore, you might be contributing to someone’s binge eating disorder (google it! It’s only one of the biggest causes of obesity in the world)
2) There are other reasons for obesity than just eating too much because food tastes good… and there are sooooo many of them. While it is true that most of them can be controlled with standard exercise and a change of diet (diet in this context meaning the food you eat every day) it is also true that a whole bunch of them will also need special treatment and pills and stuff… and in some cases, a treatment you’re taking to improve your health can unfortunately make you gain weight. (Metabolic syndrome, PCOS, a wide variety of hormonal problems, etc etc etc … hit Wikipedia)
3) You can pretend pulling a headless fatty isn’t judgmental all you want but you just know it is. Come on, if you don’t you’re only fooling yourself.

This issue in itself annoys me but the fact that I’ve seen it on Spark People by people who have been through it themselves is just insane, out of control… a bit sad too.

And I ask people who do this one more question. Who ever told you it was OK to psychologically abuse overweight/obese people once you were done with weight loss?
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    You mean like this one???



    2079 days ago
    I have never seen that. If I did I would probably report it as inappropriate.
    What a shame, that some people need to put others down so they feel better about their own selves.

    2104 days ago
    Thats horrible. I've been reading Spark People blogs too and I'm glad I haven't run into this yet. Its callous. That body belongs to a person. A person with sorrows and joys, a person who is something to someone. We don't know how they came to gain weight or what challenges they might face trying to lose that weight. The other thing that disturbs me is the oversimplification of the weight loss struggle - its not as simple as cutting out that bag of cheetos or whatever. Everyone seems to have their own set of challenges - emotional, physical, economic, health, etc. Failing to acknowledge that cheapens what we are all trying to do. Its the blame mentality that doesn't help anyone.
    2104 days ago
    GET IT!!!! Love, love, love!!!!!

    It is the people with the least amount of self-esteem and self worth that point out flaws or make fun of others.

    Thank you for your rant!
    2105 days ago
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