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165 by 45, drawing a line in the sand.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Goal weight is 165. My 45th birthday is Friday, June 1st. My goal is to get my weight to 165 by that date. That's 20 lbs and 15 weeks.

In my lifetime, I have been at 165 twice. When I was blowing past it on my way to 180's in my teens and 8 years ago, before having major surgery. The first time, I was young, too much under the influence of family pressure and teen angst. The second time, I was ill and doing Weight Watchers... the wrong way.

My life with WW was marred by me finding a way to 'cheat the system'. I'd weigh in on Friday morning, eat drink and be merry over the weekend, and then starve myself until Friday weigh in. NOT a smart way to do things. Oh yeah, and I didn't work out. I golfed some, walked on occasion and just didn't do it right. I did weigh in at 165 one time and then everything went kerplooie! emoticon

At the same time I was on WW, I was suffering from Fibroids, anemia, "Girl Problems" (I will be glad to discuss details further privately, but don't want to gross people out here. Please email me privately if you'd like more info.) Culminating in the final diagnosis of needing to have a partial hysterectomy. Thankfully, my issues were not due to cancer and I was left with my ovaries, so hormone issues were not a problem either (knock wood!!).

After having a hysterectomy in February of 04, I was out of commission for 6 weeks, couldn't work for 3, couldn't golf for almost a year due to lack of strength and pain. I'll account about 20 lbs. to that issue. The other 40 lbs... that was sheer loss of my mental focus. As well as some left over feelings about my own femininity and my lack of a uterus. (BTW, having a uterus did not make me a woman, so NOT having one does not make me NOT one either!!)

When I lost the weight, I threw away my 'fat clothes'. Should have sent up some huge red flags when I had to buy bigger sizes. emoticon emoticon

I do wish that one of my friends would have pulled me aside and given me a shake. I don't hold them responsible for my weight gain. I think it would have helped if someone had noticed and showed that they cared enough to be alarmed.

Thanks to joining and sharing on SP and following the principals set on the site, I had the courage to tell some of my friends about my weight loss and health journey. I have asked them to keep in touch with me and throw water in my face if they see me sliding again. They now check in on a regular basis. I know now, that they have my back. emoticon

So I looked at the calendar the other day and saw my birthday. June 1. And realized, I'm going to be 45 this year. 45. FORTY-FIVE. quarante-cinq. cuarenta y cinco. No matter what language I write it in, it still equals 45. That's a new check box on forms. That's what I always considered my 'half-life' age. Most of my family has passed away by their early 70's if not sooner, so I set my sights on 90 to beat the odds.

I've never been afraid of birthdays or sharing my true age. I was only 39 or even 29 once. But there's one thing about this one that has lit a fire under my ever-shrinking butt.

I am running out of time!!
I could share a million and one articles about the fact that the older you get the harder it is to:
* lose weight
* get healthy
* avoid family history of health problems
* find the love of my life
* learn new things
* teach my body to move
* and a whole lot of other things that I'm beginning to forget already...

So I figure that I'd better get cracking!! I have redefined my current goal to lose 20 lbs, by June 1. That's 20 pounds in 15 weeks. 1.5 lbs per week.

No more excuses.
No more 'slower is better' used as an excuse so I can eat 'X' this: weekend, trip, holiday, random tuesday.
No more alcohol until I celebrate reaching 165. (this will be HARD!!)
No more whining.
No more taking weekends off from exercise.
No more deciding to have a relaxing day off and not leaving the house, rain or shine.

and the positives
I will eat real, whole foods
I will eat my minimum calorie/nutrition limits
I will exercise more, bigger, louder, higher, stronger, longer
I will practice, take lessons, golf as much as I can (weather pending)
I will read ingredients and stop eating any food that contains stuff I can't pronounce
I will go out with my friends and not deprive myself of life during this time

1.5 lbs per week, 20 weeks, 45 years. I can do this!!
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  • CHRYS13
    Beautiful goals.....realistic and do-able!
    Please know that you are a youthful, vibrant, and astonishing woman!
    2104 days ago
    You have set a fabulous goal!
    2105 days ago
    You can do this. Record your food and fitness and let everyone see it. Brag about it. Tell us when you are struggling and tell us before you give in to anything that is not on your goal list. Let us help you help yourself. You CAN do this!
    2106 days ago
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