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Spark People System Overview - Step 7 Be a Positive Force (and see how Pie fits into the picture)

Monday, February 13, 2012

You'd be surprised at how your goals can make a difference in your world -- and vice versa. Your actions can affect more people than you'll ever know. Sometimes, just living as an example and pursuing your dream can be an inspiration to others. You're gaining new skills, new habits, new strengths as you work on your goals. Can you think of a way to use those new abilities to have an impact on others? Whatever you might try, the energy you put into it is nothing compared to the motivation you'll get out of it. For example, if you're successfully lowering your blood pressure, maybe you can help a loved one do the same. Is there a better reason to stay energized?

Since I've started sparking, I have tried to be a more positive person. I now catch myself (still way too frequently, but awareness is the first step) when I am being negative. It is ok to identify negative things, but I am working on making sure when I identify it I use it as a growth opportunity and work to see how it can create an improvement in the future or a learning opportunity to not repeat the same problem again.

Since I have started this I am amazed by some of my friends and how negative they are. I never noticed it before and I am sure I was in that same negative pit. I now cringe when I am at a training and one of my friends, as the trainer, say something like - I don't know why it is this way. My opinion now is - you are doing the training, if you don't understand it, either find out why it is that way so you can explain it or see if it can be changed. As a trainer, you need to be positive about your subject.

I some times see people roll their eyes when they realize that I have just heard something negative and have figured out how to turn it into a positive, because they know that means change is coming. You know what, it is, get on board and help create a better environment or get out of the way and get left behind!

I had a meeting today and I was relaying my excitement with someone else (person a) as to the great opportunity the person I had met with (person b) had identified and was going to be working on. Person B with was also there and made a comment something like "Yeah another process improvement". (Needless to say, she is one that isn't so excited about changing, but she is trying) Person A said something like "We need to give it a fun name" (hey look, another opportunity for improvement!) I thought for about 5 seconds and realized what the new name was. PIe!!!!!!!!! (it doesn't look right typed out capital P, capital I, lowercase e).

Neither A or B got it right away. I reminded them I am a numbers person: Process Improvement = PI (you know 3.14.......), but to make it fun and not math, we can add an e.

Now, they were on board. I think we are going to have a frozen cheesecake (not really a pie, but you do what you can) in the freezer as a reward for accomplishments with paperwork PIe's!!!!!!! or maybe those individual pies (mmm especially the chocolate ones), or tarts, or ..........
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    a postive attitude can/will change everything!
    2226 days ago
    You're right it works! Change is hard, but I tell my folks (and family) all the time that change is good....if we never changed, then we'd all still be living in caves, content to live off the land as hunter-gatherers and wearing antelope skins to stay warm!
    2226 days ago
    a positive attitude definitely does make a difference! good for you spreading the goodness!
    2226 days ago
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