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Look for the beauty of a sow's ear..see story & pics

Saturday, February 11, 2012

emoticon Okay before I even begin this blog...here's a disclaimer. Any pics I share are NOT a solicitation...no way...no shape...no how. I have all the business I can ever possibly keep up with on my jewelry items (not to sound all ego manic and such) emoticon and of COURSE I'm not soliciting that you purchase a 300 lb. piece of furniture from our consignment galley that would just be a SILLY thing to assume! emoticonAlthough stranger things have probably occurred here in Spark land.

I share my pics...because I share my life...and believe me...since I'm ALWAYS working like a crazy woman...this IS MY LIFE.

Since some rattled spark nut case felt the need to rat me out to a coach on this issue I thought I should clarify my thoughts on this. AND in the meantime point out that millions of sparksters put their business links, pictures, requests for votes...the WHOLE nine yards on Spark...so if they don't shut down EVERYONE that does this...PLEASE don't pick on little ole' me.

Whew...got that off ME chest...now onward and upward. emoticon

The beauty in a sow's ear came by way of a happy achievement that occurred yesterday at our gallery. A wonderful sale of a Lloyd Flanders white wicker indoor/outdoor patio set WITH sunbrella outdoor fabric. This set is SO beautiful...but when I first visited the house it resided in...I almost didn't accept it. It was in horrific shape and I wasn't sure it would EVER clean up. I usually take pics of furniture I view on~site so that I can take them back to the shoppe and go through my wish list to call customers who are looking for that exact item. Smart idea eh? emoticon annnddd don't ya know that EVERY other consignment joint is now stealing the idea...drat! Nothing is sacred in retail...NOTHING! But okay..if it provides better customer service...good for the customer...but I make sure to tell everyone that will listen that I came up with the concept FIRST..hehe! emoticon

Sooo sorry I don't have a 'before' pic of this FILTHY DIRTY...mildewed patio set...only the after.

A realtor had contacted us and told us that she was listing a house on the market that was occupied for many years by an elderly couple who were heavy smokers.

Uggghhhh that was an immediate red flag for me. Smoke penetrates EVERY fiber of upholstery...it even impregnates lamp shades...it is near impossible to analate...so remember if you are STILL smoking...exactly what it is doing to your living breathing lungs..they are getting all yellow and soot filled and hard and nasty...STOP please...save yourself! emoticon emoticon emoticon Okay...health bulletin over.

I had "no thank you" on the tip of my tongue when she said...the only GOOD thing is out on the patio a Lloyd Flanders white wicker set..in GREAT shape. Another little aside...realtors sometimes don't tell you the WHOLE truth and NOTHING but the truth emoticon She knew if she told me it was SO FILTHY dirty I wouldn't waste my time.

But....glad I did. Because I could look at this sow's ear and ask myself what this set COULD...maybe WOULD look like after a good ole' fashioned power washer bath. My bet turned out right...beautiful! emoticon

I brought it in...the hubs power washed every last inch of it and it was a glow baby!

All sparkling clean and happy colors and such!

So the moral to this story is...you can't judge a book by it's ahem...DIRTY...cover..you have to look inside..or around the dirty exterior. AND don't doubt yourself...sometimes it's better just to move forward on faith.

We made a fantastic profit on this set..I mean fantastic...all because I could see beyond the typical person's ugh...I'm NOT touching THAT reaction. Yay...ME! emoticon

And...as long as I'm at it here's a chest that I just sold and was SO coveting for my own house...it's so gorge~

This came from the crazy lady's house that got me put in blog 'time out' land. emoticon

Now you can see why I put up with this whack-a-doo in order to sell her stuff.

This stunning bachelor chest cost her more than I'd spend on a vacation...it is beautiful and should sell quickly. The hardware is all speciality twig handles...lovely!

Oops another pretty shot of the patio furniture..out of order but still worth sharing.

I totally LOVE antiques and this old Irish buffet is my MOST favorite item in the gallery right now...it's the REAL deal...traveled all the way over from Ireland...LOVE this piece..just LOVE it!

Here's another prize from one of my girlfriends that redoes her house like I change underwear...a fab Flex-Steel all leather loveseat with hob~nail trim...gorg! emoticon

Some totally COOL old pharmacy bottles and apothacary bottles..these are SO interesting!

Some GREAT Haitian art from a collector...you can hardly PUT your hands on this stuff anymore since they had that devastating earthquake...this is the REAL deal!

A beautiful vintage desk and a huge Florida beach pic that makes you feel like you could walk right out on the beach.

This is what I do...daily..it's a FUN business...I HARD business...but fun never the less.

I finally sold the inspiration piece that gave me our name Found Objekt...this old wood transom came from an old cracker house in Key West...it was stunning...and I loved it..but hey...ya gotta pay the rent right? emoticon

As long as we are on picture overload here's one more for the road...my latest free form necklace that sold the first day I took it to the market...LOVE this form of inspiration...but it IS time consuming...and time is what I'm always chasing! emoticon

Have a great day my sparklers...I've lost another pound..that makes a total of 10...now to maintain that and keep whittling away at the other 25...geeze...life is all about the journey eh?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am so glad that you chose to share your pictures. I love browsing and seeing the beautiful pictures and decorating ideas of others. Also, your jewlery is always beautiful.

    THANKS AGAIN for sharing.
    2128 days ago
    You are getting great things into your gallery! I'm glad it's so busy for you this year.

    You necklace is beautiful...I think it's my favorite one so far. Very pretty and colorful!
    2130 days ago
    Beautiful furniture and gorgeous jewelry! Friend of mune years ago had an Irish China Hutch like the one you have pictured and swear they are identical...even right down to the scalloped trim across the top!

    I really like your jewelry style! I do jewelry too, but am mostly into beadweaving and native american style on leather...same craft just a little different jenre'. emoticon

    I really enjoy your blogs...please keep them coming and don't worry aboutthe "ninnies" out there!

    emoticon Wendy
    2131 days ago
    Beautiful furniture! Love it all, even the wicker, which I'm not a fan off normally.

    That necklace is stunning too

    So happy you enjoy what you do, I honestly believe that is the secret to a happy long life, Loving what you do, and doing what you love!
    2131 days ago
    Fabulous pics! Love the furniture and the jewelry. Thanks for sharing a bit of your life with us!!

    2131 days ago
    I love your pictures, and have NEVER thought they were solicitations. Although there are some of your jewelry creations that I covet and would totally order if I could wear jewelry.

    For future reference if you don't already know it, an ozone generator machine will take smoke smell out of fabric and even whole rooms of the house...an old real estate agent tip for you. You can rent them fairly inexpensively.
    2131 days ago
    Sounds like you are doing really great on your "journey"!!! Keep up the great work! I love seeing your shop pics and your jewelry! I love that Irish piece, too! I'd have to buy a totally huge house to have something like that, though! (Dreams are allowed, in my book!) hehe
    Again, emoticon with the 10 more pounds down!! Yip, Yip, Yippee!!!!!! emoticon
    2132 days ago
  • NANNER2121
    While I understand the genesis of the disclaimer, it still really is a shame that the kerfuffle was created on one of your blogs necessitated it. The critics keep on critiquing and the haters keep on hating but the world keeps on turning while good people pay the price.
    Gorgeous stuff Bobbie, especially your creations.
    Keep up the great blogs.
    2132 days ago

    Thank you for sharing this blog!! ...so glad I saw it today.

    That necklace must have taken valuable time.... so Gorgeous!
    I make jewelry too, Bobbi....my favorite pieces to work with are natural stones, pearls and silver.

    Oh my! The chest is my Fav! ...and Hey, emoticon on the lost #!!
    2132 days ago
  • VICIOUS421
    emoticon The disclaimer is Perfect!!!!!!
    I totally loved the pictures and I too have worked with wicker before & you did and emoticon job on the set!!!!!
    My mom & papa Howard had 9 booths in a Flea Market for many years before he passed away and I did all sorts of furniture refinishing and we also made stained glass items, my mom still has an awesome fireplace screen I made from stained glass. My mom has a copper tea kettle like the one in the pharmacy picture that she loves.
    You find such Beautiful & Awesome things, I love seeing pictures of them!!!!! The Haitian art was a GREAT find!!!!! I loved the chest too!!!!!
    The necklace and earring set is soooooo Beautiful!!!!! You are so talented at making Jewellery!!!! The color combination is GREAT and I really loved it!!!!!!
    You are AWESOME!!!!!!!
    2132 days ago
    Wow, I loved the pictures!
    You have an absolute beautiful gallery.
    2132 days ago
    Well, let us be the judge...I LOVE seeing everything! The chest you coveted was my FAV...loved it! And what a find in the dirt with the beautiful wicker set! Your free form necklace was fab!
    Thanks for sharing and please continue!

    2132 days ago
  • DAISY443
    I have, in my varied history, been an antique dealer and a repairer of wicker furniture and, as a side note for no particular reason, a roofer. The antiquer and wicker repairer in me loved your pics! Thanks for sharing!
    2132 days ago
    My, oh, my! I felt like I died and went to
    antique heaven. LOVED every piece. Thanks for
    sharing! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2132 days ago
    Hey! I LOVE looking at the photos of stuff you've scored. I used to sell antiques, so I understand the behind-the-scenes work of prepping, packing, displaying, accounting, so on, and (worst of all) saying good-bye to awesome things. So, don't stop with the photos just because some rat-fink person doesn't like it.

    Heck, I see people using SP to beef up business opportunities quite often. One has a link to a counselling business, some are trying to get customers to their web-based art and one whoe's frequently getting notice as a motivator, is clearly trying to build a portfolio for her web production business. So what.

    I love your photos, absolutely COVET that chest from the cookoo house, and wish you had a website. So -- raspberries to anyone who has a stick up their you-know-what. Are you anywhere near Punta Gorda or Vero Beach? I have (snowbird) friends in both places, and they LOVE places like yours.
    2132 days ago
    love the pics!!
    2132 days ago
    WOW! Absolutely love that wicker set!
    2133 days ago
    2133 days ago
    Awesome! Work like that should always be shared so you go girl!
    2133 days ago
    Wow... the gallery looks fantastic. You and the hubs have done a great job with that place and I am soooo happy for you that sales are going gang busters. Have a wonderful weekend and thanks so much for the valentine. Made my day! Hugs to you, Rhonda
    2133 days ago
    Wow... the gallery looks fantastic. You and the hubs have done a great job with that place and I am soooo happy for you that sales are going gang busters. Have a wonderful weekend and thanks so much for the valentine. Made my day! Hugs to you, Rhonda
    2133 days ago
    I still can't believe that there was ever anything objectionable to be removed from your blogs. I've known you here on SP like forever. (smiling) In fact, I've really enjoyed sharing the evolution of your lovely business. You've filled it with very cool stuff. Big hug.
    2133 days ago
    Always enjoy looking at your finds. I love the unusual ones.Keep up the great work. emoticon
    2133 days ago
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