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Emotions vs. Logic - HELP

Thursday, February 09, 2012

I wish I could stop the battle going on in my head between the logical and emotional side. I know what I should do but sometimes it is so hard to follow what is logical. Right now my emotional side seems to be winning out and I am close to throwing in the towel on the healthy lifestyle program – I am hoping that I can do something to help my logical side pull through this and win.

Any tips/hints?


Logical: Even if I am not losing pounds I am still getting healthier by eating well and exercising.

Emotional: I don’t care if I am getting healthier as I have no health problems – I just want to start losing some pounds and inches.

Logical: It may take awhile to get where I want to be and that is ok – I am in the process and good things take time – it took awhile to gain weight and it will take awhile to lose it.

Emotional: I am not a patient person and I am tired of trying if I am not going to have any success – Why don’t I give up if I am not successful.

Logical: I should track and stay in calorie range each day and exercise most days of the week.

Emotional: I am tired of tracking and although I enjoy exercise it is hard to fit it in sometimes.

Logical: The hard work of dedicating to a healthier lifestyle will pay off and so it is worth the effort and time required.

Emotional: It should not be this hard to lose weight; it is not fair that some people have it so easy; I just want to quit.

Logical: The best approach is slow and steady, eat a reasonable amount of calories and fit exercise in as often as possible; allow for the ups and downs of hormonal changes and life getting in the way and just keep on going.

Emotional: I should just take some diet pills or do some fasting or something to get this weight off and then follow a healthy plan; if I fall off the plan again just do something for a quick fix when it happens.


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OPTIMIST1948 2/9/2012 8:26PM

    You call them the "Emotional" vs "Logical" - I call them "Easy" and "Hard" other people call them "Angel" and "Devil" We all have them; sometimes one side wins, sometimes the other. When you feel the "wrong" side getting stronger, realize what the choice really is - then throw some salt over your left shoulder, into the Devil's eye, and get back down to business.

Blue42Down has some amazing advice (once again, I wish I could "like" a comment!) particularly about those "non-scale" victories.

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BLUE42DOWN 2/9/2012 5:10PM

    Sometimes we just have to stick a pacifier in the emotional side's mouth.


One truth I keep for that emotional side:

Quitting does not get us there any faster. Whine all we want about it taking a long time, but quitting would make that LONGER (or never). It's like riding in a car with kids who keep saying "Are we there yet?" Pulling over to the side of the road won't make them stop and every minute on the side of the road is them getting even more antsy. Turning around and driving back the other way is worse.

The other thing I find is that "healthier" is way too vague. Someone who can hardly stand and take a step is healthier than a man on an IV lying in his death bed. We're healthier than any malnourished child with swollen abdomen on a poster begging us to give charitably. It's not easily weighed as better because we know it could be worse and isn't.

Feeding the emotional side tangible wins might help, though. "Hey, check that out. I went up a flight of stairs and wasn't still breathing heavy by the time I got to the office at the end of the hall." (Seriously mine. I trot up that same flight now and am not even particularly breathing hard before I start down the hall.) Instead of "I lost a pound", give it "I can pick up four grocery bags and carry them inside all at once" or "I can squeeze into the car when the bozo next to me parked with only 10 inches to spare."


And this may sound kooky, but it can help to actually acknowledge the emotional side instead of just running the logic back at it. YES, it IS annoying how long it takes. YES, it IS hard to make everything fit in sometimes. That emotional side is RIGHT about that. No amount of logic will negate that there are frustrations and difficulties and, sometimes, not enough reward for the work.

Acknowledge, but not succumb to emotional defeat. There are also excitements. So many things we don't even realize we couldn't do before. Little stuff like seeing toes or being able to comfortably cross legs, being able to walk all around a mall without huffing and puffing and sitting ever few stores, being able to feel satisfied with a meal rather than agonizing with a bloated feeling and heartburn.

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IILAAD65 2/9/2012 4:42PM

    Stick with the logical! Soon you will find it more comforting than the emotional side. It is steady and when you do lose a few lbs it makes you smile EVEN BIGGER!

Keep it up Joy!! I know there are extraneous things going on that really push you to those comfort foods - but fight the way and WIN!

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APIRLRAIN888 2/9/2012 4:03PM

    Wow right there with yeah logic sounds awesome!!!!!!!!!!

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ILIKETOZUMBA 2/9/2012 11:58AM

    That's a difficult mental state to be in. I know all too well the appeal of trying an unhealthy quick fix, or feeling like it shouldn't be so hard to lose weight when you're doing everything right. I had a plateau of about 5 months at one point during this SUCKED. The best suggestion I can come up with is to think of how much stronger you are now. Even if you're not seeing progress on the scale, maybe your exercises are getting easier for your body because it's getting stronger or because you're fueling it better. I've been fortunate enough to lose a fair bit of weight already, but when I have those days where I feel like I'll never get to my goal weight, I try to remind myself that what's more important is that I am capable of doing more now than I could before. And it's important to keep doing that exercise and healthy eating in order to maintain my body as a healthy machine that functions at peak (by my standards) capacity. I don't want to go back to the days when I got seriously winded walking up one and a half flights of stairs, therefore I've got to keep working out and eating well even if I stay a bit chubby. I don't know if that's something that will help you or not. But I know you can keep on trucking and eventually you WILL see results. :) Stay tough! emoticon

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QUEEN_REINA 2/9/2012 11:37AM

    What might help is to make changes you don't HATE.

Like if exercise is a big battle, choose something you like to do, like for me it's taekwondo and running. For you it might be dancing or basketball or swimming. Do something you like so the change doesn't have to do with the scale or losing weight.

And make eating changes you LIKE. Just add a piece of fruit to your breakfast and a really yummy salad with a little dressing on it to your supper. Make sustainable changes.

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  I'm there with you on the exact same journey. Keep doing what's logical. You know better, therefore you should do better. ...And when I say "You" I really mean "ME". Hang in there, be strong and remember to enjoy the ride.

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