I Have No Pants... But My Gym Has a Bossypants!

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

First and foremost, I strongly object to my gym scheduling a strength class and swapping it for cardio at the last minute. In preparation for the strength class I did my own cardio BEFORE the class, and then got hit with another sixty minutes! Ouch!

In other news, there is a girl about my age who is also becoming a regular at the gym. In addition to attending classes, she has taken on the role of bossing people around. I've seen her around for about three months, and in the last few weeks she's been telling EVERYONE what to do. She tells other people how much weight to lift, where to stand, which direction to turn, etc. Sometimes her instructions directly contradict the instructor's directions, and she messes things up for other people. And it's not like they're asking for her opinions. It's really nice that she's starting to feel comfortable and knowledgeable about the gym, but SERIOUSLY GIRL- keep your thoughts about other people's workouts to yourself! Unless you're asked for advice, stick to neutral topics like the weather!
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    Nope, she hasn't bossed me around. However, it concerns me when I see her bossing around people who are new to the gym, as the things she tells them are wrong, and they mess up their workouts. Her advice isn't going to injure anyone (as I haven't seen her lecture anybody about form or anything), but she creates inconveniences and discomfort when she tells people to put equipment away too early, stand in the wrong place, face the wrong direction, run to the wrong place, show up at the wrong time, etc. I'm currently using the strategy of "don't make eye contact" because I know if she tries to advise me about anything I will SNAP!
    2083 days ago
    2083 days ago
    Oh geez I totally agree on both counts - NOT cool that they switched classes AND that bossypants needs to shut it!
    2083 days ago
    Lol.. what a bossypants! I agree with Maraude's suggestions.. have you said something to her? has she tried "bossing" you around? I am so blunt, I would NOT hold my tongue around that kind of behavior! LOL!
    2083 days ago
    There are a lot of different personalities out there; she probably think she's helping. If she approaches you, you can always ask her questions nicely, "r u a personal trainer? why is the way you are telling us better than the instructor's? have you thought of teaching your own class?" see what she says. Either she'll get the message or perhaps she's right. Make up your mind after you get to know her.
    2083 days ago
    I'd be ill if I had planned something and done something and they switched it around!

    I have similar people at my gym like that too. I have a lot of people who stare. There is one girl, who huffs and puffs around my sister when she goes because they both use the same machine. I keep to myself, do what I got to do most of the time, and leave!
    2083 days ago
    Not so sure I would be happy about the switch. I can not do hard impact cardio for health reasons. That would have made me mad also. Looks like Ms Bpssypants needs to be told to settle down. LOL Unless you hire her as a trainer that is. Can you go to the mgmt of gym. I think I would. Hope you continue to have great workouts.
    2084 days ago
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