I am woman, hear me roar!

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Actually, I can't walk and roar at the sametime. But after I get home and have some water, I do OK. Life has been good to me lately, and I hope it continues for a while. I am not losing weight as quickly as I would like, but there are so many other benefits to walking and a little exercising.
My contentment must show on my face and in my manner, because strangers smile to me all the time now. At HEB a few days ago, a man stopped where I was looking at cake mixes and chatted with me about choices and prices. A lovely lady smiled later, and made a comment about some peanut butters.
Maybe its because spring is coming and everyone feels a little mellow. Whatever it is, I am giving all the credit to my thinner, more energetic body and my new air of confidence.
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