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Fit For Life

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

I've been pretty busy lately.
OH MY! I just looked up to see an incredible sunrise.... but still would like to blog.

I was visiting with a friend whose family member is dealing with cancer, and wants to change her diet. I got out an old book in my library, Fit For Life, by Mike Diamond, 1985. I guess I've been trying to change my diet as well for many years. What progress? Some, but not as much as I'd like to see. I'd like to share a bit of Chapter 6 with you all. It's an out of print book, but you can easily buy a used copy.

Fit For Life - Mike Diamond
Ch.6 - Lifestyle Changes (yeah, isn't that we're all working on)
a) flexibility.... it's a lifestyle change for the whole family that means using fresher, wholesome, unprocessed foods. It's not a weight loss diet; but a change to health that the whole family can live by.
b) re-teaching the body how to know when it is satisfied. If you really are hungry, have a piece of fruit
c) Why? It takes 3 hours for the stomach to empty from a meal; SO DO NOT MUNCH. If hungry after 3 hours and it's some time until another meal... have a piece of fruit. Fruit takes one hour to digest when eaten alone. If we eat when our stomach is still working on a meal, the first food rots; as the stomach desperately tries to digest the 'new' food from munching.
d) which leads to a whole page that looks like a love letter from a grade schooler.... repeatedly on a chalkboard: DO NOT OVEREAT. I like that. I should care about my body and of those I prepare meals for... I LOVE MY BODY + DO NOT OVEREAT. It taxes the system and the body becomes exhausted and then prone to disease since there is less energy to heal... and living means we all need healing time. I LOVE MY BODY + DO NOT OVEREAT
e) ( a quote from my husband and friend. He is SO right!) As Americans, many of us eat constantly as if it were a holiday, not a means of fueling our bodies.

f) ... I'd like to quote the book now, and hope the author is not too upset. It's well said. It's about bad habits, not about the occasional holiday feast.

"One of the reasons we FREQUENTLY overeat is that our bodies are not absorbing nutrients. (!) Nutrients are absorbed through the intestines. If the tiny villi, or filaments, through which nutrients are absorbed are clogged, no matter how much we eat, our bodies are not nourished. These villi can be easily clogged by the waste products of foods that our bodies are unable to metabolize and utilize efficiently. When no nutrients are being absorbed as a result of clogging, the body sets off an alarm that it has not been fed, and even though we have just eaten, we want to eat more.
Another reason for overeating is the consumption of non-nutritious foods such as common junk foods, children's processed cereals, and other highly processed foods. Our bodies set off the alarm once again for more food, because they are literally starving... NUTRITIONALLY. There is no better way to malnourish your body than to eat processed foods and junk foods excessively. A malnourished body will cry out for food even though the individual is eating large quantities. If they are large quantities of junk food, the body experiences slow starvation (!). One might say that the reason over 60 percent of our population (in 1985) is overweight is that we are overeating as we slowly starve ourselves on American junk food."

g) Then he says it's okay to initially overeat on the 'new' diet that he lays out which consists of many fruits and vegetables, with some grain and meat. The body self corrects in time once it realizes it is getting what it needs. I have the hard copy and just love it. As a clutter-bug, I've purged many of my books. This one I kept. It's worth it's space on my shelf, and worth the time I need to maintain it (dusting and straightening). His wife includes some excellent recipes in this version that my omnivore husband and I love. There is a meal plan that lays out what foods to transition to first, to avoid shocking the system to quickly. Apparently, some raw foods can give gas or indigestion if not eased into... and the whole idea is to make the body happy with the healthier life style so that it continues to crave what is healthy."

From other things I've read, when losing weight, fiber is needed. Why? Toxins are re-released as fat is burned, into the bloodstream. The body can then dispose of these with the fibers in our diet. How do we get fiber? I can think of three ways - the fibers in true whole grains, the fiber in fresh fruits and veggies (not juice so much - so if on a juicing diet, be sure to use the next one at least once a day), psyllium husk which is the fiber found in many over the counter things like metamucil.

Finally... Day One in Fit For Life menu/diet:

Day 1 _ with excellent recipes included (at least hubby and I both liked most of them)

Breakfast_ fresh squeezed juice / fresh fruit or fresh fruit salad.

(okay to stagger the fruit breakfast into mini meals. Remember it takes one hour to digest each mini meal. Initially I ate five pieces of fruit a day, eating as I was hungry. I stopped the mini meals one hour before lunch. By the end of the month, my sweet tooth was gone and I was only craving 3 pieces of fruit on most days. These mini meals are the only 'snacking' the program suggests as healthy... IF one hour is allowed so that the ONLY FRUIT mini-meal can be digested.)

Lunch_ Fresh fruit juice or carrot juice (up to one cup), Energy Salad + any raw veggies
OR the Properly Combined Sandwich with cucumber or celery spears

Dinner_Fresh veg.juice cocktail, perfect cauliflower soup, potato boats(vegan) or easy roast chicken (Omnivore), garlic string beans, french green salad.

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