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Monday, February 06, 2012

I went to weigh in Saturday, first off, the scale would not zero out. I'm not sure whats wrong with it but I stepped on it anyway. It said I had gained 2 pounds! That's after I subtracted the 1.1 pound that it was registering before I stepped on. I tried to tell myself that the scale is just really wrong! There's no way that I could have gained two pounds! I havent had a soda in weeks! Thursday and friday nights before the weigh in I had an enormous craving for chocolate. The craving was sooo bad that I could not ignore it. The only chocolate in the house was chocolate chip cookie dough. I didnt sit down and eat the whole roll like I wanted too lol but I did have what I would call one cookie both nights just in dough from. But I looked at the calorie intake from that and I just dont think it was enough to constitute a 2 pound gain. Especially with me doing more exercise this week than I had all month! Then after I got home form work saturday I realized that I had started my period. Could that possibly account for the weight gain? Is 2 pounds of water weight normal? I know that's why I could not resist the chocolate now lol! Anyway, just wondered if anyone else was experiencing these issues with the diet/cycle battle?
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    Yup the beloved period is def the cause of the weight gain i've gained a lot more than 2lbs.

    It also greatly depends on what time your weighing yourself and if your clothed or not.

    I weigh in Thursday mornin when I first get out of bed after I've went to bathroom and naked, clothes add up to 5lbs or more if you add heavy shoes, I like seeing my truest weight so its easier to calculate how my weight loss is going.

    Later in the day after you've eaten and drink you add weight from the fluids and food, i've noticed up to 5lbs difference so that's what works for me, idk how yours is, but i hope you continue to be successful, 32lbs already is great since your doing it alone this time, i know its hard to see it go so slowly cause you lost 200lbs so fast the first time, but you did say you had a diet pill the first time, that makes a huge difference. Be proud of where you are today. Thats what matters, not what you did yesterday or even 10yrs ago.
    you go girl and keep up the good work :)

    2076 days ago
    just talked to the wife she says yes she always weighs a few pounds more when due so its normal it must be the body holding on to more water to help the cycle so do not bother weighing in until after each time so you don't get down about it and I too had a naughty time last night at mc donalds back on the wagon again today keep going emoticon
    2106 days ago
    That happened to me last week. I usually weigh in on Mondays. Last Monday I stepped on the scale and it was up .6 pounds from the previous Monday. It doesn't seem like a lot, but it was very frustrating, since I've been right on track. I felt like I was running to the rest room even more than normal for my high water intake on Monday, so weighed again Tuesday morning. It was down a bit over 2 pounds, so, essentially, I had 2 pounds of water weight on me on Monday morning. I didn't do anything wacky, like not eat all day, or take a diuretic, I just kept on eating how I should and I was able to pedal my exercise bike for a bit, so I know there wasn't some miraculous overnight fat shedding, it was all water.

    Stick with it, and you should get see good results next week!
    2111 days ago
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