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The Secret DVD Watch it ASAP if you get netflix streaming

Monday, February 06, 2012

I just watched The Secret and want to share it with as many people as possible. It is based on age old knowledge about the law of attraction and attracting positive things into your life. I highly recommend it. If you get netflix streaming watch it soon because according to feedfliks it will be leaving the instant que soon. If you are unable to watch it,the basic knowledge they shared is the law of attraction and like attracts like and the power of positive thinking because thoughts are things and visualization. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it if you believe you will....Ask,receive,believe...
be grateful for everything you can possibly think of and you will find you have more to be grateful for...keep the positive thoughts and energy flowing.
For example, most of us here want to lose weight.....ask to lose weight, believe you can and are doing it, receive a lower number on your scale....visualize how you want to look when you lose your weight and keep that picture in your mind and really believe it is happening...your body is transforming as you read are moving toward your goal weight and once you get there you are able to maintain it....Whatever you want to achieve believe you can and you will do it....what a wonderful message to share with everyone you can....Stay away from words like no and can't and won't and stick with words like yes and can and will and am....believe in prosperity,good health,happiness, peace,love, joy....every possible positive thing you can....focus on the good and more good will be attracted to you...I hope you are able to see the dvd or at least have a glimpse of the great positive thoughts and inspiration you can get from what I am able to share with you about what I got from watching it...Good luck in your continued positive choice to be a healthy human being and a happy one. I know we can all do it....just think positive and visualize positive things always....
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