Goldilocks and the Three Candy Bars

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Once upon a time, in a rural area of Georgia, lived a Grandma and Grandpa whose grandson visited regularly. They had great fun together, playing games, going on picnics and such. As it happened, a tradition was started. Each one of this little threesome had their favorite candy bar. Pa Bill.....Snickers. Ma Carol......KitKat. Little Grandson.....Cookies N Cream. Soooooooo, every time Little Grandson visited, these three made it into the home. And all was well......or so it seemed.

Til yesterday. Ma Carol needed to pick up a few groceries, and the magical 3 made it into her stash. Totally without any knowledge or aforethought. Just happened. Like so many things do. Sure enough, Little Grandson went through the bags until the magical 3 were found. Ma Carol turned her attention away for maybe 3 seconds, and whoooosh, there went Cookies n Cream. You know which two were left. Today after lunch. whoooosh, and Snickers is gone. So now Kit Kat is lying on the kitchen counter in all his bright red glory, his 2 friends having met unspeakable demises.

Ma Carol actually picked up Kit Kat. Was his bright red wrapper ripped off? Did the lucious scent of chocolate waft up? Did Ma Carol's eyes glaze over? NO! None of the above. Ma Carol read the nutritional values on the bright red wrapper. OMG! Only 1 gram of fiber. Loads of fat, sugar and carbs. Will I ever make Kit Kat disappear along with his 2 buddies? I honestly hope not. I know it won't be today. Time for a new, better tradition in the little house in the country. Thank you SP!

PS I'm not blond! That's a story for another day.
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