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Today ended up in the toilet.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

The day started off heading south and ended up in friggin Antarctica.

The mail ran this morning and there was a Valentine's care package from my grandma. Her cookies are like CRACK. Seriously. So I had cookies and coffee for breakfast. I was a little disappointed with myself, but did the numbers and figured out I could still make my goals if I was careful.
So after an early lunch of leftover thin crust pizza I was looking at my numbers and realized I was gonna go over on fat. Okay, I can handle it. I'll just double my afternoon ride.
Got the baby down for his nap and went to get my bike when I realized that 41 degrees is a lot colder than it looks. No ride today. Crap.
3pm. Hmmm... Hungry... Lunch WAS awfully early. So I ate a MASSIVE salad. Not too bad though, a bowl the size of my head and it only had like 375 calories in it.
Finished my salad, got on & logged it... Piddled around the internet... Stopped to clean my glasses... My glasses broke while I was cleaning them. Like, snapped in half on the bridge of the nose broke. Well shiiit. Trouble's third child reared her nasty little head after all. I texted my neighbor to see if she had some superglue... Luckily she was at the store & was able to pick me some up. I got the glasses glued back together, but they were a little crooked. I figured that since it was still tacky I could straighten it... Nope. Came apart. And everyone knows once there is a coating of dried glue on both sides it's a done deal, no fixing it anymore. I tried duct tape but it just wouldn't stick to such a small spot... Despair... So she gave me a Tastykake, and I was bad and ate it. So I went to get dinner started and I remembered there was no meat in the house to cook. I had been planning to go out with my stepsister but she cancelled. And I couldn't exactly go to the store with no glasses. So we ended up going and getting a pizza at Papa Murphy's. I was gonna get the healthy(er) option for me- thin crust with olive oil, chicken, tomatoes, etc... And then something gloriously greasy for the rest of the clan since they don't like thin crust. But the manager was a good saleswoman. She gave me a family size 5 meat stuffed for $10. So I figured no need to add a second pizza, this sucker is HUGE.


And I didn't think to check the serving size before I cut it. I cut 8 slices and split one for the kids. I ate a whole slice. I figured, hey- it's half of what I ate last time we got Papa Murphy's.



I went to add it to my nutrition tracker- not there. OK. Google is my friend. Pulled up a PDF of nutrition stats. Oh. Uh-oh. Shizzle. 1 serving is 1/16 of a pizza. So I had TWO servings. At ~360 calories each. Too late to change it unless I wanna stick my finger down my throat, and I'm just not really able to do that.

Tomorrow's a new day I guess... But my glasses will still be broken, and there will still be no meat to cook. Ugh.

I feel like a fecking WHALE.


Part of me really wants to just keep the binge going. Braum's thinks I'm pretty right? Sugar makes me happy. Dairy and carbs are love.

I hate this part of me so hard.

I think I'm gonna go put some bananas in the freezer, then in the blender. Make myself think I'm getting ice cream.

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MDMNINA 2/9/2012 1:49PM

    It is HARD isn't it! What was that spell that Hermione used to fix Harry's glasses in "The Sorcerer's Stone"? Oculus Repairum?

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DMILLER33 2/6/2012 7:18AM

    Thank goodness everyday is a new day. The glasses, ugh, so frustrating. Hang in there! We have all done this but you start over. we have lived like this a long time, it will take awhile to undo it. emoticon

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EUPHRATES 2/5/2012 9:16PM


Three steps forward, two steps back is STILL one step forward! Did you improve from the last time you had Papa Murphy's? YES! Did you track even though you didn't like the numbers? YES! Can you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and have a better day tomorrow? YES!

Trust me, we ALL have days like that. Just shake it off and move on.

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DSBRIDE 2/5/2012 6:13PM

    Yep, it was a bad day - BUT- it was only one day! Let this be the start of a new week. You've had your binge foods and now it's time to get on track. Don't throw everything away. You did it, learn from it and now move on. You can do this! Take those baby steps, learn one new thing, make it your own so ingrained that you do it automatically. Then do it again with a different thing, till you got them all down pat. BELIEVE! What your head thinks will be what you become. Don't be negative, be positive!

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STILLAMARINE 2/5/2012 10:59AM

    Trust me I know all those feelings! Being sick the last few days all I wanted was my damn comfort food. Huge order of chicken nuggets and fries. Course I didn't get those because wifey decided to go to taco bell instead. So I got a big order of nacho bell grande and 2 tacos. Ugh. Then I couldn't stop munching all day at the house. I wanted more food all dang day. I'm feeling better today so time to swing back around the right way. You can do it! BTW I love smoothies, they are so sweet and yummy tasting. When you get a chance try this one from the Biggest Loser Cookbook
m/recipe-detail.asp?recipe=276671 I'm a huge fan of it. The whole cookbook is really awesome. We haven't found a recipe yet that we haven't liked.

And I am completely scared of my glasses breaking, especially at work. I have an old pair I keep in my patrol bag. They aren't great and they sure ain't pretty but they will get me through til I can get a new pair.

Hope your sunday is much better! emoticon

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