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Saturday, February 04, 2012

I USED TO BE ......

I USED TO BE afraid to get on the scale.
...Now I can't wait for Monday mornings!

I USED TO BE ashamed to talk about my weight.
.....Now I openly tell people what I weigh.

I USED TO BE one who took life for granted.
....Now I live in the moment and savor every day.

I USED TO BE one who hated exercise and felt working out was a chore.
... Now I have two doggies that beg me to go walking with them and it is so much fun! I'm addicted!

I USED TO BE so happy to just sit in front of the TV and eat mindlessly.
...Now I plan the timing of my dinner, eat more protein and eat a low calorie snack at night.

I USED TO BE a really good cook who loved to make oh so good comfort foods.
...Now I scour cookbooks for scrumptious low-calorie, healthy recipes! Good food doesn't have to be loaded with fat and calories!

I USED TO BE hopelessly looking for big girls clothes that made me look thin.
....Now I walk into any store and buy clothes that make me feel beautiful.

I USED TO BE the fat sister, the fat daughter.
.... Now I am the one with the big smile and sparkling eyes.

I USED TO BE afraid of going on another diet just to fail and gain it all back again.
... Now I am confident in my food choices and know that 1 slip up does not equal failure.

I USED TO BE a size 20W.
.... Now I am a size 14

I USED TO BE resigned to being fat for the rest of my life.
.... Now I am confident that I have all the tools I need to be fit and healthy the rest of my life!

I WILL BE forgiving of my past addiction to food, unhealthy choices and weight loss failures.

I WILL BE strong in my conviction to never lose sight of how important a healthy body is.

I WILL BE what God intended for me to be..... Joyous, loving, fun, confident, fit, smart, healthy and happy.

I WILL BE the best that I can be.

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