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MRI Results

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Well the podiatrist called yesterday and gave me my results. Mild non-specific fluid in the bone marrow where the "fracture" was and everything else looked absolutely normal. My problem now must be coming from walking "funny" after getting out of the boot. REALLY. I never would have thought that emoticon
He said, "walk as normal as you can." Hello....I've been trying. He's going to get me some PT so I can learn some stretches and exercises to get me back in shape....why he didn't do that before I don't know.
In other news, the sports (deep tissue) massage has left me bruised but feeling better. My ankle and lateral edge of my foot are only slightly sore every once in a while. I think changing out of the arch supports and wearing non-stability shoes has helped, too. My flat feet don't overpronate and they don't want that kind of support. It was starting to bother my good foot.
Heading in for some elliptical soon and if all goes well, perhaps a short run tomorrow.
Happy Saturday!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    well it sounds like a concentrated effort on walking will get you running in no time! good luck!
    2198 days ago
    Well I hope you get relief soon!
    2203 days ago
    Hopefully you'll find some resolution on this soon. It's been a long haul for you, my friend. I know how much you must miss your running. The elliptical always seems to be a good piece of equipment for those in recovery...and everyone else many calories burned and great overall body workout without putting stress on the joints. Keep me posted on how you're doing!
    2204 days ago
  • REEKU731
    So I think it could have been much worse - I'm happy that its only some fluids and nothing more major! I really hope you'll be on the road to a full recovery here soon!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog as well! Sometimes a good fit is necessary! haha!! And armadillos & zumba just make the day better!!

    Hope you're having a fabulous Thursday!!!
    2204 days ago
    How's the PT been going, or have you not started yet? Did you get around to running? Unfortunately, it looks as if the temps are going to go up again round here, which will allow us to head back out for our runs, but at the same time.... I just get unreasonably mad when I'm cheated out of winter, and this one was rather pathetic!

    You're right, there still ARE pushups in the Push Phase, but only for one of the days. :( I guess if I turn into a pushup nut, I have to go back to P90X for a second round - Chest & Back is nothing BUT pushups and pullups!
    2205 days ago
    Will it ever end? I am sure you are most frustrated! Yikes!
    2206 days ago
    Glad you are finally getting some answers. Sorry about the bruises.

    2206 days ago
    Awww sounds like you are making progress. I think PT can do wonders. I really should keep up with the exercises mine gave me for my knee - that is the one challenge when you have the appts it keeps you accountable, but once you are on your own, slacking is inevitable.
    2206 days ago
    Yay doctors - way to go with that expert analysis :)

    Hope the PT helps so you can get back to it!
    2206 days ago
  • LAURIE9404
    Here's hoping that PT does that final trick. Good idea giving that massage a try. Sounds like you might be finding the way to a pain-free foot. Just try to walk "normally". Ha. That's an unusual thing to say. Good luck!
    2206 days ago
    Glad you finally found out the deal, hope PT will help speed up the healing. Hang in there. emoticon
    2206 days ago
    Well that's good news, nothing serious thank goodness. How is your footsies doing today?
    2207 days ago
    Glad the MRI results didnt show anything awful! Hope the PT will help!!!
    2207 days ago
  • BREW99
    Oh my goodness! So there was no need for you to walk around with the "boot"? emoticon That's a little bothering, but then I guess sometimes these sports injuries are hard to exactly pinpoint. emoticon Hopefully these new stretches are going to help out so you can finally run again. My foot is hurting right now and I'm kicking myself because I want to get out there on the road too. emoticon emoticon
    2207 days ago
    I was thinking the same thing MARIAGETSFIT said...."walk as normal as you can" definitely goes without saying!! Did you run yesterday?
    2207 days ago
    "walk as normal as you can" umm ok...I would think that kinda goes without saying lol. Glad it's not serious and I hope the stretches will help!
    2207 days ago
    Good luck with the walking!! Hope you will be ok.

    Wendy emoticon
    2208 days ago
    glad that you got that good but odd news from the doc. thankfully it is nothing serious. YAY!!
    Happy Normal Walking!

    2209 days ago
    Bruised? Eeekkk! But glad you feel better from it. I still swear the fact that I had a massage therapist right there with me when I did my ankle in is why it never hurt horrible. She worked on me for almost half an hour sitting on the steps at the finish line...while the race organizers didn't so much as offer me an ice pak. Like everyone else, I'm hoping the PT works wonders for you. And I agree on the shoes. Seems sometimes we try to make things "right" that never really were wrong - just different. I'm looking forward to hearing how it all progresses.
    2209 days ago
    Well, glad your getting some PT, I benefited a lot from the stretches they showed me :) as far as the sport massage goes... I know they can be painful OUCH!
    Feel better, Happy Saturday!
    2209 days ago
    I hope the PT ends up working! The deep tissue massage sounds wonderful, even with the bruises. I hope you continue to feel better!
    2209 days ago
    2209 days ago
    Glad it wasn't something more serious...hopefully things will just get better and better!

    I thought of you last night when I was making cookie dough in my Kitchenaid! It was a new recipe that was supposed to be the "best chocolate chip cookies in the world" but I was disappointed. Not a keeper...AND it used 3 sticks of butter so it's just as well!
    2209 days ago
    Well that's a yay boo if I ever heard one. But at least you will get the PT and that is GREAT!
    2209 days ago
  • MYTURN11
    Good news~ Glad that can return to do the things you love to do emoticon
    2209 days ago
  • LAURIE5658
    Yay, nothing serious! Hang in there and hopefully you will get back to normal (whatever that is LOL) soon!
    2209 days ago
    It sounds like he has finally given you some clear answers and what to do next. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the PT works for you.
    2209 days ago
  • JLITT62
    Another person hoping that the PT really helps. Crossing fingers for a run tomorrow!
    2209 days ago
    Hi Natalie,

    It is easy for you podiatrist to say "non-specific bone marrow fluid" and that you should walk normally. I think it is another thing to live with it!

    I hope you can get your shoe issues worked out. I wear a neutral cushioned shoe. For me a stability shoe is an instrument of torture!

    You are doing the right things. Good luck.

    2209 days ago
    Finally some news to go on!! I think PT may work wonders for your foot along with the deep tissues massage! I know it did mine after my foot injury.
    Glad you got some answers, Nat!

    2209 days ago
    Yeah sounds like pretty good news!
    2209 days ago
  • ATHENA130
    That is good news! Hope you get the PT soon so you can get the stretches and exercises you need. I really think that helps more than anything else. I think sometimes the other stuff like the boot and shoes can make things worse depending. I know that sort of thing can help a lot of people but I always found it made things worse for me. I've done better with my feet (and I used have a lot of issues with foot pain and shin splints) now that I do workouts barefoot (shoes would cause me so much pain that I could barely do anything) and doing stretches and exercises using balls. But that's just my experience. :)
    2209 days ago
    How about that. I'm glad the solution seems easy enough, even if it will take some time to level your foot out. I hope you never have to wear a dumb boot again.
    Have an awesome run!
    2209 days ago
    I hope you start feeling relief soon. Injuries in some places like that take longer to heal and feel better. Hope you're able to do your short run. Have fun.
    2209 days ago
    well that's some good news! Hope you get it all worked out! Have a super weekend!

    2209 days ago
    I think it is a ploy to keep us coming back in!
    Hope all goes well and you are able to get out for a run!!
    2209 days ago
    OMG some doctors!!!
    makes you wonder if he has a degree or not, keeping my fingers crossed for you the PT puts things back to right
    2209 days ago
  • FLYER99
    That's good news. However, maybe the PT will get it back to normal. It's funny and strange how some things work out. Keep at it and know your limits. And you will do just great. have a wonderful day! Bob.
    2209 days ago
    That is good news, right? Hope the pain and discomfort goes away soon!
    2209 days ago
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