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I just blew my own expectations out of the water

Friday, February 03, 2012


Apparently I had ran close to 2 kms before, when I THOUGHT I ran 1 km, without even knowing it (obviously).

This is what happened:

A friend, who runs, beat me to the gym today. She was doing speed intervals on the treadmill when I arrived. I forgot my headphones, so I didn't think I wanted to run today. I went up to her and said:

me: say, do you want to run with me? Maybe 10 laps?
she: ok, after this.
me (in my head): d@mn, ok, I guess I can't use the lack of headphones as an excuse.

....we walk to the track.

she: how many laps do you want to run?
me: well, I've run 9 already, lets do 10.
she: 10? How many kms is that?

we look at the poster. I see 9.3 (or something close) = 1 km.

me: it's 1 km.
she: no, that's about 2 km.
me: no, see?

I point. I point to the spot that, upon closer inspection says 9.3 laps = 1 mile.
She points to the spot right beside it.

she: 5 point (something) laps equals 1 km.
me: I thought I was running 1 km!
she: you've ran almost 2!
me: OMG! I've ran almost 2 kms?!
she: *laughs at me*
she: how many do you want to do?
me: lets run 10 laps or 1 mile!
she: my watch only does kms, so we'll do 2. You're setting the pace. we run and chat and we keep going and going, because she's timing us and our laps/distance. She won't tell me how long/far we've gone. "It's better not to know," she says. She's used to a run 10 min walk 1 split.

she: should we do a walking minute?
me: no.

I run a couple more and then slow down and take 3 walking steps.
she: keep going! We've only got about 3 laps to go, then we've ran 2 kms!
me: ok then! ok, ok.

At 2 kms she announces 2 and I start walking. 2.05 kms in 15:34. Woot Woot!

She runs faster, but it won't take long and I'll be there. The conversation distracted me enough to push through it.

She says she'll have me running 4 kms by the end of 3 weeks. I don't doubt she will!

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