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Tales of Being Fat on Public Transportation in NJ/NYC

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Today I weigh in at 270.2 exactly.

I hate this picture, but I've been hating every picture taken of me in the past two years. I'm posting it anyway. Here is a close up without glare on my glasses:

I commute daily to work in NYC- first I take a NJ Transit train from my home town to another station where I transfer onto the PATH train and take that all the way to Christopher. All together my commute is about 1 hour, which is usually completely bearable. However, I've grown to notice that people on public transit, already tired and cramped have a very low tolerance for fat people. Whenever I get on the train, eyeball a seat and squeeze myself between two folks- they give me dirty looks and act very "huffy". There's been ladies that switch seats and people that move to the very edge of the seat as if I took their seat too. By no means am I so big as to take two seats... or even one and a half- but people act as if I'm pushing them off. Not only do people expect me to never sit, but some people even get mad when I get on the train! Getting on the Path train during rush hour is difficult for anyone. The train is already packed and you pretty much need to squeeze and push your way in. Even though everyone else is rushing to get on- I invariably always get all the dirty looks.

Ever since I have started commuting, I have just put all this negative treatment in back of my mind, but honestly- it weighs one down. Two nights ago I came home to my boyfriend and completely broke down. People can be so petty and cruel- do they not realize that others have feelings? My decision is this: I will sit where I please and if people don't like it, well than that is too bad- the train is crowded and no one is completely comfortable anyway.

On that note, I will leave to work and hopefully have a decent commute today!


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    RADIOTIKSPARK1- I totally agree with you about all the grown men and women on the train sitting while old ladies/ men/ pregnant women are standing next to them!!!! So many times I have given my seat up when no one else did- usually I also do a quick check before/ after I sit to make sure there isn't anyone else that needs the seat more than me. The people on the PATH are worse than the Subway about giving seats up to others emoticon

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RADIOTIKSPARK1 2/2/2012 1:56PM

    I admit, I give dirty looks (and even sharp comments) on the subway...but only to perfectly healthy young men and women who don't give up their seats for the elderly, disabled, or pregnant. You see it all the time. Some dude in a suite playing angry birds sitting there while a clearly 8 to 9 month pregnant lady is clinging for dear life.

There is something about the subway that brings out the worst in everyone. The subway is 90% monster. I've had people try to stare me down while getting on the subway with a bags of groceries, had people change seats to get away from me after I had oral surgery (turns out there WAS blood on my lips, but still), etc. etc.

One thing to keep in mind: those horrible people get huffy because you look nice and will respond. Betcha 10 bucks if there was someone who came in, sat down, and then proceeded to rock and mutter to themselves no one would make eye contact or say ANYTHING. The only thing you can do is say "eff it, I paid, whatever" and sit where you like. If someone moves, whatever, more space for you that is their problem. Turn up your music and keep rocking it.

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FENWAYGIRL18 2/2/2012 8:45AM

    Awwww I know what you mean people can be rotten on the T... but you know I've seen them give dirty looks to skinny people too, I think they just think they deserve the space no matter if your big or small...
People are too into their phones and toys that they don't know how to act around REAL people anymore, I'm sorry your feelings have been hurt , I know mine would be too...
Remember this: you can lose the weight but they are always going to be jerks!!!!!
I hope today was a better commute for you!!! emoticon

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GEEKLING 2/2/2012 8:31AM


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MENHALLS 2/2/2012 8:22AM

    The thing is, you can only control your reactions, not anyone else's. You have a great outlook. Hope your commute is better today.

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