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January Recap

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Here's how I am doing on my 2012 Goals:

1) Lose 50 pounds. This seems realistic based on my current results

I began the month off at 229.0 pounds. I am now down to 223.6. Yay! This is definitely a pace that will get me to my goal for this year. emoticon

2) Be able to fit into a size 16, or smaller again.

I can pull my size 16 jeans up all the way, which means that my hips and thighs have shrunk quite a bit because a few months ago they wouldn't go up past my thighs. There's still a LOT of belly fat between that button and zipper though. I really think I'll get there this year. Just gotta keep working on it. emoticon

3) Keep up with my food tracking daily. This seems to be crucial for me.

I did track my food every single day and with pre-planning on days that I knew I would be eating out or larger amounts for certain meals I managed to work the rest of the day out to stay below my max amount without feeling really hungry. I did fall below the minimum a few days, but not by much and since it's not 100% accurate on the calorie counts I figure my body would have protested if I was really under nourished. emoticon

4) Exercise daily, even if it's only a brief amount. No excuses!

I did it! 100% daily fitness of 10 minutes or more per day! I am very proud of this accomplishment, especially since some days were very, very difficult to convince myself to do it, but I did. I completed the January Jump Start Challenge and ended with 1201 fitness minutes for the month. emoticon emoticon

5) Read through my One Year Daily Bible and attend church as often as possible

I am about a month ahead currently, so I didn't read every single day, but then I realized I'd rather get it done early than fail my challenge, so I've done better at the reading the last few days of the month. I did go to church every Sunday, except for Jan. 1st because I was way too sick to go anywhere. emoticon

6) Continue exceeding water drinking goals daily

Done! I always had at least 9 glasses of water per day, and up to 18 on heavy fitness or high humidity days. emoticon emoticon emoticon

7) Complete the Bucs blanket I began 2 years ago to give to my brother.

I did a few rows of the chart pattern. 60 left to do. I really need to step it up because now I have a baby blanket to make too for my step brother and his wife! emoticon

8) Complete my doggy cross stitch project

Didn't even work on it. Doh! emoticon emoticon

9) Read 75 books from my current favorite authors as well as classics and new authors

Excelled at this goal. I read 9 books this month. emoticon

Louisa May Alcott Little Women
Michael Connelly The Black Echo
Jack Kilborn Endurance
Pam Young Sidetracked Home Executives: From Pigpen to Paradise
J. D. Robb Purity in Death (audiobook)
Jeff Lindsay Double Dexter
Jerry B. Jenkins The Last Operative
Ted Dekker The Martyr's Song
Ted Dekker Heaven's Wager

10) Keep my home clean and organized

It's in pretty good shape. I need to clean the carpets soon and my garage is only about 70% organized, but otherwise I am happy with it and my husband is as well. emoticon emoticon

11) Try a new healthy dinner recipe once a month

I did this! I tried Chef Meg's Cottage Pie. My family mostly liked it. I used a bag of shredded carrots instead of shredding them myself, but it ended up being too many carrots which over powered the rest of the flavors. We decided to try it once more but with zucchini and squash instead of the carrots. I also made a London broil for the first time and served it with Broccoli sauteed in butter & garlic and sliced cantaloupe emoticon emoticon

12) Get my planters weeded and kept weed free

Well one of my planters is weed free, but the rest of the planters, not so much. Several things needs trimming too. I am so not a fan of yard work. This will be a toughie for me. emoticon emoticon

Overall I am pleased with myself so far this year. I still am feeling highly motivated to continue. I am looking forward to doing the emoticon for my February Challenge. I hope I see as good results with that as I did with the Jan. Jump Start.

Thank you all so much my SparkFriends for your continued encouragement and support. It really does make a difference =) emoticon emoticon emoticon
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